Death to Buzzfeed

goal- assassinate buzzfeed
plan- 1) take to Sup Forums and twitter to spread the word
2) spam copys of the text on their website
3) build a time machine
4) rule the world
quite simple really..

watch shoe0nhead's video here (
explains the situation..

she got banned for her test, which is pure hypocrisy, so spam their website with the same test to prove some irreverent point desu~

Buzzfeed has also been poking at Sup Forums lately >_>

perfect then! this shall the the catalyst in which Sup Forums exacts its revenge!! MUWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

We're not some ewhore's private army. Fuck off.

Sorry nobody here is your personal army. Raids only happen if Sup Forums is slightly triggered or if we do it for the lulz

poking at it? what they do?

>she got banned


> >_>
Back to Gaia shiteater

In the YouTube comments, someone mentioned buzzfeed has been poking at Sup Forums which is why some of us came. Check for yourself if you don't believe me.

I'm not in the same category as you, magapede filth.

speaking on behalf of a large group of people, how humble and totally not arrogant xD
"no one cares" "your not the center of the universe" ect ect

Got anything more entertaining to do?

Just stated the obvious, snowflake.

Just fuck off.

Ya'll niggas shoulda posted in /b dipshits.

welp, I'm in. when do we strike?

This, they love shoeonhead way more than we do

I'd say we have enough if it might also crash their servers lul

Raid threads are against the rules

wtf is this boxxy?

why should we care that some youtuber that you jerk off to has been banned from some other stupid site.

Reconsider your life choices.


I reported the Pastebin by the way. I encourage others to do the same.


Damn you are a rulefag^10
Sit down and enjoy the threadfire

Thinking Sup Forumslacks living in a sea of piss would notice any change...

>reporting shit on Sup Forums or Sup Forums

Here, have some gore

joined the discord
gonna go share this on twitter lol


It's not a raid, it's an organized internet protest against censorship

>watch shoe0nhead's video here
stopped reading here this girl is retarded and so are you

Activism is also against the rules.

Any appearance of activism is accidental. We just happen to do the same shit for the same reason.

> Baiting so hard

No one cares fuck off

reddit, ifunny and le epic 9gag army did it while we masturbated to traps


Tell that to the janny.

Good for them.

>Tell that to the janny.
fuck off
for people who dont have a life and spend 24hrs a day on Sup Forums this is the only chance for fun
you are either a cocksucking faggot or NSA
which is basically the same these days

You tell'm user, You can only jack off so many times in a day, could use a break.

fuck off with the e-populism you fucking shills aren't helping the cause, you're giving money to kikes who are exploiting your deep-rooted stupidity

Fuck you, I'm bored, you have better plans? Tell me, we'll do that Mr. Fascinating.

Unfortunatelly after current year +1 THIS.
There is a deep need for new approaches in the chan world, else it will be eaten by the jew. On a side note, discords aren't the answer.

I really doubt you have spent any significant amount of time here m8. Furthermore, I will not tolerate shilling for liberal whores like her on this board, I don't give a shit how fun it is.

I don't give a shit. She's probably banging her Nigger BF right now anyway.

*poisoning the gene pool

Everyone pokes at Sup Forums. No one cares.

Buzzfeed are pedophile faggots staffed by people like JOE, who will NEVER work for The New York Times.

>Shoe On Head

>Boxxy imitation

Seems like she's up to day on her Know Your Meme.

What story do you need?

Some fucking Vietcong traffic cop got trafficked.

She's dating Armoured Leaf now.

Leafy? Noice.