This is the World War 2 that your kids will grow up knowing. Get used to it, white boy

This is the World War 2 that your kids will grow up knowing. Get used to it, white boy.

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jesus christ

there are even black german soldiers ;-)

this is what the kids will see


this is just fucking sad

>there are even black german soldiers ;-)

Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Source on this? wtf it can't be real

What about brave African polish soldiers?

then send e-mail to developer tell them it's not right. or do something other than feel sad about yourself you pathetic white faggots

its going to flop

just move on and don't buy it

This is going to backfire on them and kids will not think the Nazis were THAT bad. They were fully integrated after all.

Is that CoD:ww2?

i'm pretty sure if you dig deep enough they will find some photo of black polish soldiers and will make it a standard in future movies/games

russians of african descent storming reichstag when?

Ayo, hol up. Watcha talkin bout, raycis? Germany has always been black, mofucka. Wes Blacks built this sheit, nigguh. Fightin fo da Fathaland, yo.

Video game players are degenerates anyway.

Whites are being erased. We will be nothing but legend soon

the black were minorities in WW2


there was exactly one black guy fighting in a polish uprising so it s historically accurate

tbph there was a whole division of muslims in the SS, not specifically blacks but Albanians so close enough.

If you don't like a game then just don't buy it holy shit.





That was Anatol the arsonist.

It looks worse than the previous WW2 one.

Kingdom come deliverance was the only good game.

It's CoD. Millions of 10 year olds are going to buy this game and there is nothing we can do about it.



This game looks old as hell

>germany was btfo in normandy by a bunch of niggers
wew lad

A fitting epitaph once the world is a diversity filled shithole covered in mongrels with sub 90 IQs.

The great ruins were built by a mythical race of fair skinned people.

> Shall not teach history they said...

>This is the World War 2 that your kids will grow up knowing. Get used to it, white boy.

Historically inaccurate video games have been around for longer than you have.

10 year olds aren't stupid, this will just annoy them as much as anyone

Is that the eastern front?


We need to star making memes about this historic inaccuary and overexerting

they even replaced the swastika

You'd be surprised

>born in 2007
>not stupid

>implying red alert labels itself as a "historically authentic of World War 2 experience"

Reminder that the blackest army in WW2 by far was the American and even then only a few hundred total died in the war because they was cookz n shiet. There shouldn't even be any black American soldiers in a WW2 game, let alone any other nation having black soldiers

What about all the black females that fought for the russians in WW1?

true this is an insult and false depiction

You're a tard. It's a 10 year old. They're more impressionable by video games then history class (which they won't even touch on WW2 until at least 7/8th grade).

For them, this will be the WW2 that they know

its obvious they are politicizing games because they fear they are losing influence, populism is starting to rise slowly

and what do you think happens when they figure out they've been lied to

true they can always be redpilled

+ they can lie to them only so far the more they lie to more obvius the intent

most blacked army by far was the french one. especially after the fall of france. majority of free france army were africans, over 200 000.

This fasle accuracy should red pill some kids. Not all of course but those ones werent gonna change anyways.
"hey i thought there were black soldiers on all side"
Nope kiddo just kike diversity pushing

This is blatant subversion targeted towards kids, they're trying to instill an image in them that Europe, indeed the whole west, was always a multi cult shithole

I'm actually glad they're doing this desu
Video games are a form of escapism, any whites that used vista as an escape will no longer be able to do so and be forced to either face reality or take the blue suppository

Hol up, that's the allies in Normandy? I'm laughing my fucking ass off in real life. America segregated its soldiers in 1944, the racial makeup of that platoon is quite an historical error.


I'm glad (((they're))) destroying vidya

>historically accurate
>no swastikas
top kek that's just sad, are people such pussies?

Social Engineering & Pandering. bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

We are used to it, niggers are handed everything they have and then take all the credit like they earned whatever was given to them. You know your shitskin ass would have never risked your life to serve you fucking coward.

Flash back to boot camp.

