Women Dressed As Handmaids Descend On Ohio Statehouse To Protest Anti-Abortion Law

Women Dressed As Handmaids Descend On Ohio Statehouse To Protest Anti-Abortion Law
Don't you wish women from your country were as brave, beautiful and creative as American women?

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>Let us kill our babies!

yay let's hear it for TV shows w00t we're all big fans

they look fat

>Let us kill our babies, you monsters!

they're all fatasses

Burr video:
Haven't even watched it yet.

Can we ban all fiction already?

nothing but cultural references with these people, like dressing up is going to make people 'woke'.

>A Hamburger-Helper's Tale

Ooh that's some quality product consumer synergy!

Norm Macdonald hates this shit:

Its gonna woke them to watch season 2

>this protest sponsored by Netflix

Do these bitches realize that that feminist rag was written in response to women's rights being taken away in islamic countries like iran and saudi arabia, not the evil christians?


I've been watching that show on TV. I'm inspired by the way they organised their society. How would we go about recreating it?


Top kek. I was waiting for someone to mention this

the fuck is a handmaid

they give handjobs

the brilliant acclaimed author

A low caste woman used solely for breeding in some goofy Jewess' feminist dystopia novel, that got turned into a shitty (((Netflix))) show in the current year.

i love Sup Forums

A wench what who attends to another wench.

It's a TV show based on a book by some Canadian author.

In the bible some woman is infertile so she gets her husband to knock up her servant handmaid and carry the baby. In the book/show the United States has fallen after some disaster where everyone became infertile and so this perfect religious society is created where families are assigned handmaids to fuck in the hopes of getting a baby. Women are assigned to men.

It's like one of those little goblin statues in an antique store.

It's literally a metaphor for Islam not christianity. The author wrote it when radical Islam was taking over her country. Of course the people who watch the show automatically assume it's christianity since they're retarded.

Dude, I posted links in this thread disproving everything you just said.
Plenty of the people involved compare the story to America.

Nothing wrong with that, do Americans still have anti-abortion laws? You have enough human trash as it is, why the fuck do you idiots refuse a reform which reduces the amount? Oh right, you are idiots born and raised by parents who did not want you.

I've watched this show, and I can confirm that none of the handmaids were that fat.

This show is a vehicle by which white women can project all of their subconcious fear of muslims onto white christian society. The show is basically about what a christian version of shariah law would look like. However, because it was written by an idiotic woman with a typical victim complex they never explain why a fertility crisis would be solved by regulating sexuality, how a christian fundamentalist regime was able to execute a coup in the US without confiscating our guns (guns are never addressed, they are just gone except those wielded by government agents), or how a fundamentalist christian regime is able to reconcile their beliefs with government mandated rape baby production via designated concubines. They just cite some old-testament figure who was given a blessing by his infertile wife to fuck a servant girl.

tl:dr this show is female dystopia, and therefore retarded

Hahahaha theyre all so fat

They never realise that other people are not as obsessed with pop culture as they are

>Average person: What are you some kind of cult?

>Well axshually we represent the characters known as Handmaids from the Handmaids Tale by FEMALE Canadian author Schlomette Kikenberg recently adapted as an award winning Netflix Original Series ™ it represents a world where [cat ladysplaining] and don't you see

Characters in a retarded feminist dystopian novel where the kind of scenario that many women fantasize about and get off to (being absolutely dominated by men in a society where women are only allowed to be fucktoys and breeding machines for older, powerful, father-like figures) is the status quo.

The author is a Jew from Canada. What the fuck are you talking about?

Still murder.

It's not intended to convince anyone on the other side, just to reinforce the bubble these retards are living in. Their entire morality is built around the Holocaust and various pop culture shit from the last 70 years.

>the brilliant minds of twitter

Gorilla Reid weighs in:

I don't get why they keep calling it a DYStopia?

