10 hours to go m8s

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Bet nothing happens

You guys know Merkel has been building up her EU army right?

what can the EU even do to them?

Honestly, what's the point? Now that there are apparently open borders they will just leave Poland.

Can someone explain what's so bad about Syrian refugees?

We had many sent here to Canada and they are nice people. Just because some commit crimes and rape doesnt mean all of them do.

Sanctions and fines.
They are violent military aged men that rape our women.

>make them poorer I guess
>they take refugees
>and become poorer anyway

is that real?


They said they're gonna sue em

wtf i love poland now

Theres some syrian refugee that lives two houses down from me and he unironically loves isis and hates canadians.

what city?

Thread theme?


WW2 started with Germany attacking Poland so I hope we can see Poland get utterly crushed on all sides again.

Thats a good drawing tbqh


>Poland get utterly crushed on all sides again
germanys military is so fucked they need battalions from eu member nations to make up for it, poland could steamroll germany

OooOooooo sCaRy o_O

Are they DEEPLY goncerned?

a group of polish children could take over germany these days with nothing but slingshots

it's like they want to EU to fall apart

It would be a good image if you added the US+Israel selling weapons and getting rich

Poland has an actual military compared to Germany

ordo ab chao

trump fucked up the agenda 2020 and put a stop to a lot of shit already which would lead to it, they need a new HQ pronto and europe will be it

just imagine young qt petite blonde blue eyes polish girls getting brutaly fucked by huge dicked black males. would they love it? their pink pussies stretched like white men cant. when white woman lays eyes on black males first thing she remembers is BBC rumour and she gets all wet and aroused from though of getting fucked by one.

reddit's to the left sweetie

Sue them for what? Not destroying their own country? Do these retards realize it's only going to piss people off even more if they do this shit?

for not providing white women with virile black dicks ofc.

>Hides behind chanology-tier "kek" flag
>Outs himself as a leaf anyway

What the fuck is wrong with you """people"""?

shut the fuck up

we are lucky canada is huge and our population is small, a tiny amount of syrian faggots wont ruin us

europe is a different matter entirely.

>"Syrian" refugees