It's over

White nationalism is a waste of time. Almost all white people have bought into the narrative and they believe their own race going extinct is a good thing

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Someone should exchange white people for jews and troll liberals.

these are bots btw


Kind of the same thing but meh

What you see on the internet doesn't always reflect what you see in real life.

You can kick and scream all you want. If you dont get yourself a European wife and breed 6 children, its over.

Face the facts son. White people are done.

People are their true selves on the internet

It's true. Tens of millions of White couples (which is also a declining statistic) need to have 4+ children which won't happen

>be whitey
>go to mars
Whitey isn't going anywhere stop crying niglos

Western white people are pathetic maggots who deserve to fail natural selection. The womynz are right to mock the declining honkeys, they only deserve ridicule and abuse.

It's all over in 50 years anyway, why waste that time doing boring shit like raising families?

> Believing fake twitter accounts

Life exists beyond 4-year resident universities.

Niggers will always outbreed us.


you're right, *almost*

that's why it's not over, my friend

we'll keep the fire burning

non-cucked whites need to move to V4 and make it great again, it's not too late yet

pfft. amateur


Why don't they start by killing themselves?

Blonde wife who hates blacks. Get on my Reich-level bitch.

Thankfully, social media is allowing white people to see other races as they really are, why, just this morning a friend PMed me in tears, she couldn't believe what the black people were saying about white people just because of one Marvel film! And she was such a sweet girl, who was content with normie things like Marvel films and thought the world really was that good, then she suddenly started talking about what we could do, so I told her what we could do :)
Keep talking, Leftists, Islamists, and black supremacists, you are stoking the fires beautifully.

well its fair, i hope they all go extinct so theyre allowed to hope my race does too

>people are their true selves where it's socially advantageous to be a certain way

These look like sock accounts that were given pretty pictures to make their murderous anti-white shit more palatable to the masses.

But if white people go extinct.

Who will pay the welfare?

Not buying it you've got a fucking jewess leader

Half the accounts on twitter aren't bots and shills.

Too true. So many whities think they are immune. They are ridiculous. Oh well. See ya.

Whities became massive cunts in the 90s anyway. Kind of deserved.


>1 muzzie looking girl, 1 chink and 1 spic
>1 'white' American mutt, probably raised by a teenage single mother from a broken family
>Tweets take place every 2 days
It's fucking nothing. Those nonwhite ingrates should be thankful they're residing in a country that's only as prosperous as it is due to evil whitey.

implying we won't get fed up with that shit and start nuking the shitskin out of existence. History repeats itself but worse. We will have Hitler 2.0 and this time there will be no mistakes, trust me

Then why are they not killing themselves? Racist cowards.

This is how whites save themselves. Go colonize mars and let everyone else ruin earth.

They'd better start figuring shit out like math and engineering then. When the last white man dies on Earth the core starts cooling.

They didn't think about that

We can all smell you, kike.

And UK has fucking Theresa May

This is an alt right bot.machine

Except the accounts in your screenshot either don't exist or have belonged to inactive people for more than 7 years.
@kalekink is suspended

The only one that does exist is @shortlegs03.

And she's just your generic mudshark.

Remember, those threads are created by people with an agenda.

Lmao butthurt niggers. Jokes on them because they wouldn't survive without white people. And I'd be more than happy to kill all niggers

This shit is creating a massive divide that won't just disappear...

The world is burning slowly...

I will truly start prepping....

>MFW you don't even have to be paranoid to be a prepper anymore
>Soon it's just common sense to prep.

Why did it have to come to this. Why are they brainwashing people and trying to destroy us? Not like this.

Defeatist nonsense. Albinos segregate from ordinary blacks in Africa and they're the same race. Worst case scenario whites develop enclaves in the future.

>implying women have valued opinions


It is sock accounts. Don't fall for Jew tricks.

>Almost all white people
>posts screenshot of four twitterbots

Kill yourself and your agenda.

>all troll accounts

Because anyone with an IQ over 100 knows that it is INEVITABLE and beneficial for HUMAN genes to mix. The entire race Issue goes away when everyone is the same race, how is this a bad thing? And most white people have IQ's over 100. Most.

I wonder what all these retarded cunts will do when their technology stops working

Really no, niggers numbers are artificial, christtcucks have been breeding them since just before the 19th century, stop christcucks 'for only a dollar a day' and ban immigration and watch niggers numbers crash as they aren't capable of supporting themselves.

>why is lowering the average IQ and making the average woman more manly a bad thing?



This is what woke me up.

I used to love blacks and had a ton of black friends. Black behavior and rhetoric is what woke me up to reality, and now I genuinely hate black people and want them dead.

Also these tweets in OP are sockpuppet accounts run by shitskins.

This just means that white people easily infected with Jew memes will die or be bred into the brown mass, and the whites left standing will have been selected for extra allegiance to their own in-group. This is just pressure which ensures the next generation of whites will be even more racist than before.

they didnt think*


>How is your group being racially annihilated a bad thing???

Whites aren't going extinct, we just not multiplying like pests, unlike other races. If you can secure your borders literally nothing threatens your country.