London tower block still standing after 9 hours of burning

>London tower block still standing after 9 hours of burning
>on 9/11 two separate skyscrapers collapse due to fire after only a couple of hours

Really makes you think.

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16 years have passed since the moment it was possible to guess everything
But you did not hurry.

The goyim will never know. Even after nearly 16 years.

>on 9/11 two separate skyscrapers collapse due to fire after only a couple of hours
don't forget about the third one that collapsed without fire nor crashes

And the " plane " that " crashed " on the pentagon.....

no footage, no traces to be found..

It's almost as if, two giant 747's didn't crash into that apartment building ruining the structural integrity.

Lads, who did 9/11?

The towers weren't hit by a large passenger plane travelling at high speed and most likely the tower in London is more sturdily constructed with heavier concrete reinforcing.


Cruise missile hit the pentagon.

You get put on a list just for viewing this image.

From my faggoty little thread nobody responded to...

I mean its been fucking burned to death at this point. This building isn't even as structurally strong as building 7. Its a fucking apt building not a office building in lower manhattan.

I mean like again people just want to lie to themselves. They don't want to admit the truth that they don't have control over their lives and that these sit 11th attacks were not carried out in the manner that has been officially explained.

Like fuck off already.

They found out Saudi Arabia was involved in the funding for 9/11 a few years ago and the only response America made was the president (of the united states) tried to block legal action against Saudi Arabia for this. I mean.....Is the world fucking gay? Am I trapped on a gay planet? I don't fucking understand? Is everyone here this gay? Hello?


Stel bemz did 911. Neva 4get


The Saudis would have exposed the real truth if the US went after them.


>The BPS team issued its report in May 2002, finding that the aircraft impacts caused "extensive structural damage, including localized collapse" and that the resulting fires "further weakened the steel-framed structures, eventually leading to total collapse".

The fire supposedly lead to a total collapse. Really activate the almonds.

That looks like a plane to me.

Do you know how big the pentagon is compared to a cruise missile?

>and that these sit 11th attacks were not carried out in the manner that has been officially explained.

and that these SEPT* 11th attacks were not carried out in the manner that has been officially explained.

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pretty sure GrenFELL would have FELL if it was hit by a PLANE

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That tower block in London is not made of steel.

Pretty hard for fire to take down cinderblock.

Don't ask too many questions goy

Building 7 Fell because it was on fire,
is building 7 bigger then this London 1?


>the building that got hit first collapsed after the building that got hit last

And no wreck in shanksville oy vey

most planes have wings though

what the hell is 9/11?
when it happen?

t.15 year old

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I guess Grenfell Tower was reinforced with Saudi arabian passports


Cooking oil can't melt baked beans.

This has been well documented.

The owners of the skyscrapers wanted the billion dollar insurance payouts.

Remember that timeline where there were no casualties? funny how things work this way

It doesn't when you don't have enough.

>Really makes you think.
No not really, completely different circumstances, building size & construction type.



Office towers are bulit with aim of maximising floor space so as (((they))) can collect more rent per square metre/foot from the tenants. The most common method of achieving this is to have the external walls of the building support the load of the fllor plates, good in theory, but if that supporting wall is penetrated like WTC 1 & 2 then the structure is fatally weakened. Also when office towers are constructed, the (((owners))) try and minimise the costs as much as possible, so building standards will only be adhered as a minimum. The apartment block in London is more soundly constructed because it's social housing with the aim of housing long term residents and BTW, remember who owned and constructed the WTC site, it was (((them))), they built everything on the cheap which was demonstrated when the three office towers collapsed.

The hole that was left was smaller than the so called "plane"

much bigger

The beams were weakened by the jet fuel and the immense weight of the occupants caused it to collapse.



The fire rises

You stupid fuck, don't you realize jet fuel burns hotter than the fires of hell!

u don't want to draw attention. can beat you to death with my hands. will drive right over to your house and beat you to death. that's a shitty way to die. is that what you want?

