Honest question here not making fun of swedes, but how did the situation in sweden go to shit so quickly? and why is no one doing anything about it

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Too much peace and the welfare state made them passive and weak. They've basically forgotten how to fight back.

jewish controlled government,
experimental site of the model that will be applied to all other european countries if they are able.
easiest nation to trojan horse.

can't do much about it because most methods of resistance are illegal.
it's going to take a revolution, and maybe that's the engineered end the manipulative bastards wanted to begin with: problem, reaction, solution

What's to fight for?

why not thepiratebay, you ingrrate

There is literally nothing wrong with my country. This meme needs to die

They confused kindness with weakness

Sweden is great, I love it here.

Swedes are weak, they're cucks who can't fight for their country.

How do I delete a post

Everyone think that they themself are super Great because they let immigrants in too The country. Super smug People here

>Mostly atheist
>These particular atheists have a whollier that now attitude for 'tolerance'
>They believe that because they are Atheist they are above hatred and family values installed by religions
they need a red pill that just because a religion holds values doesn't make all the values a religion hold wrong.


Hello fellow tanned swede

It's a good thing for the rest of us though really.

Socialism, Egalitarianism and open borders

So, they're just doing it to look good? That makes sense.

The Swedish (((state church))) is one of the most ardent supporters of multiculturalism and unrestricted immigration though.

Remember, they remained completely neutral throughout the ww2 and came out basically untouched. fuck 'em

They are impotent and ineffective, so they compete on being a "morale superpower." Therefore they'll do anything they can to maintain that facade. They're basically the "nice guy" of countries.

And like most self-professed "nice-guys," they're more rotten than the rest of us.

Short answer: Women

The humanitarian superpower

Can someone post the infographic of the kike that owns 95% of Sweden's newspapers and media outlooks?

Feminist government based on feelings helped us. We are capable of destroying the culture and status quo of a country in only five years.

Just like all you other Sup Forums cucks.

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doesn't help, that church is taking up what the locals want to bring them in

Women leaders. Enough said

"there is no culture"

seems to be the talking point of all the pro immigration fucknuts

They are men, who happen to look a bit like women. They still feel like men, they still smell like men and you are a faggot.

Kill yourself

I doubt people saying swedes are cucked and weak live in a place where you, if you were to speak negatively about the immigration policy pre 2016: lose your job, be on the cover of newspapers branded as total scum, lose your wife and kids, be disavowed by your family etc etc...

The swedish system has been very successful in repressing people's concerns. Being negative towards immigratoion pre 2016 meant that was your lifestyle choice, not only an opionion. Forget normal life, you were branded.

well i do live in italy, we're not that far away from ur situation

top kek

There are people fighting against it by voting for SD, and in other cases fighting (like the Nordic Resistance Movement).

In 2010 Swedens biggest newspaper had a story on the frontpage where a mother was hailed as a hero for disavowing her son for the blasphemous act of voting the Sweden Democrats. The Sweden Democrats still want as much immigration as other european countries, meaning shit tonne of immigrants.

No they don't. You need to read up more on their policies

I mean, I Love my country but the level of insanity when it comes to the brainwashing/suppression done by the state/schools and the media is almost hard to grasp.

We have way too many stupid people that needs too die before we could have great country sadly.

SWEDEN YES! sweden is cucked piece of shit shithole fuck them they have no men in sweden they all piss while sitting

Swedes have low self esteem, low test, low IQs, a lot of them are in bred pieces of shit, they are well indoctrinated, the brain wash and media manipulation work as a charm there, they are completely degenerate, have lived inside a bubble the past 100 years...The list goes on.
To be honest nothing of value is lost besides the color of their skin.
Sweden can sink for all I care.
They made their bed, at least will serve as an example for all the other countries

>be on the cover of newspapers
How is that even legal. Isn't that harassment. Couldn't you just sue them to death.

>low self esteem
>low test
>low IQs


Lurk moar disgusting sweed

Are you new.

>In way before sweden became a shit hole

Nice try, nigger.

I just googled "Sweden news" about 20 mins ago, and took a screen shot of the first couple articles to pop up. I also took the liberty of filling in the likely thought-processes of normies who read each headline.
>pic related

You are a new person who has never even been here before.

Get mad all you want fag.
I'm cool with it

I have seen mad people, but I'm actually afraid you will go insane from being so mad.


I visited Sweden in my Euro tour (Aussies tend to embark as sex-pats during their early 20s and travel about Europe).

They are a very uniform people: you won't see the sort of divergence between individual opinion that you'd encounter in an Anglo-Saxon country. Sometimes I'd test them by creating an air of uncertainty, and the typical Swede would start asking questions trying to ascertain what his peers thought about issue (a) or (b).

