Will the LGBT community become the new Feminism pretty soon?

Gays already have their rights, but now like Feminists they are making up non-existing problems to complain about. They will add more letters to their group, probably become more degenerate overtime, and add more colors to their flags. Fag marriage is now legal, they should be happy.

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I think the brown one is cause fags like to play with poo

The LGBT community doesn't represent gays anymore. It's all genderfluid otherkin and trans people of color.

Why not have a white stripe then?

This is not a fag issue, but a nigger one. Most are not happy about this eyesore of a flag that totally misses the point anyway

color is visible light
black is the absence of light
white light is the master light

The black and brown colors don't really look good together on the flag. They look out of place.

fags are going to whine about how shitty these two colors look because they're all good at aesthetic design

Fuck the white people. They're responsible for colonialism. We wuz kangz before the white man.

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heh the new bars are on top

Don't forget to add trans racial to the mix. I am positive that will be more of a thing in the future. I wouldn't be surprised if race politics and Feminism start to infect the LGBT community, which is already happening as we speak.

They should have a white one for all the cum they guzzle.

Also as a metaphor for how the white race is now cucked and white are for the most part faggots

The LGBT community was hijacked long ago by deranged "progressives"/feminists and ivory tower academics looking to take identity politics to the extreme.

faggots have ALWAYS been shit

At least the fags can leave the traditional rainbow alone now.

The already are the faggot community was once about freedom now there about parading mental illnesses around and forcing you to accept them with hatespeech laws .

Luckily that can't happen in the US right? Because we have Freedom of Speech (for now).

This to be honest. New retarded flag is good news, I really hope it sticks

I was cool with the gay movement until it included trannies that want to take away privacy from natal women. Now 'pedosexuals' are being pushed to become normalized under the gay movement.

Slippery slope is real and we all should of listened.

The whole gay pride thing should of stopped after gay marriage was legalized. I think the gay movement has already become the 'new feminism' as you put it.

>Islam is not represented on the LGBTP flag.

What did they mean by this?

>black tranny boards a my bus
>flamboyant fake-girly voice
>wearing only high heels and a long shirt
>"What is wrong with him?" - My son
>"He's sick."
>"I hope he get's better."

Our society views goodness as evil and sickness as sanity.

box of crayons for the retard pride i guess.

>blacks make something that doesn't have to do with race be all about their race

Thats an ugly rainbow.

Ssssh, it's more "inclusive now" to niggers

Adding two racial bands to a goddamn sexual minority flag just means it stops being an inclusive representation of minority sexual orientations and becomes something completely different.

So apparently faggots can't even not poz their own circlejerk.

WTF? It never had a white stripe, so why does it need brown and black? It's never been about race. Now it's racist.

No its not, its make believe just like their entire movement.
Rainbows do not have black and brown in them.

Darkies are only good for pulling oars

>mfw fags don't realize niggers hate them more than whitey does.

Don't give them ideas,but i think soon enough they will be.

Yo, why iz I not on dat flag? t. Omar

Funny since BLM fucked over pride parades recently in protest
Turning on people they claim to protect

>implying this isn't common knowledge

>Designated shitting flag

This. There's a reason why Sup Forums has a sizeable gay male following and fuck all lesbians/trans/etc.

>implying the flag ever looked good
I wouldn't even wipe my ass with it

G.T.F.O. of Sup Forums faggot, deport yourself back to tumblard and plebbit. Better yet gas yourself fagg.

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of course you wouldn't, your a homophobic piece of rancid shit, we shouldn't shun conservative gays, they are our allies! idiots!


Is that sarcastic?

They need to add a moon then fuck off to the middle east and liberate the gays there.

I'm just glad our Flags here haven't been BLACKED yet.

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>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
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>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
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>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
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>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
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>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
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This. Dirty cunts.

Everyone knows crackers are sub-human you white supremacist nazi.


>Will the LGBT community become the new Feminism pretty soon?
I fucking hope not.

If you did it would look like the one in the OP, user.

poo flags... ha

They have to have something to aspire to. They're liverals.