>“We’re often taught in schools that the Puritans came to America for religious freedom. Nonsense. They came to establish their own regime, where they could persecute people to their heart’s content just the way they themselves had been persecuted. If you think you have the word and the right way, that’s the only thing you can do.”

Because the men raping the White women aren't brown.


what kind of sick feminist erotica is this

What was said 17 years ago:

Red whales spotted! Look starboard lads! O'er the bow.

>cry persecution
>use it as an excuse to persecute people
Gee I wonder if anyone else has tried this trick

Basically anti-white procreation propaganda.

So youre saying anti-abortion laws make women dress modestly again?

so these women are offering themselves up for breeding?


>wanting to breed with those hambeasts

A handmaid would be what a woman did when she had something to offer a man, learning to keep house and care for him and her family.

What can women who have regular abortions as birth control and sleep with multiple men give a partner, well only her cunt and the possibility of an std.

People like this existed in the age of the handmaid and were called fallen women and harlots and were not considered empowered but disenfranchised and a joke.

You can go to the street of any third world country and find what really happens when they cannot offer anything other than a wet hole which half of the human race has as their distinctive feature.

you can see rows of beautiful women from bangkok to bogota selling their pussy.

if you think your pair of smelly fish lips makes you special im sorry honey time to grow up and turn off mtv and pornhub.

So for any of you who don't understand yet, this is female masochist fantasy.

It's like when Mattress Girl resurfaced and did a BDSM shoot to "express" herself and how she felt after being gang-raped by football jocks at a college hazing ritual. They're essentially doing what I call "masochism signalling" by showing everyone how much they crave pain and humiliation. When MG couldn't convince people she had actually been raped, she reenacted her rape in a porn shoot to show everyone.

Every girl does this because it makes them feel like victims, and because feeling like a victim is a very feminist feeling. It doesn't matter if you're actually a victim as long as you can PRETEND to be. And that's just what these girls are doing. Recall Emily Youcis and her song, "Rape Me" set to the tune of "Kiss Me" by Sixpence. The glorification of pain and suffering is something women are very fond of. Just read the comments section of this article on a feminist-run website: the-toast.net/2015/01/26/gleeful-mobs-women-murdering-men-western-art-history/

What's important is not to ignore female sadism when discussing female masochism as we're playing right into feminist's hands in portraying women as sad little victims. This narrative is used to deny men's paternity rights and reduce women's violent crime sentences.

Complementary reading:
This guy says that if you remove Christian order, some other order will replace it, in our times it will be Islam. "Want your daughters to stop sexualizing themselves? Want trannies out of girls bathrooms? We can give you that"

>we want to kill our babies
>fine, you can do it when the baby hasn't formed
>no, we want to do it later
>fuck off, you dirty slut whore or I will hang your nigger ass

And yet, that isn't how they were treated. They were likely, without clicking the link because fuck that jew website, kowtowed to in every possible way with every "Republican" lawmaker getting on their knees and sucking every colored cock in the room.

Damn, that is a good piece. Did you find that from random googling about the book? And he calls her worldview Anglo-Canadian, but then says this :
>Atwood, who shares about 99.9% of her DNA with America’s real rulers, cannot see them at all, and so fails to notice their hegemony.


>Wow, nice argument, let us take down this anti abortion laws, you go girls!

its so brave and beautiful to kill your unborn children

I found it in the replies to one of the tweets in Norm's twitter rant.

Think about this. If some guy didn't fund this TV series, this wouldn't have happened.
>Remember that book we read in grade 8?

those look like KKK outfits.

meme this shit into another right wing hate symbol like bananas and milk and cartoon frogs

>A Ham-maiden's Tale

Nice, Norm is pretty redpilled. He was my favorite comedian even when I was a Normie kid. His moth joke is one of the greatest bits ever.

