Redpill me on meat

Are vegans redpilled? How much hormones and shit are we eating? Are there any health risks to consuming factory farmed meat? Or is eating any kind of meat beneficial?

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>be America
>everyone eating massive plates of low fat starches with some vegetables and a tiny portion of meat
>skinny people everywhere
>be baby boomers and have kids
>living it up
>feed kids inverted proportions of starches/vegetables and meat
>health destroying burger becomes cultural icon
>heart attacks and heart disease and strokes err'day
>fat people everywhere
Deport all Euro-bloods, kill leftovers, eat starch based diet, save master race

meat is healthy and necessary for your well being, don't be fooled. just avoid excesses and fats.

A healthy, active person needs to spend most of their day eating fruits and vegetables to make up for nutrients missed by avoiding meat. There is nothing wrong with non-processed meat.

Also soy is fucking terrible for you

Fish is fantastic.

Look global health statistics: highest life expectancy, lowest obesity cancer rates, etc.

You see Mediterranean, Nordic, and East Asian people top the charts. And these people have one thing in common: abundant fish in their diet.

Mercury is a concern, but you see this in the larger, longer-lived fish (e.g tuna). It's barely present in tiny fish such as sardines.
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Meat is more nutritious than vegetables. It is easier to digest, thereby causing less strain on your body. It was the preferred form of nutrition for mankind for our entire existance and still is in all human cultures that do not have ideological interference in their diets.

The statistics regarding the health benefits are a scam: There is no group large enough that lives in labratory conditions with no outside factors that would not heavily interfere with the tests. Typically all vegetarians that are measured in studies happen to be yuppies that focus heavily on living healthily. This group will avoid smoking and drinking, will exercise regularily, will have easy work and safe work conditions and generally avoid anything that typically leads to civilization diseases, like obesity and heart attacks. Meanwhile everybody who is not put in the very specific and selected group of vegetarians is put in the group of meat-eaters. Thus you get all the mine workers, alcoholics, chain smokers, landwhales, crack fiends and fast-food junkies mixed into the statistics with the more normal people. Obviously the "normal" people will suddenly end up with all the sicknesses in the world, while the "vegetarians" will look unusually healthy. They did a similar thing with the study that supposedly proved that alcohol has health benefits: They simply put everyone that had to stop drinking due to health issues caused by the drinking into the non-drinker category of their statistic.

>just avoid excesses and fats
>avoid fats

are you retarded?



>tfw vegan

i was vegan for 2 months just to see if i could do it for fun and noticed no body changes at all. I mostly ate beans and farted a lot I gess that was the only dif

>Are vegans redpilled?
No they're fucking faggots

There are a lot of downsides to eating meat, especially farmed meat and worst of all processed meat... But there are a lot of upsides aswell like
>getting sufficient protein

Like all things in life your diet is a balance and how you balance it entirely subjective. Do you have time to eat vegies all day just to keep up with your calorie demand or would you rather throw a steak on the stove and be satisfied for hours?

I personally believe that cycles of excess/insufficient calories (bulking/cutting) is a good way to go. Also it's not far removed from the diets our ancestors would have had with seasons etc

For an adult 2 month is nothing. You will need years of random monodiets or pseudo-monodiets, like veganism, before your body's reserves are depleted and you suffer visible, permanent damage. It is a lot more damaging and potentially fatal to children, though. Even if they survive, they will be smaller, weaker, less intelligent and more prone to sickness than what they could have been on a proper diet. Of course it's not like you can just look into a parralel dimension to compare your vegan child to a properly fed one, so parents won't even be aware of the damage that has been done to their offspring.

Meat is murder. Anyone who eats flesh is responsible for the death of billions of innocent lives. It is entirely possible to live a healthy life without ever eating even a little bit of flesh. Animal biproducts are only ok if they have been collected using human methods: GMO free and organic are signs of humane collecting. If we all work together, we can end the inhumane torture involved in harvesting the flesh of the innocent. We must come together to make the world a better place free of animal torture and republicans.

>tfw been thinking about becoming vegan but it sounds like too much work

Following a certain diet does not make you redpilled imo. Veganism is however a sufficient diet for everyone older than 1. Unless you eat fried things etc all day, your cholesterol levels will decrease by not ingesting animal products which are high in such. For moral reasons I find it to be the most logical diet for me.

