Another typical day in Germany

another typical day in Germany

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Diversity rocks.
Free street theatre

I know some of these guys, they're just playing around lmao

Coming your way reeeeeal soon lmao. Polishish racism must be broken.

Fuckin white people smdh

that doesn't seem typical at all!

They are just playing at tag, what's wrong?

They're just confused teenagers.

Move along kids, nothing to see here.

They're playing Peace Tag.
In Sweden they play it with hand grenades, google it.



Fake news.

just some Albanian gangs fighting happens everyday just this time someone captured it.

Does he say Heil Hitler at the end?

Another race of subhumans

let them kill each other nobody gives a shit for stupid subhumans. Bet their IQ is below 75, muh gang gang, me strong, me have gun, me sell drugs.....

Fucking let these meaningless animals kill themselves. Don't fucking pay for their hospital support.

somebody need to be a hero and cleans these subhuman gang bullshit in societies. This is fucking 2017 and not 1980. All this bullshit comes from movies, mafia and other retarded snowflake movies.

i thought so too, then again I'm no expert at krautspeak, maybe some hans can confirm.

No he said "alter", which is pretty hard to translate. In this context it means "holy shit".

> 1:00 "heil hitler"

what did he mean by this?



guck* which mean look.

afaik it's some shitskin family clan vs hells angels

The third world is so colorful and lively. The EU is truly blessed.


This country is a fucking jungle...

Are you stupid? How 'bout "dude!"?

just translate it as dude

Ver ist onlee ein solution

>Are you stupid? How 'bout "dude!"?
no that would be something else like jungeeeeeee

And they want Poland to have that. Germany is fucked.


>tthe grandma in the back



Sauce ?


Meanwhile in 120% white pooland


bruh, what a waste on a pole


sure gadsden is to speak, the KEK has spoken, learn your place.

You WILL have it though. One way or another


ironic flagposting is so primo

where is this from you fucking leaf?


Would ride out in that 90s Benz

I like how civilized everyone is, cops calmly walk up and tell them to back off

In the US 20-5,000 cop cars would have shown up and millions of gunshots would have been fired with 6 gorillion lawyers arriving shortly after

say "LEAVES ARE THE MASTERRACE" 3 times and you shall have

what movie is this from ? looks good

Fake. Guns are illegal in Germany ;)



To be honest that happened in the center of the Ruhr Area where pretty much nothing beside poverty is left. Everyone who could left or lives in a area that is comparable to a gated community.
The area is about 85% foreigners, my uncle lives there, he's a teacher and had to learn turkish and russian just to be able to communicate with the kids and their parents as the classes usually have 19 foreigners and 1-2 "germans".

This is the equivalent of a shooting in Compton, it happens every day and usually nobody cares to report about it.

Leave the masterrace, leave the masterrace, leave the masterrace.
Give sauce now, transatlantic Untermensch




What do they say?



are you trying to make a point? I'd rather have two local dudes duking it out between themselves than a fucking gang of foreigners being the apes they are. Support Poland

Desierto (2015)

stop being a fag and give source leaf

Maybe The Blacklist: Redemption s1e5 from what I found after googling for 3 minutes

oh lord





das rite

Now that's confusing. source is your sister's birthday party?

>implying 2 shirtless dudes have a scuffle followed by brief and decisive arrest is worse than a gang of armed violent sub humans who vandalized property, fired bullets and got away with it at the end
Man you commies are going to make fine bars of soap after the gas.



anutha one

Holy shit that's great. We should get a similar treatment in Europe.

Mad Marx: Beyond Niggerdom

>German buildings don't have emergency exists


zis is not building, is room full of ze konzentration



>Be Polish
>Act like retarded nigger as soon as he moves to another country
>Still criticise others

At least it proves that Poles are aware that the shit they do abroad is bad

That has to bo a German

What where the loud pops, a little 22lr pistol?


The 3rd world races have tribal unity, they're ruthless and they don't fear prison. The white maggots on the other hand.....

Mother nature is a cruel and unforgiving mistress, Europe WILL be Muslim and the native European women will flock to and submit to the new rulers. What you're witnessing in the video is the future ruling tribs establishing a pecking order.

Pretty sure that's a German.

That's a future German.

Danke Merkel

More of this please



Why didn'tthe driver circle back and run them over.. I was disappointed. It's like they can't even car if piece

post the sauce already you autist, no one is finding those webms funny

Jesus that's retarded huge

Don't ask this leaf about the show he just downloaded the webm in another thread and I have proof

>another typical day in Germany

Camera zoom testing in poland: