Poland immigration

The EU wants Poland to have refugee immigration in 24 hours in time but stronk Poland must fight to defend Poland with a Crusade also with Czech and hungary.

I hope they take in at least 7 million refugees from africa and the middle east.
maybe we could also dump some of our own refugees there.

Only respectable sandnigger is the one who makes best kebab 8n town, rest can kill self before we kill them.

It's funny how many Sup Forumsacks want Poland to die. People here aren't having kids, millions of Poles go abroad to find jobs every year, we need young immigrants to survive.


After stronk reconsideration we are ready to take none.

And yes, i'm a Polack.

it was like that 2 weeks ago, how many 24 hour deadline do we have left?

you will take them, don't worry :)

you sound like sweden

Untill they get tired of waiting and will write us an angry letter.

It said how backward Poland can be when it comes to saving people's lives. Germany and other Western European countries took them with open arms, yet you guys fail to be compassion in saving people lives when endangered. Pathetic. Hopefully this action will have consequences.

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No you're not you subhuman leftard filth. Poland isn't going to die because population shrinks a little you stupid deluded faggot.

i will come to help you brothers if you are lacking of skilled tanks

i am high health templar impossible to killed by eu faggots

Nice try jew

I don't think I ever need to visit Poland, since I live in little Poland here in the UK already. There's entire neighbourhoods where Polacks do nothing but drink Lech and squat outside.

Even if poland would take them in they will flee to germany. Polacks will be forced to keep them im concentration camps. At least germans left us the infrastructure.

>instead of mutual respect of other cultures leaf advocates bullying

so progressive

jokes on you I don't have a wife or a gf :D

I always thought the "knew you were a leaf without checking the flag" was a meme. But nope it's true

They'll write angry words with chalk on the streets. I promise.

It's funny. Last time I checked, Poland was abandoned by its allies (France and England) when invaded in 1939. After war we were left for the Russians to do what they please with us.

We have just reclaimed independence in 1989 after 50 years (which actually is almost 300 years, considering we were independent just for 20 years before WWII).

Now West comes and West wants our help? The talk about us taking grants and spending EU money. We also pay money to the EU to start with. even if the balance is beneficial for us, please remember that neither Germans nor Russians paid us no war reperations after WWII.

Poland was a battlefield, completly demolished. Officers, elites and educated people targeted and eradicated during occupations.

You still find it hard to believe we don't trust our "allies"? Everybody knows that amongst refugees, at least 50-70% are uneducated economical migrants. Even if 1 in 1000 is ISIS member, we should not take them.

Reminds me of Cracow's Market when Brits visit on weekend to get wasted. they're slightly more destructive, however.

And they GTFO back to the UK once the weekend is over.

I know a kebab in nearby town owned by Pole with Ukrainian workers that makes best kebabs I have ever eaten
It tastes delicious and the fact that nothing goes to Muslims makes it even better

It is one of the very few countries that I would like to visit but can't because of the ridiculously bullshit visa process even though I have a master's degree in elec. engineering, look whiter than most of the europe (especially now, kek) and know 3 languages (including my own) and yet those subhuman mongoloids who weren't man enough to defend their own countries will get a free pass because of MUH HUMANITY

yea fuck this stupid system, what a load of bullshit

Take my energy you thieving slavshits

If terrorists keep raping your butts a little longer, Poles will also go back. Few years later, it will be you seeking asylum in Poland.

Ahmed is not friendly Pajeet from call center. He visits you to kill you.

They be refugees. You have 2 types of them:

The political refugee: has been harassed chemically or can't state his opinions in public.

The climate refugee: Hot; too fucking hot; no good; need to cool down.

Hope you understand better the fate of these poor people; they look for a better future; nobody told them to synchronize their departures; come on.

Nope. We won't. You worry :)

You'll find it surprising but out of all Eastern countries, Turkey is probably the most respected in Poland.

One of the few contries that didn't recognize partitioning of Commonwealth in XVIII century.

No you're not.

>If terrorists keep raping your butts a little longer, Poles will also go back.