He's one of the true geniuses in comedy of our times.
Here's one video I really like: youtube.com/watch?v=lL0WayC7jW0

expect a meryl streep biopic in the near future.

fugg, that's some sadfunny shit

t. American

Recall Emily Youcis and her song, "Rape Me" set to the tune of "Kiss Me" by Sixpence. The glorification of pain and suffering is something women are very fond of. Just read the comments section of this article on a feminist-run website: the-toast.net/2015/01/26/gleeful-mobs-women-murdering-men-western-art-history/

Great feminists ruin another great song, which is about sharing love with a man.

something those stuck up cunts will never be capable of doing.

Gotta protect those Godly niggers from getting aborted. Christcucks are pathetic

We need to bring back bookburning

>cosplaying as a political statement
This just shows they're not living in the real world.


They just can't stop equating fantasy with reality, can they?

Youcis isn't a feminist. She's part of the TDS and TRS crowd and has recently started advocating for "white sharia." Before that, she animated furry scat snuff-rape porn on Newgrounds.


So the Ohio Anti-Abortion Law would ban abortions after 20 weeks and these brave womyn just can't stand for such injustice. I mean what if they were creampied by a stranger five months earlier and just forgot about it? Should they, like take responsibility for the developing baby who came into being because of their choices? Needless to say, that would be terribly inconvenient, better take out that parasite and choke him to death.

>that set
>Collective Soul
I think I saw this when it originally aired. I suddenly feel very old and tired. Norm, lend me strength.

That guy is on point.

>bunch of old fat lesbians

remember when they did this?


moar liek cistopia amirite

tolkien was on to something i think

So the Ohio Anti-Abortion Law would ban abortions after 20 weeks and these brave womyn just can't stand for such injustice.

20 weeks=4 weeks in a month (4x5=20) =5 months.

What kind of person needs an abortion at 5 months except perhaps if the baby would come out as as majorly deformed and would not have a decent life or something similar?

They had a woman come to a clinic passed out from fent laced heroin and they still aborted the baby and then revived her with narcan at about 4-5 months THAT HAPPENED and liberals will defend it.


>Christcucks are pathetic

no paying for a woman to be a semen depository for crack and smack while living a shitty existence instead of institutionalizing her for the good of society is pathetic.

People will defend paying for Jamal's crack ho's getting $2000 operations because those bitches can't take care of themselves rather than trying to get the problem out of the community.

and you KNOW we will be paying for her antiretrovirals soon too.

God i miss the old internet

America was a mistake.

how about just bringing back kikeburning

The things on the sides

>literally every single one is obese

Fuck women and fuck everything that they want

Ha ha they want men!

Did anyone watch that anti-Christian show? Is it really as bad and Jewish as it looks?

>[Ilene Chaiken]
>[Leila Gerstein]
>[Eric Tuchman]

They also united with the USSR to take down the Portuguese Empire. Pieces of shit.

How's it a shitty book/series? It seems like the ideal world most Sup Forums users dream about.

Women who get abortions were forced to have the sex that made their babies

reddit tier post you faggot

Why does this baby look like a charleston chew snowman

thats the spirit!

We want to help white women and free them of Jew brainwashing and negroid menacing, not lock them into some kind of Jewish BDSM fantasy world. 99% of White men could never even imagine this type of weird kinky Shlomo Freudian crap.

>m-muh abortion

Abortion is a tool for eugenics and social Darwinism to police the poor and other undesirables.

Progressives invented it at the beginning of the century and branded it as a woman's issue when in all reality it was supposed to prevent race and class suicide.

Keep in mind that these women would recoil at the thought that it was these same "women's champions" who advocated forced sterilizations of minorities (like native americans, which was a common practice all the way to the 70's), jews and Catholics, particularly Irish ones.

>hanging gays
>hanging minorities
>punishing degeneracy
>destroying art
>destroying the churches of unfavorable religions
>banning women from working, reading, or having money
>every action taken to preserve the state
Faggots on here spout this shit all day every day.

Too bad they weren't aborted. I wonder if they ever thought of that.

you're retarded

>Sup Forums is one person