DJTJ made a new tweet..he is /ourguy/


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Any one who posts using incorrect ellipses should be considered cancer and hung

He's more /ourguy/ than DJT Sr.


Bless you, user.

what the fuck is an ellipses

F..uck ..y.ou. white boi


I prefer my Prayer

>My the Avenging Angels bring destruction and ruin unto those that would do harm unto President Trump's Family.

Lets cast a Pulsa diNura again the clinton family.

Does he...lurk?


tää :D

CNN should be charged with treason

fucking shitposters

If they harm a single hair on Trump's head CNN will hang

God bless.

fucking shit human.


Lol, it was just a joke.

The joke was her "apology"

Who gives a fuck.

Get over yourselves.

He lost the popular vote - he's not "our president"

Praise Kek

Literally nobody would glorify the assassination of the majority whip because who the fuck is the majority whip.

Don Jr. needs to fuck off.

Popular vote is not how presidents are elected faggot.

Frau ist kaput!



He's probably lurking this thread right now

>sudden leap from djtjs tweet to him being our guy

Stop LARPING and doing these attention threads Don Jr.

didnt trump say that clinton should go without security and that "2nd amendment people ca sort her out"?

Anyone who cannot use the word "hanged" in its proper context should be considered cancer and shot.

Unless you want people to believe OP has a giant cock for using incorrect ellipses.


>muh dad

kys faggot

>He loves his dad and wants to discourage people from causing him harm.
Seriously, what a faggot.

grew up in NYC
guarantee he hates niggers you mean?

god bless

Fuck up u cry baby faggot

my man.



DTJ has been a confirmed /ourguy/ since the skittles tweet.


dog bless


what a fucking retard

>should be considered cancer and hung

Why are you thinking about how big men's dicks are, buddy?

I'd lash out too if I didn't have a dad.


He's a big guy

I love you Donald jr
And im waiting for you when you get out of the closet

Did you guys forget that Eric posted during the election? The younger Trumps were always our guys

>complains about grammar
>doesn't know difference between hanged and hung