Night land navigation course. Niggers had no idea how to read a map, use the compass, or remember to convert grid to magnetic and vice versa.

You could literally hear niggers stumble down hills because it was so dark outside.


>leftist pushing diversity into these absurd shits
>kids will grow up thinking blacks and women "saved" foughts in massive numbers during wars
>kids will think that blacks were always european
>schlomo claims that germans wanted to exterminate these people
>kids ask him how is it possible since media showed him blacks were SS and shieeet
>kids will question if national socialism wasnt right since it wasnt racist and biggoted ideology since they had blacks and woman on front lines
>kids starts questining kikes

Not enough, I won't rest until at least 50% of Hitler's army is represented as homosexual wheelchair-bound Jews.

How dare they, not a POC in sight? Didn't they get the memo, diversity is cool and hip now

If only gaymergate had listened to us

So they have to put niggers everywhere to make people believe they were/are relevant. This is beyond pathetic.

Three of those nigs are the same player model

Jesus fucking christ, I thought BF1 was pure shit but this just might take the cake

So without the swastikas. No one can really call them evil nazis. Since their no identification of Nazism in the game. They are just the good ol Germans.

What is (((their))) angle with this one?

And? None of these guys served in Europe. Your image didn't prove anything.

But black and women did in fact fight at normandy. It's a fact.
Sorry your white washer version of history is dead

I don't know why but shit like this makes madder than most other things these fucking jews do.

Let's be frank
Nobody outside Sup Forums really cares about the non-subtle shoe horning of black woman in games
I visited many game forums to see what people would say
They just don't care
>And I feel tragic like I was Marlon Brando

christ, is it just me or are those graphics horrific?

proof you fucking fag

nigs all look the same it's pretty accurate

>William Dabney could barely see the outline of the French coast as his landing vessel made an unsteady approach before dawn on June 6, 1944. A giant, zeppelin-shaped helium balloon hovered over the Allied boat. Strapped to Dabney via a long steel cable, it was designed to dissuade German fighter pilots from strafing the US soldiers who were about to hit Omaha Beach.

In the bloody chaos that ensued, Dabney’s balloon was shot out above him. “Some marines had already landed before us and the beach was just about covered with dead bodies,” he told FRANCE 24 in a recent interview. “Of course we were still coming in, just stepping over the bodies, moving forward.”

With no replacement balloon to raise, he dug into the sand and survived long hours of carnage before regrouping with other members of the 320th Barrage Balloon Battalion – the first African American unit in the segregated US Army to come ashore on D-Day.

Even when they showed up the damage was done, but hey at least we wuz allies n shieet.

>The importance of the 320TH Battalion for D-Day’s success had been recognised in an address by General Eisenhower himself. African American soldiers had fought Germans, sometimes in hand-to-hand combat. They had almost exclusively manned the so-called Red Ball Express operation, a massive round-the-clock truck convoy that re-supplied the Allied front line

They were literally pawns, just like expected, not even worthy of being thrown into the frontlines.

i learned in class that it was women and people of colour that defeated the evil white cis male nazis

>we wuz truck drivers n sheeeit

They're shameful, look like ps2 shit

Hell MGS2 looked better

>When the game you released 12 years ago looks better

litterally nothing wrong with this, shame on you Sup Forums

>\Pol\ is concerned with inaccuracies in depictions of WW2
>Sup Forums admins pay $100,000 a month in server bills to carry the GBs of fake news infographics about WW2 uploaded daily here


Checked my paddy brother

I bet cod big red one has a better campaign too

This is why I still have all my last gen stuff and never upgraded, it was turning to shit by the time next gen stuff was coming out.

they didnt even have balls to put in a nazi flag in the game

it looks like one of those awkward early 360 games where everything looks like glazed over plastic.


The only time the nigs ever did anything of note was when Patton used them. Because of course it took a man like Patton to make niggers useful on the battlefield



Ty for the tip got the beta, looks awesome.