Retarded Amsterdam hipsters made a 'Trump assassination fund' tip jar

Retarded Amsterdam hipsters made a 'Trump assassination fund' tip jar.

>it's just a prank, bro!

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Man I would love to make a bar in a place like that.
I would make so many tip jars.

Muslim love jar.
BBC jar.
Cuckold couples jar.
Gaydogsexual jar.

These people throw money at everything it's amazing.

Report them to secret service. They'll be banned from entry forever

it's just art, come on

A homeless man exploited this exact mentality, he put out begging cups with a bunch of different religions on it and claimed to use it to see which religion is more generous. I'm sure you can guess what ended up happening.

>it's just art, come on
>nazi flag
You should know Entartete Kunst when you see it, Shlomo.

What happened?

That's a very good idea
Only autistic faggots can be offended by it

The jew one was empty.
The atheist one was full due to atheists' pathological need for approval from religious people.

what the fuck is wrong with all the weird flags?

go and beat the shit out of them

kek, not very unexpected
my favorite user

I'm not touching those dirty hippies

>Fooienpoot voor moord oop

What baboon nigger language is this?

that would be neanderthal language

true Germanic language without all those frog loanwords English has

>fooi = tip
>pot = jar
>fooienpot = tip jar
>voor = for
>moord = murder
>op = of (or 'on' in a different context)

I love how they got him to obscure the 'Jewish' one with the bowl kek

Jokes on them, Euros don't tip
>dutch intellectuals

bix nood muddafugga

I don't think they're even Dutch, at least not the first woman who is interviewed.


Its a Saxon language you nigger.
Oh never mind.

*installeer lavendelmeneer in tweede kamer*
Is maar een grapje

>styled beard
>clean shaven head
>clean clothes that don't even look worn in
>new shoes with little or no wear
Maybe the atheists are blind?

5 zetels wanneer

he never stated he was homeless

Ik spiek in m'n lavendelbol en zie dit jaar nog herverkiezingen


>dgw elke Antifa hoer gewoon je frikadel eet en de mayonaise in d'r pot bewaart totdat ze een kroket uit haar gracht kan persen, of je nou neger of mens bent

I love Thierry Baudet.

En ja dat is een lavendelzakje

>dgw elke Antifa hoer gewoon je frikadel eet en de mayonaise in d'r pot bewaart totdat ze een kroket uit haar gracht kan persen


The kike no doubt got that penny from a fountain

>Not crowdsourcing a high level political assassination with crypto currency on the deepweb
It's like these hipsters aren't even trying
It's like these hip

>hair tie in a buddhist jar

That's amusing. Though the beard on him does look pretty stupid.

I saw one yesterday in a bar in Brighton, England that said "Trump hitman fund"
What witty hipsters

you tie your hair with a carabiner?

that's a carabiner

what did he mean by this

I have never seen such a smart homeless man. Bet he made quite some bucks with that.

>when your country is so meaningless you have to get involved in US politics

it's all so tiresome


Amsterdam is practically not part of the Netherlands anymore

Born and raised here, I can confirm. Achnebbisj joden van de PvdA hebben de hele stad doen versjteren, maar wat verwacht je van een stel mogolen die nog geen sjoege van hun eigen huishouden hebben

you can get that same outfit at any goodwill for 5 dollars its not like he is wearing a nice suit or something

>Achnebbisj joden van de PvdA hebben de hele stad doen versjteren, maar wat verwacht je van een stel mogolen die nog geen sjoege van hun eigen huishouden hebben

What are you doing in Brazil, rabbi?

>ze zijn deze verkiezingen gewoon de poep uit geneukt

Hopelijk blazen Leefbaar Rotterdam en FvD de PvdJood volledig de neuk uit tijdens de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in Amsterdam en Rotterdam.

reminder dat FvD volgend jaar in de gemeenteraadsverkiezingen in Amsterdam meedoet

Netjes op stemmen.

All capitals, including the European ones, are (((cosmopolitan))). Same international culture.

kek that pic

Orchestreer de overwinning alweer

the jew and hindu bowls are basically empty.

Not surprising to say the least...diamond dealer mentality.

bedankt voor de afbeelding, die had ik nog niet

Ik spaar ze allemaal

Meld misdaad anoniem


Not on my watch, goyim


Daily reminder that english is kind of beautiful thanks to us

I was merely teasing the Anglo


just take the money and say you're the killer

Trump should nuke the dikes so the Sodom floods kek

Nuke the dikes @ Kill the dykes

the key word was 'clean'.

>go to the usa on vacation
>visit hipster Coffee shop such as starbuck
>stand in line while pretending to be on the phone having a fake conversation in my own language.
>emediatly get noticed by a dozen qt hipster chicks
>atleast one of them WILL engage in conversation with you.
>drink coffee, then fuck
>next day, do same.

Works every time bros. Every time.

Owner is going to fire them.

>le triggered betafag has to give them attention, shill their video, and spread their shit

kys kanker homo

>inb4 you get called a newfaggot, by a newfaggot, who got called a newfaggot earlier, for not knowing pol used to have 'em before
leddit is insane


Operatie Libero aub

if anyone's a liberal cuck, it's you.

easily triggered retard who comes here to cry about the latest thing that triggered him. lmao the irony

i find it funny how they made the interview in english, knowing very well that everyone in the netherlands speaks english, and then they put the dutch subtitles, knowing again, that everyone in the netherlands speaks english

doing god's work, comrade

At least one of them doesn't speak Dutch, though. It's not even a requirement to work there. Amsterdam is not a normal city, it's basically a huge tourist theme park now.

Was the Judaism cup empty?

Behead those who insult result of a democratic process!