I doubt it. Because that alone wouldn't suddenly jumpstart Polish economy, which is the No1 reason why they come. 8 of them rent a house with 2 bedrooms over here, it's really sad to see. Once their shift at the construction site is over, they're already pissed at 6pm. Like they have no prospects and just accepted their fate here as slaves living like Victorian coal miners.

Why would he worry? His name is Ahmed or Abdul after all.

shut the fuck up, faggot

I see people like you all the time, self-entitled Canadians who pretend they are nicer and superior to anyone else because they suck arab dick.

My parents fled the nazis and commies in Czech and all my friends here are post-communist citizens who also fled their shitty country and Canada was NOWHERE to be seen when our soldiers deffended english skies, liberated France, and put our weight into Italy and El Alamein and you canadian cucks pretend you're better than eastern europeans who actually faced tyrannies.

Liberal canadians like you are the reason the streets of Montreal are becoming pakiland and i won't even defend you when they start shooting up the place. I don't care about you or other Canadians i leeched off your dumb country long enough and will return to Czech with my children

yes you will, otherwise we will cut gibs and make your poor shithole even worse :)

You're shit

Reminder to hide and report people who spam emoticons.

Oh no we will lose 2%of our GDP... but you will lose one of most important trading partner you have in the world. Poland leaving EU would cripple German economy.

Who gives a fuck what the EU wants? They need unanimous approval to do anything. They're not going to get unanimous approval.

more like 60% and more.
you will be begging for refugee semen like 2 weeks into the sanctions.

your woman will flee here to germany to work in our brothels, and cucks like you will continue cleaning my toilet for even less cash :)


Theyd rather take the economy hit, than lose the lives of their white families. Life is precious.

You see Hans, you cannot mess much because EU and its currency is judged on the health of the whole Union.

The longer you quarrel with V4, the worse it will turn out for your precious Euro.

That's one thing. The other thing is that a lot of western companies have factories, warehouses and other facilities in Poland. We are considered cheap labor which is actually very bad for you. You see, sanctions will be very bad for your own business in Poland.

Yes, there are these who go there just for a couple months to get money boost. I understand that the concept of hard work is alien to you. Your grand-grand-parents have done the hardworking for you in factories for which you have no respect destroying your society now.

Some people stay however, like my sister. She rents 130m2 house in a small town and intends to stay.

>Poland will only survive if everything that makes it poland besides the geography is replaced by third world shitskins

Either you're retarded or a kike

That's because you cucks let your women get fucked by Muhammad and Abdul willingly.
Perhaps it's for the better that Germans go extinct, what a fucking menace.

kikes fucking hate that there are these last few white strongholds, its never been about helping its so obviously about flooding white areas with shitskins

we can't lose, we have the ZOG on our side and we're considered the good goys.

so take the reufgees or else....

consider this a last warning poolander.

Friendly reminder Poland is only being by bullied by numales living in few cucked Western countries who simply cannot stand the fact that other countries somehow managed to have a national identity and refused the Muslim dick. They simply want you guys to sink in the same pile of shit. Stay strong.

Stepfather Abduls cock bluepilled ya?

>Yes, there are these who go there just for a couple months to get money boost.

I'm sure you meant years rather than months, and employment rather than money boost.

>polish beggars want to choose who they let into their country


Now i know you are Ahmed.

I'm whiter than you are, slav subhuman.

now take the reufgees already.

employment = money boost
Nothing comes for free unless you're Ahmed in Eurasian protectorate (GER-FRA-UK) relying solely on social assistance.

From what I understand, these people go to UK for a couple months and then return for about equal period of time. That's not majority however and I don't even consider it bad.

>germs finally losing their minds

Argentinian kind of white?

hey turk, wanna live in poland?
we will get you an apartment there and a white polish gf.
you in bro?

>receive refugees
>promptly apply for EU refugee gibmedats
>make their life unbearable (build faulty houses for them in the worst part of town where accidents can happen, etc.)
>they eventually escape to germany or whatever
>use the said EU money to improve the native people's life

90% of eu funds (and our own money) goes back to west european companies though.
EU funds are basicaly money laundry on macro scale.
t. Guy who worked at few "eu sponsored project"

We should have never abandoned you. Don't take in the migrants.

