Only countries that are rich and are safe to walk around are welcome.

The table which decides if your country are worthy is made of Finland, Denmark, Norway and Holland

This thread was inspired from all the happenings happening in other countries.

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saudi arabia if youre a male
which is the case of 99% of us

if by based you mean cucked, then yes. Nordic countries are the most based


i think the most worrying part is that you're posting fake pictures from an interracial propaganda tumblr

average person is poor as fuck in saudi.

fuck finland

Fuck you, Finland

The Netherlands has a bigger problem with islam than Sweden does. This is fact. You might as well have France and Britain on your "table".

That's nice, coming from you guys

Is this true?

Burgers and niggers out of this thread now!

u know it bitch nigga

Southies begone from this thread

>jonathan quayle higgins
>literally the most british name ever
>is danish
You're on-point with T.C., though.

Hello there.

>highest purchasing power in the Eurozone.
>AAA credit ranking, better than Finland.
>crime index lower than in Norway and Canada.

I'll join, I suppose.


Norway's kind of shit, to be honest.

Expensive country to live in. lots of homeless migrants on the street (at least in Oslo, Kristiansand and Fredrikstad) and then the Norwegians are kind of cunts.

I have never met a more condescending people in my life so self satisfied with their society and nationalism. France is by far the worst for this, but Norway is on similar grounds.

I have had Norwegians honestly think that their piss up before their exams on painted buses is a good thing when all it is a bunch of teenagers running wild and people saying "good for you".

sorry Hans. 5 too many terrorist attacks this week.


>go to Finland
>get stabbed by Pekka who had a bit too much to drink for the 745th day in a row

Get on our level cucks.

English teacher or actual Nip?

We had zero attacks this year.

why no iceland?

Cushy social democracy neet leech reporting


Det är inte så svårt

Sweden is richer than all those countries except Norway. Sweden is also a bit safer than Holland.

No real nips on Sup Forums. But neither am I an English teacher.

I saw the flags and was like wtf sweden isn't based, then I realized it was infront of a nigger xDDDDDDDD perkele

nice fake statistics

How's that working out?
t. ryuugakusei

>Our media and police overlook all the serious shit that happens here.

Good times = weak men.

A half-assed tinfoil is all you got?

C'mon, admit Germany into your circle ...

C-can we join?

Pooooooorfag checking in. Pretty safe to walk around tho! Months could go buy sometimes without a single murder, and not an islamist in sight!

>finland is burt reynolds

I'm unironically ok with this.

Dude fuck off this has nothing to do with pol/ GO TO b/

Pajeet here. Help me Immigrate to Japan. I promise I will poo in the loo and I won't fuck your wimmens.

We don't have rape capital though. We have weed capital.

Higher quality of life than Finland incoming.


Those ciestas man. i wish we had those as well.

Every Indian here works at a restaurant. You better be able to make some mean cheese nan.


This ranking makes zero sense.

>climate index

Yeah ...

>safe to walk around
>freeze your cock off when you go outside
yeah righto cunt

and the difference between finland and austria in climate index is weird. We have practically the same climate.

No, you absolutely don't.

South Finland and the Austria has the same. I've visited there often.

Fine, I can attest to that, but, excluding the south, it's a totally different story, and it still counts as part of the country.

like 90% of people live in southern parts of finland.
we only go to laplans to skiing etc

Ah, another insecure finn obsessed with sweden. oh well well, go back to work now, I believe you have some swedish homework to do

>didn't say anything about sweden
why are u so obsessed? Work out your immigration problems and safety problems and we will talk about letting u back to our table Hans.