Reminder Sup Forums is a Christian board, if you don't worship the one true God you are not white. Muslims, kikes...

Reminder Sup Forums is a Christian board, if you don't worship the one true God you are not white. Muslims, kikes, pagans, hindus and other vermin gtfo

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Going to church tomorrow

Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.

Repent my son, Jesus is the way, truth and life

To claim that you are Christian and to be a Christian is different.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction.

God Bless.

What Church are you going to?

The Church?

theres a



>Whites worshipping a non-white god.

lol no thanks.


Maybe if you are good little followers god will impregnate your wife just like he did to joseph and you can get down on your knees and prep the bull through prayer


Convert or die heathen scum.

Catholic or Orthodox would be at the top of the list. But if the ones near you suck then some other thing might be a better way to get your bearings.

There is only God.
It's not like there are a wide range of choices you can make, you braindead consumerist kike. You are either with God or against God.

Jesus was Galilean (white) not Jew


No, Jesus was a Jew. But after the Jews rejected Christ, the Jewish identity changed.
There are carnal Jews, that is what (((they))) are, and there are spiritual Jews, us christians. The Church of Jesus Christ is the true Israel.

i worship kek

Dear Christposter. Do you post your daily larpings alone or do you have a chat somewhere where several of you dudes make a schedule? What motivates you posting over and over and over again, than posting the same insincere comments and the same unfunny memes?

Do you think that Jesus would approve your daily postings of (I want to convert to Catholicism) thread? Not only it's a deception, but also a very bad one.

What's with the religious battles on pol today

Praise Kek

>not being deist


Here's my take

>used to be totally unacceptable to be other than a militant atheist
>Sup Forums for whatever reason puts its toes in the water and finds that lots of Christians are excited to decloak
>it goes on long enough to turn into meming
>kek comes out of nowhere
>trolls descend
>larpers grow in power
>pagans decide to start threads
>normal Christians run out of things to talk about so most threads are just standard Sup Forums internecine arguments

The funny part is how the Jew threads never go anywhere and now we have some struggling Muslim threads.

True, alot of christian posters are larpers. But there are still genuine Christians that use this board as a ground to spread the Word. You can especially see that at times in the catholic general threads.

Late night threads murrican time you sometimes get really interesting threads and discussions. I'm glad it's become something of an accepted fixture here, but on the other hand when you get to spamming it, trollling, you start to recognize the same 10 guys saying the same things each time, etc. (I'm pretty sure at least a few are viewing Sup Forums as an official outreach operation) then that's not contributive to the board.

Soon brother soon.

>Silence all of you.
Europe belongs to me .

>if you don't worship the semiitic God you are not white
How cucked are you white man?

What do you guys think about this video? Are Protestants BTFO?

Also are you a sedevacantist? (Meaning that there's currently no true Pope since every one after Vatican II is considered an heretic).


Im a proud fkng christian mostly pro white hates athiest swedes kinda hate jews despise muslims wanna kill liberal progressives does that qualify?

>On Sup Forums we worship kikes

Bluepilled faggot

>On Sup Forums we worship fags

Protestants are not real Christians

complimentary mosaic

True. OP. Praise the thrice holy living god.

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

i invaded Sup Forums but they not bying it user

So you need to be christian in order to be white??
Please go and kill yourself. Europe is Christian for something over a thousand years and it's crumbling.

Friend, I hate to do this, but Galileans were Jews too. It was just a named Roman province that was part of the original Jewish kingdom. Jesus was born of a Jewish woman who could trace her heritage to King David.


Fuck off Schlomo. (((They))) make these threads to divide and conquer.

>Want to be a christian so I can find a community of good people with good value and innocent, non-degenerate christian QTs
>To intelligent to believe in god

How do I trick myself into believing this crap? Also alot of the bible preaches cuckoldy, ie. turn the other cheek, forgive your enemys "socialism" is great etc. etc

Read scripture for yourself, for one. A lot of what you hear about it is perverted by Jews who seek the destruction of Christianity.

Just start there. It's actually pretty difficult to argue against if you're just going at it like Buddhist koans or whatever. Actual belief is something different, and there's no magic answer for that. But it's not too hard to get to a point where you have trouble denying it.

Orthodoxy, we must find a greek island and all move there build an orthodox forteress