I recently went Vegan, Ive been one for about a month now. Its not as hard as it would first seem, especially if you live in a modern city

>meat is healthy and necessary
>meat consumption causes atherosclerosis
>which is a disease only possible in herbivorous animals

Why dont you murder yourself so people can eat YOU? I KNOW meat is murder, and I DO NOT CARE. Give me a big ass plate of veal, extra tortured, and a side of my favorite Chinese delicacy, General Pao's Kitten, and you will see a very happy man. Murder is delicious.

Less than 1% of ingested cholesterol is actually absorbed by the body. Cholesterol is so important for survival that the human body cannot afford to rely on unreliable diets to sustain normal levels. When you have too much cholesterol, it is produced by your own body. You can ingest specific foods and the vastly more effective medication to artificially lower your cholesterol levels, which will ultimately kill you, as high cholesterol is a symptom of a larger health issue (typically cardiovascular strain due to overexertion and stress) and cholesterol is the repair agent to fight that issue. At some time the repair agent will be produced in such quantities to deal with the damage that the repair agent will cause a system shutdown. Typically patients on cholesterol medication die one year later than they would without the medication.

By consuming meat you actually INCREASE you're likelihood of getting sick.

How much bacteria does a animal have?
On average, 63
But plants often only have 20 (or less!)

Plants also help you grow faster. Plants grow much faster than animals

Some say you get more nutrients from meat.

But a greater number of nutrients per kilo is found in broccoli then in any meat.

And the myth about plants turning you green when they eat them? False. That's chlorophyll and humans can't get that.

But the myth about the myth about eating carrots to get better eyesight? Also False. Ber cause eating carrots does get you better see 20/20 hindsight. Look it up.

Look at /r/veganism for more redpills (nice reference btw :) ;) see you there)

If you want to eat like a fucking rabbit, go right ahead. But it is none of your damn business what the restof us eat. So go be a smug little prick somewhere with other smug little pricks, like maybe a feminist or antifa rally

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Hormones are very large, unstable molecules, and would not survive the heat of being cooked.

>meat is necessary meme
the only thing we actually need in it is vitamin b12, in tiny quantities, and the animals don't even produce it- they get it from the fucking microorganisms growing on the plants they eat.

we wash our food too well / chemically bleach our fields, so our vegetables have no b12.

meat's a scam.

you shouldn't go vegan but most people in the west eat FAR too much meat

it's not healthy to be eating full meals of meat multiple times of day

Most vegetarian/vegan food, especially shitty knock off vegetarian beef burger like things contain a shit load of soy, which contains a shit load of estrogens.

You figure it out

Beef is the biggest problem when it comes to meat, as they cost the most to raise not only in dollars, but also in land.

Factory farming is actually gross, there are pig factories that have lakes of pig shit, piss, and blood contaminating the land. (pic related) Imagine a hurricane or other natural disaster hitting this area.

However, if we as a society simply quit beef, a lot of problems could be solved.

Of course, you could always hunt your own if you don't want to be a part of the meat-market.

What should my macros be?
I'm trying to do
40 protein
30 fats
30 carbs

>By consuming meat you actually INCREASE you're likelihood of getting sick.
You don't. Look up hygiene.

>How much bacteria does a animal have?
Most bacteria is harmless to humans and in fact symbiotic. As long as basic hygiene is performed, meat is safe. In case of lacking hygiene, plants are actually more dangerous, as they are much more likely to contain large amoiunts of e-coli. Whenever there is a food scandal, it's typically the ones involving plants that actually kill people instead of just sending them to a hospital.

>Plants also help you grow faster. Plants grow much faster than animals
We have long given up on the idea that eating something will give us it's beneficial properties. This was only ever relevant for pagan faiths where everything had a sould that could be transferred to you.

>But a greater number of nutrients per kilo is found in broccoli then in any meat.
Plain wrong. Beef vastly beats broccoli in all areas except Vitamin A, C and Calcium.

>And the myth about plants turning you green when they eat them?
What kind of idiot beliefs that in the first place? How is that even an argument?

>But the myth about the myth about eating carrots to get better eyesight? Also False.
Beta-carotene is useful for the inner workings of your eye, it can also only be digested if it is mixed with fat, which you will not find in a carrot. So carrots+meat= better nutrition. Only carrots = fucking worthless.

