Hey, look it hasn't collapsed on to it's foot print

Hey, look it hasn't collapsed on to it's foot print

I guess British apartment blocks are better made than American offices and skyscrapers

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Well, this one didn't had a plane fly into it.

It's also 1/5 as high and doesn't have a nuclear bomb exploding under it.

Well, this one wasn't entirely made out of bare steel.

Additionally I don't think that whatever was inside the house burns as hot as jet fuel

This one didn't have thermite charges in its support structure.


Jet fuel unironically can't melt steel beams tho


I guess it wasnt covered in thermite bombs by a Mossad crew pretending to be art students

Try running into with a 787

Oh yeah some random redneck can totally be trusted

neither did wtc 7, bro

Oh yes he must have some kind of metallurgical lich powers which allows him to manipulate the physical properties of steel at will

Niggers and Muslims unironically burn less hot than jet fuel

Nice comeback to getting absolutely btfo'd

He's showung you in the video that once steel reaches high temperatures it loses almost all of it's structural rigidity. Jet fuel wouldn't need to melt the beams, just get them hot enough that they can no longer support the load of the building above them.


Shhhh idiots can't into laws of thermodynamics

pretty much this

Looks like the windows are blasting out due to the building supports buckling

Did a thread talking about 9/11 a little while back:

archive.4plebs.org/_/search/subject/knowledge bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

>pour out gallons of gasoline in every floor from top to bottom in the middle of the night

>light a match when leaving the premises

hurr, we don't need no demolition crews in our pakiland durr

Anyway, it's all shit.

Gas the West, 3rd Reich now

It had massive chunks of the WTC towers fall into it

Yes all the building supports simultaneously gave way from fire. Mainstream brainwashing still going strong.

Correct. That's why wtc7 was not even mentioned in the official investigation report.

>chunk falls on roof
>it collapses into it's blueprint completely decimated

good goy

Trump said 9/11 was done with bombs, not planes

Check his interview right after the attack

if you know anything about the official story then you would (((know))) that it was fire that was the cause not the debris.

Alos Barry jennings was in the building and reports that there was a explosion in the stairwell of WTC7 BEFORE the twin towers collapsed


No Goy? There was plenty of other buildings that had loads up debris fall on them and they diidn't collapse.

but how did the jet fuel get to the btton of the tower?

Thats where your wrong kiddo NIST did look into WTC7...

>if you know anything about the official story then you would (((know))) that it was fire that was the cause not the debris.

I would imagine it would be a combination of the two, just like the twin towers. First something rams into the thing and then the fire further weakens it

Yes. A 27 story apartment bulding is the same as two of the tallest buildings in the world that hard large jets fly into them.

From a plane

This bullshit needs to be a permaban. Take it to /x/ you fucking nutjob.


>there are people on Sup Forums who think 9/11 was an unironic terrorist attack

7 yeas later in a separate document?

>nuclear reaction under it
Hey you can't prove that

Serious question, why do you deny so hard that there could have been more to it than just the narrative?


Now can he do that to a steel beam 100x that size? Don't think so

pic related

>2 out of 6 chlidren
>6 children
>S I X C H I L D R E N

this is why we fucking loose

Da gubment wouldn't lie to us about that! Iraq had wmds also!

Different fuel, dick head

No the official account is that fire weakened 1 support beam and that 1 support beam failing cause a freefall collapse of the whole building. They used a simulation model to reproduce the collapse as best possible but refuse to release the maths used in that model. If they would want to shut us "truthers" up is release the data and if it checks out a majority of us will shut up.

But they won't because they know its a load of BS

ITT; People with high school educations at the most disagree with dozens of expert testimony collected over a decade of research

Can you rednecks just go back to huffing gasoline?

9/11 was a false flag assault on American Liberty

how many support beans were ther?

I don't believe this bullshit about "inside jobs" and "conspiracies". This is from Alex Jones.

It's really fucking interesting, but are there documentaries about the specifics from a rational point of view? I know the truth about the twin towers, but I'd like a little more detail on WT7.

>he fell for the jew trade center

That malignant cancer was used to assault individual liberties all over the world, I know it's hard to see outside the center of the universe sometimes due to the sheer mass and centrifugal forces.