Im just going to assume kike

>these people go to UK for a couple months

No. They stay for years. Just take a look at the migration balance.

pooland money soon to be worthless because poolander don't want taking 7 million africans in.

this will be glorious, but don't worry, your wife and daughter can work here in good brothels :)

>you will take them, don't worry :)

It's amusing to me how krauts keep spamming messages like this one in these threads. The :) at the end is a cherry on top and a clear sign they're just baiting and are fully aware we won't take a single one.

Poles universally despise muslims. It's not fear, it's not hate, it's extreme disgust. We'll sooner bomb ourselves than agree to live alongside those rats.

no I just want to visit, I would rather stay in this shithole and try to fix it instead ... and I already have a polish gf which this is the main reason I don't want her country to become infested like yours so she can go out without a truck of peace running her over

try harder cuck, I can taste your salty tears through my screen

Libcucks must die.

Speak for yourself you incompetent waste of life. I have a job, good gf and I'm planning to have kids in the furure.
Get fucked.

and you will take them anyway, trust me :)

alright then we give it to some african instead.

what tears?
I'm happy that soon you will take in all the refugees.

I must admit I have a bit more knowledge about that matter and can't disclose it here but you will take refugees 100%.

I respect that.

Poland is new hope for EU. Germans must step dwon and Poland must take the weel of power in the EU. Time for reformation. Either you stand with Poland or war.

>pooland going against the entire US armed forces



Keep Stronk, Poland. Keep Stronk Like your Winged Huskars. Ignore the trolls. They're hopeless.

>I must admit I have a bit more knowledge about that matter and can't disclose it here but you will take refugees 100%.

My dad works at Nintendo and no such game is coming out, sorry.

>now take the reufgees already.
Make us.

>the US army of vietnamese farmers

drumpf is with poland btw

Hans, do you really think uncle Sam is with you in this matter?

>Germany thinks USA still cares about them
>still haven't realized Warsaw is the new center of US hegemony in Europe

You'll be taking our orders soon enough.

Funny enough, i live near border and knew few german families who moved here recently because rapefugees.
Stay salty ahmed, soon krauts cornu copiae will dry, wonder what will you do then.

> He thinks US will stand with Germany

How it is to heave eniemies both in US andf Russia, germ?

oh it is, there is already preparations happening.

we will provide a lot of stuff for the reufgees in poland.

the warehouses are already filled and trucks are waiting to bring it over to you :)

no problem :)

If Germany is attacked by Pooland then the US will stand with us. we're the better goys after all ;)

>no problem :)
You and what army?

>polaks are still replying to this retard
Lay off the wodka, kurwas

>I must admit I have a bit more knowledge about that matter and can't disclose it here but you will take refugees 100%.

Ahmed pls

< You're proving that human stupidity is infinite on your own. Well done. (slow clap)

Pull that bbc off your mouth, whore!

Last thing I remember was Szijjártó saying that we don't give a shit. Since then I haven't seen a thing about it in the news.

Or else?

Sure thing, nigger.

Im the new european of new reformation. We will kill all european orthodox.

the entire US armed Forces you dofus.

they will crush you in a matter of seconds.

no I work for a company which works in that field.

I have seen the several million beds and tents and other stuff myself, ready to be shipped into pooland using pooland trucks which belong to pooland companys which is actually hilarious if you think how hard they fight against the refugees.

Isnt kebab just Gryo meat not wrapped in a pita bread?

Sure thing senpai. We totally believe you.

I should probably stop replying to you.

remember me when the refugees come into your place :)

I will remeber you when i will read about some truck of peace in Germoney in day or two.

won't hit me anyway, and soon the Trucks of Peace will arrive in Pooland as well :)

>won't hit me anyway
Right i'm sorry my bad i forgot shitskins will start killing each others AFTER they kill all germans not before, my bad. Please forgive me Ahmed.

>things that won't happen

nobody gives a shit about one lunatic. things will continue how they are.
we will get richer, you will clean our toilets and you will get even poorer if you don't accept our demands.

>nobody gives a shit about one lunatic
Well yes, but we were trying to be nice and not tell you that in your face.

Stand strong Poland, kek wills it!