Animals are supposed to eat their natural diet. If cattle are fed grass they are very healthy for us to eat, including all their fat. Saturated fat is good for you provided you aren't consuming too much sugar.
Sugar will kill you.

the only "argument" would be it contains this and that useful thing but you get that in plant foods WITHOUT all the bad stuff and WITH lots of good stuff. food is always a package deal.

Meat is disgusting/messy to prepare, but fucking delicious and nutricious.

Ok bois, here's a quick rundown:

>muh protein
Sorry boys, there's more or at least as much protein in vegetable foods like legumes, nuts and seeds as there is in meat.
>Protein 26 g / 100g

>Protein 26 g / 100g

>muh b12 and other trace elements

I believe this to be a meme, but it's easily preventable with a vitamin pill. Also, it's fun how everyone was like "Omg eat your vegetables or you wont get dem vitamins" a couple of years ago, and now people are all like "omg you ONLY eat vegetables? Where do you get your vitamins???"

>b.. but I wanna show off how alpha I am with unnecessary murder

Let me quote the bible real quickly:

“And to every beast of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, everything that has the breath of life, I have given every green plant for food.” —Genesis 1:30

Please tell me GOD was wrong on this one. The fucking greeks were basically vegetarian too. They thought it was best for humans to eat grains and shit, but still!

Also, please don't become vegan to impress SJW's. Do it for yourselves.

Also, this is quite a red pill on the subject:

Inb4 jew sponsored fake lecture

>Sugar will kill you.
Nothing is poison, everything is poison. Water can drown you, but you cannot live without it.
Suger is a perfectly fine energy source unless eaten in too large quantities. There are some additional issues with refined industrial grade sugar, but that is a problem of modern food products and not an intrinsic property of plants or meat.

I literally can't even understand how you can be so cruel. You heartless bastard. Think of the poor animals just getting their lives back on track when you come around to torture them. You literally shove their cocks down your own throat until they die from exhaustion and a bullet to the head. You sucking them off is like pulling the trigger yourself. The blood is on your hands. I hoe you're happy.

Looks like Sup Forums.

>ignoring fatty acids
>comparing apples to oranges
get out

The problem with plants as protein sources is that not all proteins are useful to humans. By their nature, animal proteins are similar or identical to the proteins needed by the human body, whereas plant proteins need to be either converted or are simply burned for energy. Additionally, only very few plant products actually contain comparable levels of protein when compared to the level of protein found in all meats. For example the potatoe has only a very small amount of proteins/g but they are extremely useful proteins, thus they are the best plant based protein source for humans, along with soy, which has a ridiculously high amount of mostly useless proteins. Yet both are not as good as even the worst of meats.

>sugar will kill you
just using brevity here. Insulin response is overly abused by most westerners.

I am a Vegan and have been for 5 years. I was also the Conservative candidate for my local region in the 2016 Scottish Elections.

>I don't really tell people I am vegan

>All 'flag changers' are shitskins

>easier to digest
Totally incorrect, and not even close to the truth. It takes far more energy to digest a teak than a broccoli. This is obvious.

I've been vegan five years, vegetarian since I was 12 (16 years) and feel great, am a 30" waist etc. You are so full of shit.

Why do you use Sup Forums? If evidence ever came out you were a user your career would be ruined.

Correct. But this is only for a certain type of sugar (admittedly the most common one). You have many forms of sugar (all plant based nutrition is effectively sugar) like honey, which does not cause the harmful insulin cycle that refined sugar produces.

plant proteins are actually better than animal protein. animal proteins increase diseases and mortality, plant proteins reduce it.

Are you joking? It really, really, wouldn't.

Raw peanuts have only 20g of protein for every 100g

Also, let's compare chicken or turkey to peanuts, and you'll notice that white chicken is much higher in protein per 100g, and also lower in calories

>refined sugar meme
All digestable carbohydrates break down to glucose and fructose, its is only a matter of how rapidly. Insulin sensitivity is dependent on muscle mass and the overall time insulin is present in the blood. We simply don't need much sugar to live, and what little we do need, our liver can synthesize readily.
I'll concede tho that carbs aren't evil, just seriously misunderstood.

Do you plan to go further with politics? Or just the small-time local stuff?


I have written papers for my party about digital platforms/fora and the influence it can have on the election, so I am all good to post here.