It's almost as if there are different circumstances surrounding the fires
Also Israel did 9/11


Mi5 burned down the building to cover up mutated rabies virus that was spreading. One of the infected was a Muslim British citizen who recently came from Syria. US air force is using chemical weapons in Syria now. GET WOKE
EXPLAIN THIS SHIT NIGGER. They also designed the world trade centers with this in mind

Somebody post the image that shows the other side of the building

Identification always survives explosions and mysteriously appears at the scene of the crime.
>Suspect escaped but left his ID behind because that's how terrorists think
It never made sense to me


I'm not going to have a discussion about this (again) but you do realize that what you wrote makes no sense, right?

Look at the terrorists that done this..
Remember back then when you heard the word "Terrorism" all the time. NOT ANY MORE!

You'd have to be a special kind of fucking retard to believe the story the fucking BUSH govrnement gave out

But how do we really know that the building in London caught fire? What if it was all CGI and actors?

Anglo engineering > Jewish engineering ¦?

the jet fuel burnt off during the impact explosion it wasn't that much anyway. Mossad planted charges on the main structural beams if you're too dumb to realize this by now kys

go sprinkle some jet fuel on it.
it will crumble like a sand castle at high tide.

Think the major difference is the twin towers had a FUCKING PLANE fly into it

After "the impact caused extensive structural damage"

Don't ignore that. That's a significant factor if you insist on comparing the twin towers to this London building

Definitely not Protestants

Is there anything more pathetic than Sup Forums newfags who think it was just the saudis behind 911?

Wow, what a difference a few hundred thousand pounds of JET FUEL makes! Whooda fucking thunk????

>America 9/11
9 + 1 + 1 = 11

>London 6/14
6 + 1 + 4 = 11

Check out my last 3 digits. They will add up to 11






Larping is fun but watch Ryan Dawson if you want to know the truth

yeah the one that had two buildings fall on it? and actually did have a fire?

so close



>67 foot wingspan
>35,000 lb max weight
>272 mph max speed
115,644,261 Joules of energy

>159 foot wingspan
>400,000 lb max weight
>560 mph max speed
5,685,446,263 joules of energy, the equivalent of 1.2 TONS of TNT

Or about 50 times the total energy, a 767 hitting a building = destruction plain and simple

the white man

9/11 will never happen again. Shame what happened to the art students.

THREE towers fell...

is this an elaborate way of saying 'proofs'?

Lucky Larry and local cunt from here. They were involved in it. juden did 9/11 + americunts + bongs. Follow the money. This story is true.

Take into consideration the amount of fuel

So were the planes holograms or some shit? The second plane looks weird as fuck and kind of goes through the building a bit. That and there seems to be no videos that have the second plane in view for longer than like 5 seconds.

this is nu Sup Forums now, it was the dead cia agent's mastermind hijacking

exactly. check out the lined up tv crew shots and the footage of the tower swallowing a fucking jumbo without any surface impact or debris

Its imposible for an 767 to fly with a speed of 560mph in a high of 400 meters

>Longest survived elevator fall.

Thanks user i learnt something today.

Here comes the jidf

Im a reasonable man, the collapse of the tower was a controlled demolition. It's clear as day to see.

Makes me think at how shit american buildings are.

You would know.

Jewish puppets aka the Saudis

The Empire State building is still standing even after a B25 ran into it on July 28th 1945.


B25 was going slow and a smaller plane

WTC 7 burned for 7 hours after 1 and 2 collapsed.
1 million tons of burning debris falling from only 300 feet away. Collapse destroys infrastructure in surrounding area, no sprinklers to exterminate the fire.

Guess what, not all buildings are made the same. A girder connecting the outer part to the inner building gave way on a lower floor.

This shit is getting so old. Scale of the physics is so beyond anyone and they think they can explain it all because they're smart enough to see what RLY HAPPINT

Did a plane run into it and weaken structural supports?

Oh, it didn't? I'm shocked.