Should New Zealand join the EU?

What does Sup Forums think about NZ in the EU? Obviously, they can't joint the schengen zone. This could lead to the rebranding of the EU as simply 'the union' and pave the way for several other countries to join.

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That would just put pressure on us to take in ISIS rapefugees to blow our shit up.

the EU should be renamed the European Economic and Trade Union and give its power back to its member countries, allow free trade between Europeans without ceding sovereignty to Brussels

Nzexit when?

If the UK gets manipulated into staying in the EU we need to leave the commonwealth because it won't be long until we have 'visits from Obama' trying to push global laws on us and send us backwards retards from busted stone-age countries.

The EU? psssh.....I wouldn't be surprised if NZ and OZ became one country someday.

Please no.

Fuck off burger

No, why do you want to ruin this beautiful country?

This is actually not a bad idea at all. New Zealand would benefit from the free trade and free movement of people and capital. On the other hand, EU could use the advise and influence of one of the most libertarian counties out there. The best thing about it, of course, is the fact that it would further the cause of globalization and give the nationalists seizures.


this desu

Naa we need an Anglo Union.. Britain.. US .. Aus..NZ.... maybe Canada(Fucking Leafs)

>libertarian country
Have you seen their tax rates!?

There are no limits it would seem to the retardation employed to make a slide thread.
No use reporting it though, the mods here dont give a fuck.

yeah once the chinks finally take both of us over

It's not so bad.

If Australia cant even get us to join their federation then the Germans don't have a snow balls chance in hell.

not a chance in hell we are not cucked

Fuck off EU. We don't need to be overrun by 12million Syrians, Libyans and Somalians.

Australia should annex NZ; most of those sheep fuckers are over here already anyway

It used to be a NSW colony.

You cunts don't have a choice. We'll fucking wreck you. You'll be Tasmania Mk2.

Delete this populist hate speech at once!

we will rejoin the united kingdom instead

What the fuck are you on about burger we are on the other side of the planet and we still have real men. You got no chance

>File: pauline-hanson-custom-ima(...).jpg (63 KB, 340x180

Pacific Confederation under Australian leadership when?

>cant even beat emus
>capable of leading the confederation
nz will rule

you are full of muslims ya already wrecked bro the boomers fucked you

That'll happen once we both become part of China

Wouldn't NZ women love more immigration? I saw they were the most promiscious in the world. More BBCs and arabs to empower them.

Indonesia is going to go in no lube ya shitty little army gonna get wreaked

>benefit from the free trade and free movement of people - fuck off and kys

Nigga is NZ a part of Europe?

That would be the worst thing to happen in the history of New Zealand. I would rather become a state of Australia than join the EU.

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australia is in eurovision so who knows

>What does Sup Forums think about NZ in the EU? Obviously, they can't joint the schengen zone.

back to school time,
Schengen and EU are too different things
Any country can join the EU, after they are proposed by an existing EU country.

And guess which Country proposed Romania ? was the UK, destroying the EU from within, before running away

The unrestrained free movement of whites between anglo countries should be our birth right.

>free movement of whites
no only free movement of the anglo race

Get fucked mate.

You think europe's got a refugee problem. Just imagine how bad it will be once all the euros decide they don't want to go home after their backpacking adventure.

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And who do think will be next ya kiwi cunt?

Telling others to go back to school, quite ironic isn't it?

>To join the European Union, a state needs to fulfill economic and political conditions called the Copenhagen criteria (after the Copenhagen summit in June 1993), which require a stable democratic government that respects the rule of law, and its corresponding freedoms and institutions. According to the Maastricht Treaty, each current member state and the European Parliament must agree to any enlargement.

>Before a country applies for membership it typically signs an association agreement to help prepare the country for candidacy and eventual membership. Most countries do not meet the criteria to even begin negotiations before they apply, so they need many years to prepare for the process. An association agreement helps prepare for this first step.

Literally any country from the European continent can sign an association agreement - if the criteria is met and all member states reach an agreement regarding the acceptance of the new state in the European block, the candidacy is allowed to move forward. If a single European state decides to vote against the candidacy, the whole process is put on hold until all criteria are met (e.g. Macedonia being cucked by Greece for years and years due to disputes regarding the name of the country).

tl;dr: any non-European member state can apply to join the EU; in order to get accepted in, all member states have to reach an agreement and give a positive vote.

As a side note, Romania was ready to join back in 2004 but we had to wait 3 more years for Bulgaria to meet the criteria of acceptance - given that both of the countries had to be accepted in the same time, not separately

Fun fact, most Israelis back the Idea of Israel joining the EU.

indos don't even know nz exists

Is New Zealand even real? I thought it was just a fantasy land with orcs

Kek confirmed.

that sounds like civil war to me