Is Stefan controlled opposition?

Is Stefan controlled opposition?

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He's not a MAINSTREAM METEOR for sure

This is some of the cringiest shit ever. Who commisioned this?

No just a capitalist pandering to the audience that listens to him.


Hippety hoppety, bitch

He's just a guy echoing vague, right-wing pandering through a "philosophy" show. His videos are simplistic and boring.

molyhoax is a reject. they fucked him hard. no PhD, no university professor. he is just an angry kid who needs some love.

name one (1) eceleb that isnt controlled opposition

>Implying any of that is needed to be knowledgeable

he will mention his msc in history whenever there is a chance YET calls every uni prof a fucking idiot.

He was a Ron Paul guy so it would be quite the long con.

Actual "controlled opposition" is about 10000x rarer than Sup Forums makes it out to be.

The mindest of the average retard shouting "controlled oppositon" at everyone goes like this:

>Look guys, this person agrees with us on 80-90% of stuff but there's things X and Y about them that are not in perfect accordance with us. That must mean he is a subversive agent. Controlled opposition!

I hate this place sometimes.

He is a jew so of course he promotes the jew IQ myth.
The myth that because a couple of supposed test conducted by jews say jews have high IQs it's true. And idiot whites go along with it because they get to rank in the middle and be smarter than negroes. Then jews get to claim their success is because of IQ and not because they ethnocentrically organize.

Can you link me studies that show otherwise?

>Who commisioned this?
Ben does it for the love presumably.

Hi Stef.

The success is both factors combined, as well as ruthlessness. I mean somali's ethnocentrically organize, but they're too stupid to be anything but a crime/welfare hole.

However you're misunderstanding the value of Cochran's research. It's re-iterating in a relatively modern study that IQ is genetic, that there are IQ trends in races (or however you want to group genetically).

By selecting to study askhenazi jews, it got published with not too much controversy and this helps show the double standards to young people to show what kind of IQ research is and isn't allowed.

Whatever else it shows that jews are not immune to flattery and that this draws out their weakness.

Because the racial IQ pill is essential to go beyond civic nationalism/believing you can import people and then just educate them well.

And no stefan has his weaknesses, but he's not controlled op.

Do you think he regrets commiting to Anarcho Capitalism?

>Stefan continously cites CNN in most of his "happening" videos

>I never seen or heard Peterson oppose maintstream media.

He definitely is against the nuclear family and is an autistic ancap.
It's hard to take him seriously after knowing that.

Also he clickbaits too much. Everything is the Sad Truth About X.

if his jewish mother didnt beat and abuse him growing up he's be one of (((them)))

Maybe yes, maybe no.
He's done more redpilling than most, but he's also among the most Hypocrite youtubers around.
His factual analysis is a hit, his own philosophy is shit.
He takes callers on a great journey, but most callers just want his marriage counseling.
He claims to be a great debater, but the last time he got a challenge was when a guy asked him why he doesn't use a certain debate technique and he took it personal to the point of violating the NAP.
He begs for donations but will ignore the NAP he cherishes so much if you send him a $0,50 donation.

Is Stefan controlled opposition? I don't think he's intellectually honest enough to accomplish that.

True, it's not required to be knowledgeable. Still, Molymeme is not knowledgeable.

Post your Molyneuxes please.


he literally tries to tell you the truth about certain subjects to the best of his knowledge, what else would i call those videos


Calling people who make a living spending thousands of hours passing their message "controlled opposition" is shit tier conspiracy.

It's better that he doesn't ramble about Jews. It's implied. Remember we have to beat them at their own game. You don't do that by marginalizing yourself and all your proponents to the lunatic fringes and that's where "anti-Semites" go. Molymeme is legit. He is one of many on YouTube's (((list))). What is Stephen Crowder controlled opposition too? Come on

>begs for donations
You mean asks to be compensated by crowd funding, like literally everyone on YouTube who speaks the truth gets nearly 100% of their commission?

I recommend you watch this.

Yeah you're right. It's no different then how people used to shout "shill" at the slightest hint of dissent.

>their success is because of IQ and not because they ethnocentrically organize

It's not really either though. Their "success" comes down to a combination of having no shame, no empathy and then using nepotism once they get into any position of power to fill up more space. If you're talking about Israel then the reason it's "successful" is because the USA sends them literally fucking billions every year and they STILL get billions in "reparations" from Germany every year because of the Holocaustâ„¢.
For being such a super smart race it really is bizarre that they've never invented anything, have never been truly successful and the one system they've tried to implement for the last 100 years in numerous countries has collapsed catastrophically every single time and proudly holds a 100% failure rate.
You could even argue that niggers have more worth than Jews because at least they aren't scrawny cowards and can actually do some kind of physical work. Jews just argue semantics and, for some reason, people think this makes them clever. In reality they have zero value.