>put some islamic symbol on the flag
>muslims start attacking everyone carrying these flags for blasphemy

>gay marriage - CHECK
>representation in the media - CHECK
>acknowledgement of HIV/Aids epidemic - CHECK
>gay pride events - CHECK

What more do these people want? Where do they go from here? The other week in the UK they had a report about LGBT exclusive retirement homes. This flag issue is scraping the barrel.

Is being a nigger a sexuality now?

The main problem is that activism was never meant to become a profession. It spawned this eternal revolution mentality where activists are constantly looking for something to fight over to justify their continued livelihood. Nothing to fight over? Then it's in their best interest to generate a conflict.

They want more privileges and exclusive rights, dumbass. That's all these "progressive" movements have been about: creating untouchable social castes that receive preferential treatment from the bloated, authoritarian government while the majority that actually provides for them suffers.

The people that lead the social circles and their own forms of media constantly teach them to demand more and more things. Meaning that they can never be satisfied, meaning that those same people in charge will always have viewers/readers/voters

Can't run a business or platform on social reform if no more reform is necessary

It's not about gays anymore, it's about trannies.

Well, I guess the nig nogs took Terre'Blanche's criticism to heart.

It's rarely spoken about but the 'g' isn't cool with the 't' at all. Most gay guys think the "trans" phenomenon shouldn't be a part of the gay "community." Oh, and most white guys wouldn't fuck a black guy if their lives depended on it.

they have allways been you fucking tard

Uh, what about white? They are now the only race not represented.

This is funny as fuck!!!!

So thesee idiots don't realize
that by adding black and brown to this flag
They are openly stating that all their special ((people of color)) are GAY!!!!


They are openly saying the nigger and spics are gay as fuck!!!

>minorities are literally shitting on the rainbow now


Sup Forums LITERALLY predicted this 4-5 years ago. Anyone have the cap?

Cool that you can now call niggers faggots - they hate that.

>Philly adds

Who is philly?
Is this the center of gay?

I'm quite sure that's not how the rainbow works.
What is supposed to be the original inspiration for the flag...

>I wouldn't be surprised if race politics and Feminism start to infect the LGBT community, which is already happening as we speak.

So you're saying you wouldn't be surprised at something that's already happening? I guess I wouldn't be surprised if the sky were blue.

what are you talking about?

don't you realize that feminism and LGBT have been together this entire time?

sjwism encompasses race, sexuality, gender and culture

flag of china when?

Because people of color are always the victims.

What was the point of the rainbow?

That officially makes the bew acronym LGBTQIA+P2BlBr.

Plus (Pondering)

And the newest two (the new colors):
Black people

What's this? The motherfucking (((tolerance))) olympics? Why not just make this the fucking flag? Goddamned cunts.

> Why not just make this the fucking flag?

No brown. Racist.

Best be joking, nigga.

Just shows you how retarded & anti-science/anti-reality Leftists have become - rainbows don't have brown & black bands

They need Islam to bring them into the future. Kek wills it!

Good. Fags should be bullied to death.

None of these things represent anything except destroying the west and being pro-communism. All of this crap is just communism under a different name.

well that's fuckin gay

I'm glad they don't include whites we aint faggots

Why does the lgbtqiq2sblmpoc community exclude women?

Can we just say lgbtq+++++++ is for everyone but whites males and just call a spade a spade?

Can someone explain to me how dudes that are occasionally into boipucci get lumped together with mentally ill motherfuckers that want to chop their dicks off?

The very worst section of intersectionsl feminism is the gay rights part

>Rainbows are ugly
Rainbows are beautiful you shitheel, it's not their fault that the faggiest of faggots decided to make them their symbol.

If anything you should be trying to reclaim the fucking thing because it is supposed to be a christian symbol representing God's promise to mankind, not a symbol that guaranteed men can fuck each other in the ass.

We need to make the rainbow a white supremacist symbol so these pieces of shit will abandon it.

Cause they stick their dicks in poo, so are just as insane