Screaming residents build ropes from sheets and lean out windows

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH what a third world shithole.

Show some respect, debtnigger.


Roasted Brits -- could it be a good thing?


respect is earned, commie

How did the fire start? Religion of peace drove a truck into it or what?

Spontaneous combustion of dental plaque.

rumors of an exploding fridge starting it

Imagine if a Sanders supporter was in there only to survive and become a double bern victim

How many dead? Anything official yet?

>HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH what a third world shithole.

what the hell is wrong with you man

>not having emergency ladders
Wow the UK really IS a shithole.


No Brits were harmed in the making of this article Hans.

Around 79 dead Brits. I don't know how much that is in human lives.

wtf why doesn't everyone in the building just turn the water on?


Is this a natural fire or a........month of ramadan fire?

that apartment looks LIT!

Will it freefall collapse like WTC7?

Smoked bangers and kebabs in the morning doesn't sound too bad.

Roasted Roasties my friend

Probably just a standard kitchen bombmaking accident. These things happen.

Crisp muslims. That's a good fire.

building had no integrated fire alarms, just fire alarms in the indiviudal units, so unless you smell smoke or unless your own fucking apartment catches fire, you won't hear any warning alarm

also, someone said the cladding was gay ass polystyrene

Heres Your (You)

this negro is right.

79 if native. If (((tanned))) brits, maybe 6 goats worth.


I hate it when my refrigerator explodes.

I cant wait til we get to kill younfucking krauts and your muzzie pets once and for all

>t. 54%

>you just have to get used to this kind of thing in big cities, terrorism is a fact of life
>London's Muslim mayor
If Brits had any balls that fucker would be tarred and feathered by now

post your face when the building not going to collapse after this fire, and experts gonna be like no jet fuel no plane crash so it won't fall.


What is the cause of the fire ?


only if the building is owned by a jew

They should have used the sheets to make parachutes instead.

Strong captcha

think you mean a fire of peace

Part and parcel for living in a big city, right?

Has the building fallen rapidly and symmetrically into a fine dust yet? Or does that only happen in New York?

i heard theres a lot of muslim live in that high rise building

>Americas black female mayor
If Americans had any balls that fucker would be tarred and feathered by now

(Hint, Americans have guns so it makes it even more pathetic)

it was full of welfare pakis and shit

Was this a Kebab doing ?

Also watch it not collapse like 9/11

Whole thing was on fire and didn't collapse
really makes you think about WTC and inside jobs

plase be a fridgslum

I doubt that a single british person died in that fire.

yes mainly moroccans live in that block

Your vagina has no power here.

Unlikely, as kebabs got grilled.

>on par with Londonistan in any way shape or form

you talk like a pirate and your shits all retarded


no jet fuel, friend

>German humour

A better joke could be crafted from something about identifying their bodies from poor dentition

Totally different weather conditions, duh.
Another Conspirateur 100% dismantled

No allahu akbar ?

Everyone who died in that building was probably a paki, African or an Arab.


I just found this right near the fire


Why? Burning sandniggers is never not funny.


It is owned by the city, its a council building. But the management company is owned and ran by Jews. KCTMO, Robert Black.

Someone make a Wojak out of him

Kitchen fire of peace is the new meme it seems.

>living in a tower
>not having a few hundred feet of climbing rope in your apartment

Had it coming for lack of foresight.

kek. Who says Germans aren't funny?

The fire drill in that building was to gather everyone AND STAY WHERE YOU ARE

A lot of people have just roasted

Police/fire brigade did not go into building to evacuate anyone last night because of health and safety rules.
They will not go in there now because they think the structure might not be safe.
5:00a.m. MSM putout a message for people to tell anyone they were in communication with to self evacuate.

Piss poor plan. When people phoned fire brigade they were told it would be safe to stay inside.


Somerville? No, we're comparing both countries capitals.
Nice strawman tho

Also DC is less white than London


He's just a (you) whore


fuck off kike

Hopefully no whites were injured.


>The fire drill in that building was to gather everyone AND STAY WHERE YOU ARE
where'd you hear this, bongman?


pick one and only one

Not many whites live in those blocks...nigs, arabs and pakis mostly.

Hmm i hope that everyone made it out alive.

Pretty cool. But why why laughfter? That's not funny to joke about. People died in that fire.

This is what happens when your fire chief is from North Africa.


how is this shit any more political than Ember's Ghost Squad

I swear to god I'm gonna ghost as many mods as I can if I get the chance

Arabs are white

a spot of kek.

The building will collapse at 3:22 PM

And they Say Brazil is bad
At least here i can only get shot

thats what they said about the WTC towers too
>everything is fine, please go back up into the towers, nothing is wrong, go back to work
>nothing is wrong just a small fire from filing cabinet-
>building collapses

though, those building were already planned to fall.

OP really puts the laughter into manslaughter.

Arabs are brown

Caucasians range from black to white


>When people phoned fire brigade they were told it would be safe to stay inside.

I hope many shitskins died

Did the building collapse?


Is London the most dangerous place on earth now. Every week theres a new disaster. Like its Zimbabwe or something

>appliance of peace
We don't deserve to live