Grenfall Tower, London

Grenfall tower in London has now been burning for 9 hours. How come it hasn't collapsed like the twin towers by now?

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>How come it hasn't collapsed like the twin towers by now?
Because a fucking aeroplane didn't fly into it you stupid fucking moron.

Because there is no explosives in it.

Other people might tell that is no jet fuel or structural damage. In effect, it was not hit by a airliner.

No jet fuel to melt those steel beams, O.P. You should know better.

The fire rises!

Why did WTC7 collapse then?

>what is WTC 7

because jews

No jet fuel to melt the steel beams. Your meme argument is destroyed faggot ass bitches.

right, like buildings meant to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes can't take a hit from an aeroplane without collapsing. sure. whatever you say matey.

Thread theme.

um sorry sweetie but are you one of those racist anti-semetic conspiracy theorists?

You mean the jet fuel that incinerated in a fireball the second it hit the tower? How did the lower floors collapse too if they werent on fire?

so was the fire caused by Dune Coons or what?

Why didn't the apartment complex in pic related collapse?

$20 says it's a leaf

Didn't have thousands of galleons of jet fuel thrown into it

>a fridge exploded
yeah it was dune coons

Because the building fell on top of it?

found on a resident's website

can't wait for forensics to run tests and discover some mudshit was making a bomb LOL

jet fuel can't melt passports

A lot of people being interviewed on the BBC have been coming out with straight up conspiracy theories, a guy with dreadlocks just now was ranting about it all and said fuck a bunch of times haha, it was excellent

mossad didnt plant any bombs in it


jet fuel can't melt steel beams

Because it doesn't rely on an outer steel cage which had a hole punched through it.

Grenfell Tower was 95% Pakistani and Bangladeshi. It's a good bet that one of them started the fire while trying to cook up some explosives.

Like tower 7?

Looks like Sam Hyde's at it again.

>concrete tower that's barely a 4th as tall as the WTC if that
>nobody flew bigass planes into it
>no debris from bigass planes hitting nearby towers
>firefighters actively working on controlling the fire as best they can instead of being split between 2 buildings that are 4 times the size

sure is a mystery, you utter dipshit mong

somthing somthin jetful

how is this man still on the loose?

the centre columns of the twin towers were the major structural bearers not the outer ones.

its not made by
>american engineering

goddamn sand niggers that's not how you play jenga

So jet fuel brought the WTC down in what; less than an hour or so?
This building has been burning for 9 hours filled with god knows how many tonnes of plastic of various types in every room of that building.

I would think that sort of constant heavy abuse would be more damaging than a couple of quick blows and fireballs.

The company who did the refit is owned by..... Andrew......(((Goldman)))

Because steel structures don't collapse due to office fires.

I personally think we should smoke the ash

Mech. Eng here.

Could be a whole bunch of reasons. Design, structure and stability.


Trips of truth there

Like Wtc7?

Digits says you are right


They're taking over Europe. Londoners would need to run to safety.
Only way to fight this is eye for an eye
and bombing a Mosque

Because there was no jet fuel to melt steel beams.

9/11 was an inside job

It was flabbergasted.

>shitskins are so stupid they don't know what to do if there's a fire in their building

It is nowhere near the barbecue in Rostock... it does not matter

The jet fuel evaporated in the fireball you stupid idiot

>getting this offensive when the narrative is challenged

how to spot a shill 101

>5 tendies were deposited into your pupper bowl

Pleas let there be many pooskin casualties

>not a civil engineer specialising in structural engineering
>Dr Google

What is WTC7

>not a civil engineer specialising in structural engineering
>Dr Google Paranoid Shitbrain III

In a perfectly vertical manner?
I iz a lil stooped I've never watched controlled det. videos?

Gee I wonder who might be behind this post

It's because they are not German, if this would be a German building it would stand and not burn, this is english fuckup

>no fire safety plan
>fire alarms didn't work
>sprinklers didn't work
British builders greed caused this.

How would jet fuel melt any steel beams below the point of impact?

You know, it's combustible. It ignites immediately. It doesn't mosey on down, avoiding all the building matter and debris, and wait to light itself on fire until it's coating the entire steel skeleton, you fucking retarded mook.

Jet fuel cant steal gold

I am actually a structural engineer, specializing in the melting of steel beams by jet fuel.

What now, faggot?

Those 2 rooms started back up on fire.

Lots of flammables there it seems.

>fails to present evidence challenging WTC commission report
>has PhD in Googlebraining


pics of gtfo

Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams

>no debris from bigass towers that were hit nearby with planes colliding with it
>firefighters actively working to control it instead of focusing on the far worse disasters literally right next door


it's gonna collapse any second now... fire is melting steel beams.. just wait for it..
oh wait.. it won't.. lol..

Also this proves the 9/11 attack was an inside job

not an answer
moving goalposts
physics please.

Fire can't melt steel beams

>immediately attacking anyone questioning the narrative

I just completed my thesis on why Australians are inbred CIA patsies.

I've concluded it's because you're all Irish rejects and tendie imports are especially important to your faltering economy, fag.


No Thermite.

Even Dick Cheney knows that.

How do you explain the lack of large debris? Everything turned to dust including building 7. If anything, the top only should have collapsed.

>physics settled in WTC commission report
>goodbye Googlespiracymeister
Lots of shit falling, it will collapse any minute now and anti-semitics will be BTFO when they realize we didn't make 9/11

might still collapse yet

Don't include me please.

A few of us are awake.

pic related is where all that jet fuel was burning, notice how the woman's hair didn't spontaneously burst into flames? Also notice how her white clothes aren't burnt.

No debris hit WTC7.

that didn't even mention wtc7
yeah right
try again

>Lives life in fear
>suicides at 55 after scratching holes into arms to look for gubment bugs

Why aren't people calling it an interracial shithole ghetto? I know that area, there's plenty of no go areas around there.


jet fuel cant melt steel people

If it does come down is that the end of the 9/11
It's coming down one way or the other either collapse or demolished.

>says the increasingly nervous shill

Ill take paths of least resistances for 500 Jimmy.

probably because a plane didnt fly into it you retarded american?

Is this bait? How bout the fact a 200000 lb hunk of metal didn't fly into it at 300mph

and I'll take perfectly symmetrical "collapse" for another 500, times 3, one for each miracle.


Lucky Larry decided to "just pull it"


Grenfall Tower Culturally enriched