What do you do?

What do you do?

Gas you for real this time.

celebrate a jihadi free Germany

Watch on tv, post on Sup Forums

Check why they are doing it.
If they want to stay defect and fight for greater Kurwaland.

That depends on the motivation behind the attack.

Be happy, but I know the jews would never allow it

make sure every spat of kraut blood is deleted. serves em right for fucking europe since forever

Liberate dumb, big titted German blondes from terrible oppression.

>implying a bunch of muslim men and white women can operate complex chemical weaponry

To save Europe.

Enlist, of course

kill em all

get comfy

Well, I think Germany would be better of under Polish rule atm. But only as long as Germans are retarded self hating idiots. As soon as we're better I'd like them to leave again.

United jewish states would literally nuke the poor polack bros even though they are the based ones.

I don't even understand how the EU hasn't sent the NATO army inside poland yet to enforce the refugee quota thing.

To be honest you don't even need us
All Germany and Western Europe needs is free speech and free media
If everyone wouldn't censor what Muslims do and opinions of people who would like to stand up against it,
Then people would go in the right direction by themselves


Same as everytime polands come to germany, tell them what in my house needs fixing and ask how much that would cost.

Phone my plumber as ask what the fuck hes doing.

>implying germanistan has an army

Lol their army is pathetic tier

celebrate and join the polish army
(no lie)

best part of this map is common border with Hungary

We need to remove the kebab from your house.
It will be Kostenlos.

help the poles of course

Help Poland