Being so butthurt that you try to get people to not donate to someone who is spreading racial IQ awareness, marxist awareness, media propaganda awareness and immigration awareness.

I mean, sure, there are other places to spend the money effectively. But it's better spent there than buying a coffee.

He's not against the nuclear family wtf lol he's extremely pro family

>Has he named the jew
>Is he controlled opposition

1. So? Set a high bar to get a high sales price
2. Of all the hours I've spent watching I've never hard him say anything along these lines in the clips so it's safe to say it's a rare occurrence. Though that shit is not attractive we know he's got a massive ego so it's not surprising he feels entitled to a few million dollars a year for his art
3. He wouldn't make ad money now if he wanted to so discard that bullet point

I would be happy with $1 a month from my subs but in reality only 1-3% ever donate to podcasters. For that reason you need to ask for more and set the price on your product. That's just basic economics and salesmanship

Oh don't worry, he'll get plenty of donations from his pareto distribution. Me telling people he's not a Saint and that he has his intellectual flaws does not detract from that.
Also note in that video that he mentions his asking price to be $0,50 per video and in a later segment slams someone for donating $0,50. It reeks of dishonesty.
Keep strawmanning though, it's entertaining.

>you don't need another cup of coffee today, you need to help save the world
lmao who does this guy think he is?

Yeah he is very much on board with the whole trad con spirit in at least a general way these days. I would assume him an agnostic theist if anything. That's what I consider myself so I may be projecting.

Of course he is. He is a literal actor.

It's good economics, I agree.
He is however a guy who claims that philosophy is the be all end all of his aims, the greatest good which he dedicates his time to spreading and advancing.

Maybe I question his integrity because I've always fancied Diogenes more than Plato

>price per video
>dude releases a crap ton of videos for free
>someone only donates $0.50
>somehow he's unreasonable for looking at this negatively

You're taking a lot of creative liberties to attack this guy's character guy.

I think the man has a serious ego, but the man is hardly greedy or dishonest. He could have monetize his channel and still asked for donations like so many others.

He gives his stuff for free and I respect that.

>Also note in that video that he mentions his asking price to be $0,50 per video and in a later segment slams someone for donating $0,50. It reeks of dishonesty.
the only dishonest one here is you. make an actual argument

No he's just a fucking idiot with a messiah complex who can't string together a coherent argument. He's also a total hypocrite

What's so hard to understand about the argument?
You can't put a product on sale with a discount and then insult the consumer's integrity just because he bought it on sale.
His ego is getting in the way of his work, and it's making him look crooked and intellectually dishonest.
Still don't get it?

god he's so cringey


>For being such a super smart race it really is bizarre that they've never invented anything, have never been truly successful and the one system they've tried to implement for the last 100 years in numerous countries has collapsed catastrophically every single time and proudly holds a 100% failure rate.

First you have to realize their high IQ is a fairly recent phenomenon due to the (justified) persecution they faced. It's similar how genetically predisposed gay people have slightly higher IQs. Because the lower IQs weren't smart enough to camouflage into society, or not smart enough to do it well.

But more importantly, jews did invent stuff.

I find hollywood, communism and the holocaust the most memorable jewish inventions.

Though feminism, the gasvan and postmodernism are no less unforgettable.

Kill yourself faggot, it's beautiful.

Ben Garrison is the laziest cartoonist.

die shit in the streets endian

I'm way more right wing and don't watch him anymore but I have to give him credit for getting me into the right side of things. I tihnk he's alright

I don't really see the significance of a handful of instances where he tried to get more donations in a decade or so of someone's work.

I went on his show once. Takes about 6-8 hours to talk with normies. Only a fraction of it makes it into his youtube videos.

>that shitty video
>that MUZZIE channel

some choice titles from ZIONIST WATCH:
>The Truth Behind The Israel-Palestine Conflict
>Who is Allah?
>Allah Guides Whom He Wills
>The 67th Chapter of The Quran [Powerful Message]
>Geert Wilders EXPOSED




Controlled opposition is a meme. Anybody who genuinely thinks CO is a real thing is probably very paranoid.

Just because people aren't LARPing Nazi's, doesn't mean they are evil shills. They just have moderate views.

He promotes it as a cover so he doesn't get called a white supremacist.

This guy's irrelevant. Philip DeFranco gets more views per video.

>Alex jones hates Israel
>He gets more funding and upgrades his studio
>Israel is our greatest ally now