I represented the party in a National Election so I will go as far as I like, really.

eating meat is really unnecessary, when you do your research, it also decomposes for a long time in intestins compared to meat, which makes your shitting more allright and saves energy, it causes less cancer and if you categorically decline meat, you'll avoid the possibility to eat fatty stuff like sausages, which leads to cardiovascular diseases. it's also cheaper to not eat meat. t. 5 month vegetarian, still hooked on egg and diary jew

fatty acids are in nuts, seeds, vegetable oil (you need high quallity product for that) or whole grain stuff

>Anyone who eats flesh is responsible for the death of billions of innocent lives.
Where do you think we are?

Sounds lit.

Best of luck lad.

Watch some Vegan Gains.

I've posted selfies etc. on here before, alongside my election materials, during the election.

>It is easier to digest
Except it's not. Some kinds of highly processed meat, yes, because it's pretty much "pre-digested", but most of the beef will stay in your body for a few weeks before you completely break it down.

If you're lucky, it'll stay in your body longer than that

It's pretty good! I am trying to keep things towards my politics while dealing with their's. Not easy when everyone in the process is getting paid off, mind. It's a fucking mess.

Veganism has a direct link to cancer.

Most vegetable food isn't even digestible unless cooked. You spend far less energy per nutrition with meat than with vegetables. Without the symbiotic bacteria in your colon you would not even be able to digest most plant material.

12 is close to natural adulthood for males (14). You are not a good example. Also how do you know if you could not have grown to be an even more impressive specimen with a better diet? It's not like you had a clone to compare yourself to. We can actually do that with animals, though, and guess what? Worse nutrition, worse results.

In general, modern first world diets provide you with enough material to grow up healthy, no matter if vegetarian or not. You can optimize it, but only during the growth period is meat actually important.

Don't use diets as an example. They are ALL commercial trash meant to misinform you. Many of them are straight up unhealthy and will cause organ damage (which you won't notice until years later).

you are literally a faggot. Starch is one of of the most basic carbohydrates you can consume. Complex carbs are important to a good diet as well as a balance of fruits/veg/nuts/legumes/ and sources of protein

Murder is delicious, fuck yeah. Gonna go get a burger now.

>beef will stay in your body for a few weeks before you completely break it down

this is a complete fucking myth pushed by vegan blogs. You're a fucking retard who can't use google.

>A Mayo Clinic study found that the average time food spends in the large intestine varies by gender: 33 hours for men and 47 hours for women.

You're literally like one of these retarded tumblr vegans or veggies who scream 'MEAT CANT BE DIGESTED, IT HAS TO ROT IN YOUR STOMACH BEFORE IT GOES THROUGH' nonsense

humans have been eating red meat since we first figured out how to catch it. Stop being a fucking pussy and eat meat. Btw, if you're not lifting and doing sports in 2017 you aren't white, and meat is the best recovery food for muscles

anyone who thinks otherwise can fight me and I will win because they are anemic pussies

Yes, eat grains with legumes then you've got all of em amino acids. NOT A PROBLEM.

Have we caught ourselves a namefag underage?

Vegan =/= vegetarian

I agree that eating too much red meat can come with health issues, but to never wear a wool suit or leather shoes and completely give up cheese. No thank you.

>Are there any health risks to consuming factory farmed meat?
Yes. Many.
But I live in Switzerland so Im safe

Red pilled
>processed American mass produced factory farmed (((meat)))
Cancer recipe
Any questions?

The obesity epidemic has nothing to to with meat consumption and everything to do with sugar.
Stop spreading disinformation.

Well, I've been a forced-vegan for almost ten years now. I was in a car accident and I suffered significant trauma to my lower back - my spine was thankfully salvageable so I can still walk and run like I used to but the injury popped my kidneys like balloons and now they are at less than 30% normal function.

The protein intake of an omnivorous person isn't a problem if they have normal kidney function, but if your kidneys are fucked like mine it causes them to fuck up even further by just letting urea build up in your blood until you start vomiting and your breath stinks like piss and you can't shit.

