Grenfell Tower Fire - Damage Control: MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE

Evidently, muslim terrorists are expected to be the main culprit of the Grenfell Tower fire in London.

Just look at the amount of mourning muslims in their paper. Better get it across to the public that not *all* muslims hate the UK and the west!

Take a look for yourselves.

Is it muslims? No clue. But the multiple pictures of mourning muslims is more than just a coincidence.

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Or because london social housing is filled to the brim with muslims?


>muslim terrorists are expected to be the main
culprit of the Grenfell Tower fire

I am praying to magic jewish zombie for it to be true.

I want to believe

Ah so, they're sad it's their own! I failed to see this amount of mourning during the manchester attack a few weeks ago.


I just had to acknowledge all of the muslim in their pictures. No clue what really happened, but I just think it's damage control incase it's arson OR complete and utter negligence.

If muslims are behind tower fire then they discovered a efficient way to create smaller scale 9/11(s) worldwide.


Exactly. Arson is far easier than creating an explosive.

Is it possible that this is revenge for Manchester and London? How many muzzies lived in the block?

They clearly did it to remind themselves of home

London maybe on it's way to Detroit quicker than you might think's_Night

It was like the UN there were so many different people living there

Take a look at that bulky chick. Bet she'd manhandle me good for being a bad boy. So hard right now just visualizing her beating me firmly but fairly with her strong somalian fists.

Canadian shitposting has become so common that this response is now considered "normal". You, leaf, aren't even trying to out-do the other leaves, in terms of shitposting.

I give you a 3/10, merely for responding.

Whatever. I still stand to my belief these muslimas are into all kinds of kinky shit when that rag comes off.



I know they do. I'm just another lowly frog going about my life.

>tfw no qt Hijabi Waifu

Y even live ?

Like Peaky the Roadster said, I think this may have been done deliberately by the building owners. Now they have a reason to knock all of the towers down and build expensive housing on the land instead.

Let's see what goes up in replace of these flats. Will it be million dollar luxury apartments for the super rich? I've heard whispers that this was the plan and they wanted to tear the place down years ago. Never underestimate (((them))) when billions of dollars are at stake


i've lived in west london my entire life my first girlfriend lived in those towers, this is not a muslim attack, there are just a lot of poor immigrants that live in public housing towers, this is a false flag created to gentrify the area.

are you mentally challenged, OP?
what other mad conspiracies do you have?
most of the people who live in the building are muslims, why is it odd that the people who are pictured being particularly distressed are muslims?
where are the white people mourning this incident?

you are a fucking idiot.
do you know how many court cases are going to be brought against the building owner/operator?
do you know how much scrutiny they will be under?

No I don't know, a lot?