They're vulnerable to media more than other groups: you can tell them that 95% of their population support forced sodomy against elephants, and there's a good chance they'll take you at your word, or at the very least be cautious about expressing anti-elephant sodomy opinions.

Is all you got?!?
That bant is week bro

What is it with Mootuguese people? the last like 5 time I've seen you lads posting have all been some amazing shows of stupidity.
Are all portuguese people realy this retarded? Or does Sup Forums attract a special kind of retarded moor?

You mad bro?

Nothing he said was really wrong, just unpleasant. Swedes are not really a group that is worth much respect. Uniformity and dull intellect should be banner mottos.


This seems like the real answer. It would explain their whole social state too. A lack of individualism is a species of cowardice.

No, but look at the way he talks. Its like seeing a monkey on a suit trying to fit into human society, and I've seen this behaviour in all Portuguese posters for like two months now.

Be careful this thread is full of retarded swedes hiding behind other flags, posting against anyone that gives them an opinion against swedish people.
Even is an online anonymous forum they are cowards.

Don't worry portugese are the result of being raped by moors for several centuries. Ignore them

Stop projecting your anger in me, just because you can't stand that your country and people are big sacks of shit.
I'm sorry but you guys really don't have any moral after what you did to your country.

>Swedes have low self esteem, low test, low IQs,

Maybe, but you're a Moorish rapebaby so they're still better than you.

>Sweden has no culture
Maybe it really is true if it can be easily dominated by muslims.

I mean, the last non-cucked stereotype of Sweden I've seen was that episode of spongebob where they make fun of how Swedish people speak, and vikings.

The original comment you referred to was a crass, but still genuine, summation of why Sweden is fucked. Pointing out that he's Portuguese doesn't change that. The issue is how Sweden got to be as fucked as it is now, not whether people from Portugal post things that annoy you.

I don't know why you retards think that it bothers me, the fact that you call me muslim, moor, arab, whatever, that happened 1000 years ago, and I'm proud and love my culture, in opposition to suicidal sweeds, so it really don't bother me, you are just losing time with this Moor.

Btw, we already conquered Sweden, so I dont see why they are better, if we already brought them to their knees.

I'm not even angry, you are the one that has been going on for an autistic rant this entire thread with 8 posts. I mean you should be happy Europe is being flooded with arabs, they look exactly like you. Isn't your president literally a nigger too? Talk to me when your country produces something that is worth talking about, you muslim rapebaby. There is a reason why we won't be seeing any portugese Dolph Lundgrens around

Sweden is a nation of idiots. Everyone is so damn hung up on understanding and tolerance, and then preaching it like there's no tomorrow. They excuse crime by making the perpetrator the victim - he's had such a hard life, he's poor, his family is left back in Somalia.

I am ashamed of my country.

>if it can be easily dominated by muslims.

They're not dominated by muslims. Those people do not assume high office and do not control discourse in Sweden. They rape people and rob them on the street, but they don't appear to have any political power.

Muslims aren't the problem. They're militarily weak and, better, very stupid (if Europe, tomorrow, declared unrestricted war against 'all muslims', do you reckon the muslims would win?). The problem is the people that let them in and advocate for them.

Those are mostly Swedes, fyi. Notwithstanding the contention that Jews are pushing hard for it, the bulk of what you'd call traitors in that country are ethnically local.

Well it's like France but at a smaller scale: socialism, post modernism and white guilt sprinkled with Jewish subversion.

Btw does someone have the screen cap of a Swede bro that described really well the Swedish "mentality"? He posted this winter, I forgot to save it.

That's an odd leap of logic. There's nothing intrinsically "cowardly" about them, it's the subversive messages they are being fed that are the problem.

If they were repeatedly being told to "stand up and fight", rather than "lay down and die", they'd probably start fighting a lot quicker than the individualists.

Unadulterated individualism is no virtue.


I just love to make swedes mad, you guys are so childish that, you go mad with the minimum thing. I laugh my ass off in my chair, shit posting against you, and suddenly seeing you all going nuts is just amazing to me! :D
You guys feed the fire with all you childness, I just respond accordingly.

>google Poortugal national football team

Nothing more to say

id rather save my race than save a few pounds on games mate lol but cheers senpai

>Everyone is so damn hung up on understanding and tolerance, and then preaching it like there's no tomorrow.

Because they think everyone else is interested in it. You people don't debate issues, you conform. Whoever tells you what the popular opinion is controls the direction of your country.

A person who controlled all the media in your failed state could have you all walking off a cliff if they wanted. The last guy to jump would have misgivings, but he wouldn't want to do something radical by not jumping.