Anyway, I'm telling you this story so you know I am not a vegan because I am an emotionally unstable post-modern suburban nu-female - it's purely a medical reason. The kicker is even though I am on a vegan diet to save my life, I often have problems associated with low protein levels. It's not easy getting enough protein on a vegan diet - it's like some mystical religious ritual, which might explain the 'vegan cultists', and nutritional deficiency is complex because if you're low on one thing it often affects your ability to metabolise something else as well. I'm always hungry as fuck and I gorge on carbs that just do not satisfy my hunger and yet cause me to gain body fat.

To tell the truth, OP, some days I wish I had just died in that car accident.

vegans and vegetarians are gay

big business and the media try to make people worry about the ONE nutrient they get more than enough of while they are deficient in dozens of others. they really are unscrupulous people. just one example: 97% don't get enough fiber.

when they are sick and dying maybe people can think "well if nothing else at least i always got twice as much protein as i needed"

>he still thinks dietary cholesterol is what increases serum cholesterol levels

Again, this is not about one form of nutrients being the ONLY one for you. It is only vegetarians/vegans that needlessly conjure myths about meat being somehow bad and worse than vegetables to sell you on their senseless ideology.

You can sustain yourself perfectly fine on both meat or vegetables except when you go to extremes, in which case meat is slightly less dangerous for you. Anyone telling you differently is fearmongering. The trick is to avoid extremes not entire groups of food (which is an extreme by itself).

>tfw never had any vegetable aside from lettuce and spinach
>haven't tasted tomatoes(yeah so pizzas and anything with ketchup)
>never had any seafood aside from fish(squid, octopus crabs and prawns are insects whytf you eating those crap?)
Real men only eat cows, chicken and pork + fruits and grains.

>mfw some fucking vegan tried to suggest that there is imitation beef that tastes like brisket.

Actually for women, statins make them worse off, especially if they have high cholesterol with no other risk factors for heart disease.

Eating good quality meat isn't bad. Eating shit processed "meat" everyday is.

If I become a vegan will I turn into a woman

Eating meat is bad for your microbiome and leads to disease regardless of the quality. This triggers paleo tards but it's true. Your good bacteria love eating on beans, fruits, vegetables.

Nope. That shit is literally propaganda by the diary industry to slander soy and alternatives to cow milk. Dairy literally has estrogen compounds in it that interact with your tissues in a negative way and increases the risks of breast cancer in women and all kinds of negative shit for men. Not the mention the industrial xenoestrogen residue milk is contaminated with. It's like a double whammy of anti-male virility. On the other side of the spectrum vegetarians enjoy many different testosterone friendly foods and fats. This is evident by blood tests showing vegans having higher testosterone levels than meat eaters and vegetarians.

>How much hormones and shit are we eating? Are there any health risks to consuming factory farmed meat?

That depends of the country legislation were you are living. Here in EU any hormones or additives are banned at least for the beef and cow milk. But you can never be surre since most farms give a mix of ceral and other shit to the cows.

The open range or organic meat is allways better if you can afford it, in this case cattle only eat grass and there restrictions on the amount of space and the amount of cattle. That's why Argentine or Uruguay meat is top notch, they just leave the cows free roaming in acres and acres of free space.

I don't eat cheese or milk anyway so I'm not too far off. Just got to stop going to burger king. What are some nutritious vegan snack options?

fuck man. that sucks. keep your chin up though, med tech progress will undoubtedly improve your situation sooner rather than later.

No, Vegans take vegetarianism to its illogical conclusion and deprive themselves of vital proteins because they don't get the vitamins they would normally be getting from meat from dairy since they view consuming dairy as equal to murder or something.

>It takes far more energy to digest a teak than a broccoli.

No shit Sherlok, meat have more different nutrients packed together and calories than broccoli.

high fructose corn syrup, user

>falling for the food jew
Ha you plebs are still eating food?
do you even Photosynthesis?


>sandwich bread

root cause of human cruelty on humans lies in meat eating.
if you hate chinks/gooks/muds for being soulless, guess why they are the way they are. that's write. meat eating

>sandwich bread
What do you put your sausages on?

Realize that meat itself isn't harmful.

The shit that's added to boost fertility, growth, and "preserve" are what's causing cancer and genetic diseases.

If you kill your own cow and eat it, you're fine. If you buy a brand from a supermarket that was killed god-knows-where? Yeah, you're stupid and probably deserve what you're doing to yourself.

Normal bread, that sandwich bread is like eating cotton

>pol/ is full of cucks and vegans
Im surprised.