This is an Islamic mosque in the Turkish city of Istanbul

This is an Islamic mosque in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

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Soon inshallah


very soon brother

Museum atm

I've been there true story

why don't those tower things match

also, soon inshallah....

Sultan Mehmet Abdullah Hussein Obama shoved one up his ass and stained it brown

This is bait by a fucking roach you faggots

It's been a museum for like 90 years idiot.

A rare picture from inside.

Can non-muslims visit if we just want to look at it and we promise not to start any trouble?

Its not Islamic


Wait. It's just a fucking museum now? What the fuck is this bullshit. Was there a third party of curators during the crusade? Turkey, fucking explain your fucking existence!

Your ordinary Abdul would welcome you inside his mosque at any time, not caring about religion.

Is this what they do inside?

Super-Chill. I hope muslims get the Hagia Sophia. Did you know it's currently a fucking god-damn museum. A MUSEUM!!!!!

Simple, it was originally a massive Christian church before it was taken over, the derpy towers were added on like 800 years after the original work was done.

This is a mosque in cologne

You gotta monetize that shit, son.


Is it before or after bombing?

That's like the Imperial Senate.

This is the cultural center/mosque in dublin.

This is a mosque in Toronto, about a 2.5 mile walk from my house, it's the closest one to me I wish it were 2,500 miles away

This a cathedral in Cordoba. The design may be a bit familiar to you Mehmet and all other sand niggers.

We're going to get that back at some point you know (but we won't kill all your old women that hide in it when we do).

pretty cool looking desu

Jedi Temple

>Islamic mosque

as opposed to....a non islamic mosque? What?

Makes me happy seeing all those doves taking a crap on it.

Deus vult.

'Mosque' is a place of worship. Might as well say 'church', which begs the question 'which church'? Hence the preface.

thats the hagia sofia

Damn I gotta admit that looks pretty awesome, like its from the future.

Which is the room where they rape little boys? Which room is the bomb factory in?

its a museum. you can visit mosques too. there are more tourists than locals in blue mosque.

He's poking fun at the fact it used to be the most magnificent Christian church when Istanbul was Constantinople


Man you Euro homos sure are cucked kek

>Can non-muslims visit

You've got to be fucken kidding me.

I know what a mosque is dumbass, stop dodging the obvious. You dont call any other worship place a mosque, stop defending your retardation.


not familiar. turkish mosques have big domes.

You mean shitskin occupied city of Constantinople?

sarajevo (bosnia)

Canadian mosque

build one in germ any!

Right soundtrack for it

Why? Islamic architecture is some of the best in human history.


Thank you for filling me in. I'm going to now go hang my head in shame due to my ignorance.

Yes, as its mainly a tourist attraction.

Although there were muslims praying there non-muslims are allowed. Like with most mosques.

Another Canadian mosque

It's in the etymology of the term. Masjid is actually just a bumbled transliteration of an Aramaic term for 'house of worship'. I've heard fresh of the boat muzzies refer to christian churches as 'christian mosque'.


More Canadian mosques

germany really does have a thing for the star wars aesthetic

Why did you post that one city from that Star Wars movie?

>Islamic architecture

Okay, you almost had me, but you laid it on a bit thick here.


Canadas Hagia Sophia


TFW the bait is too smart for you.

>islamic mosque


Playing ignorant yank in these threads always seems to net some decent results. Even I almost sperged at one of you.

I vistied the Hagia Sophia and it had several friendly cats living inside. Tourists took a lot of cat pictures and the cats loved the attention.

Pic stolen from internet as my Istanbul pictures are on my other PC.

look just because the people in your country are backward doesnt mean the rest of us are.

if you say mosque its pretty clear what you are referring to.

here is another one leaf.


It was literally like this inside.


Thats really cute senpai.

Forgot pic.

>Australian Architecture
My God. I will never understand why we fought the Japanese during WWII.

I like how upset you got over this. I genuinely have no idea why he said islamic mosque.

>cats invade mosque
He can't keep getting away with iiiit!

sorry,I didn't know I had to read every single entry in the thread before replying

From an architectural standpoint, Mosques do look really pretty. It's just the thin, stick-like domes that bother me. They always look so.. isolated? Like they aren't part of the main building.

oldest mosque in bosnia

Wheres that? Probably somewhere shitty

>My God. I will never understand why we fought the Japanese during WWII.

Because of this.

not for long
Kek wills it, and God wills it too

Nah, im just annoyed you think the rest of us are as dumb as you are.
he survived....right?

fuck off cunt we are killing all of the old women

no dude, i wasnt arguing against you its...nevermind.

>tfw fucking crusader is shitskin


inbred savages.

Yeah he's Italian

you misspelled Constantinople

>Nah, im just annoyed you think the rest of us are as dumb as you are.

Come on mate, I gave you more credit than that.

>be me yesterday
>be playing hearts of iron 4 world war 1 mod
>deciding which country to pick
>see serbia
>see ottoman empire
>5 hours later i have removed kebab from the planet and the entire middle east and turkey now says "Serbia"
k e b a b r e m o v a l

russia #2


You don't need to (they explode on their own).

Muslims came in and ruined and looted its original beauty

Its true tho, also you giving me more credit would mean something if you wernt such a thicko.