I didn't happen quicly, it happened over 3-4 decades.


wew lad

Yup, this is true. The swedish media has a tight grip on the people. Worse, I read a study the other day, revealing that the biggest online news sites in Sweden have gone from ~70% to ~20% in terms of objective factual journalism.

It was a long time in the making. Boiling frog. When the frog actually dies it happens fast. We're an evolved race, that's why. To be alienated is to be evolved. Look at shitskins, the least evolved people, all love their parents and siblings and their whole extended family. Never have any problems attracting women.

Not entirely (beyond women pushing for 'compassion' in that general sense). Women have had a controlling influence in the region since pre-Christian times. It's just a culture that is incredibly vulnerable to influence. The conformity that made them a real problem as vikings makes them weak now. The TV tells them that Swedes believe x to be true, and they don't canvass other Swedes to determine if this is the case (they fear social rejection greatly). They assume it's true and act and speak accordingly.

Getting ostracized in these miserable cold countries was probably once a death sentence, so it's not surprising that they'd develop a Pavlovian dog response to the possibility of social ostracism.

You basically can't sue in Sweden. And since first grade we are told that stupid freedom country(USA) is were you sue eachother and that's why everyone is fat and stupid there and don't trust eachother.

But I think there is a lot of swedes that reads alternative media. Our media is dying out pretty quickly and we just had a debate on the objectivity of the media and how it's biased and that they've lost the people's trust. Also Sweden is the biggest posters on Sup Forums by capita by far with like over 200k posts compared to the american 2 million. So it's not like we're all brainwashed. Just look at the popularity of flashback too which is like the swedish Sup Forums.

This is true thought. Sweden is not as great as it could have been, but it is still way better than the US.

>But I think there is a lot of swedes that reads alternative media


Key word. You read it, you agree with it anonymously, and then you go out for lunch with friends, or attend a class in school, or speak to work colleagues, and you say exactly what you think people expect you to say. You're still terrified that your opinion is in the minority and there's no way you're saying what you think out loud.

It might even be that 90% of Swedes hate niggers, but as long as they think that the TV has the facts, they'll tell you how much they love refugees from Uganda.

Easy answer because if she does she's going to get killed whereas you faggots will do nothing. Even if the faggot next to you gets raped you will still do nothing.

>Monkey in Brazilian jersey
What a time to be alive lads

Honestly it's been going to shit for a long time. It only looks quick because real information has finally started leaking out.

>it is still way better than the US.

The US has a completely different culture. Cultures aren't better or worse than other cultures, they exist for the population that adheres to them. Your culture would be hell for an American, and their culture hell to you.

I'd sooner turn poof and invite an entire rugby team to get one up me than find myself trapped in your awkward miserable country as a citizen. I'll bet you'd be equally uncomfortable here.

That's because it's not a monkey, it's a Brazilian.

Here is something from a swede the schools teach you to basically love the refugees thats basically what school in sweden is today. It is to make the children love the refugees and love gays and everything else shitty about this country

Yes I understand that, and I think that's probably true. But that also goes both ways. In my friend circles we all are voting for Sweden Democrats and constantly talk about sandniggers and post shekel merchants in group chat. So basically the entire group chat and my friend circle has gone full natsoc. It just depends on which people you hang out with

Swedish women belong to superior men.
They will give birth to our children and pleasure us while we murder their fathers and brothers.

You lost and you know it. Your women and country are ours now.

Bring swedish woman to the superior Moors.
(The funny thing is that unironically their woman agree with this)

I'm sure it was awkward as hell to get to that point in a small group, try convincing an entire country they can say what they think.

If you're to gauge faults and benefits of cultures, the Americans do have you beat, to an extent, on freedom of speech: people are more likely, in that country, to say what they actually think as opposed to what they think is the accepted opinion. So they appear more divisive and 'at war' than Sweden, but secretly you are all in disagreement but simply to frightened to engage in debate.

That cowardice doesn't make you superior except where the person running the debate points you towards a goal that is beneficial to your group (which they're not, if you haven't noticed). So right now, your people are weak as piss in comparison to cultures where people can openly express their opinions.

you will not love it anymore whem muslims transformed it into a islamic shithole. then it's like the mudpit you left

This is why nordcucks will go extinct, they have the biggest unwarranted ego and look down on everyone else thinking they know better. Exactly like the French. Liberals are usually elitist but combine that with your normal attitude and the mental gymnastics are unbelievable, you eat yourselves alive and piss off the rest.

Your people have a severe case of messiah complex and pathological altruism.

you know that's only a dream. maybe sweden is lost, but the rest of europe will uprise and kill all of tue subhuman muslim scum. the only reason all of these apes are flooded to europe is that we learn to hate inferior races again. and what's a better way than confronting normal people with muslims? everybody hates muslims, even muslims hate muslims