I don't really get that explosion angle that he's talking about in the video. If you're taking down a building with explosives, it's going to come down at the point when you actually blow up the structural beams. You don't explode something and then it sits there for another six hours, so that doesn't make any sense to me

No it just had a huge chunk of one of the world's largest buildings fall on top of it
Also the Jew owner of WTC 7 who built the thing had them cut corners like crazy. People constantly complained about the strange noises the building would make(that we're results of shit being built terribly)
You fucks never have a clue about architecture yet always want to cite it as being the source of why it was fake

What, soften it?

wtf happened, london is fucked


I would recommend watching 9/11 New pearl harbor it mainly focuses on facts and has very little speculation. The WTC7 part starts at around 4:45:00


Isn't there a lot of other things that haven't been released? Things like cctv of the hijackers bording the plane and black box recordings.

We need to kill muslim women


Newfag here. Questioning WT7 is probably the most legit conspiracy going. Trying to prove the offical story is comical. And to the see this amount of JTRIGgering against questioners should tell you something. You catch the most flak when you're over the target.

my bad i meant 4:35:00 not 4:45:00

Everyone that reported hearing explosions that day has been proven to be full of shit
Also when was the last time you EVER heard a witness tell the exact truth in say gun violence?
Witnesses cannot be used as evidence we've proven time and again in criminal cases that they are unreliable. Video evidence (which we have fucktons of) gives us all the info we need

How many people died in this incident and were they all kebab?

>A fucking Leaf

I think it's the Pentagon. Where was the ultra hot burning jet fuel there? Barely any fire damage or debris. No good footage, local security camera footage confiscated.

Pentagon was bombed or hit by like a small tow missle.

well meme'd

For his comfort of mind.

A fully loaded, fully fueled 767 flying at 500 mph didn't fly into it right?
Fucking bong education system..

Yes experienced firefighters have no idea what an explosion sounds like.

I don't want conspiracy bullshit.
The amount of effort required to maintain a conspiracy of that size alone disproves itself.

Just watching a few minutes of it, and the narrator immediately goes on about how "news organizations were told ahead of time what buildings were going to go down". Give me a fucking break.

Are you retarded?

there is enough jet fuel in a plane to burn 400 mts of steel to 800 degrees??

Hey, wutcha doing there miss? Why do you have a bomb, that could hurt your kids.

Dam now that was good 10/10

The collapse occured from the MIDDLE, not from the bottom up. Also, freefall theory is high Discordian faggotry (just like the rest of this shit.) Proof? The debris from the top of the buildings, which is falling at freefall speed because it is not connected to anything falls much faster than the towers. Ya'lls is some dumb fucking tards, I'll tell you.

When I read the official report, apparently the building was old as hell. It was originally much smaller, and built in the 1800s. There was poor fire code rules, and sprinkers had a single point of failure.

I'm interested in videos of this, though. It sounds really interesting.

Does anyone know if he made it out okay?

I believe this. Are there documentaries and shit about this specific story?

This image triggers my autism. Even if they did melt, he would have molten steel all over him.

Yeah, because steel has a very bad thermal conductivity! Do you ever get tired of being retarded?

>only six dead
what a shitty happening

the jews used the absolute minimum amount of steel which got hot, lost its strength, and caused the floors to cascade into each other

the real coverup is how shitty those buildings were made

The towers collapsing are symbolic of America's decline and the reaction to that has been to compenstate by spouting various theories about how thermite charges were placed in the building, jet fuel can't melt steel beams etc. You need to understand prior to 9/11, the general public was sold a lie that the towers were indestructible and they were used by the media as a symbol of supposed US superiority when in fact they represented what the US had become after the golden age of the 50's and mid 60's, a society that valued the exploitation of others by any means and the worship of money and consumerism symbolised no more than the shoddy construction of the buildings and the poor safety standards imposed so as the owners could maximise their profits and the ongoing poor maintainance to further fuel the greed that had infected American society and then on Sept 11 2001, the unthinkable occurred, the narrative collapsed. The towers that were meant to never collapse, collapsed just over 1 hour after being struck and the towers collapsing like a house of cards synbolised the collapse of the narrative the people of the United States had been led to believe from the time they were completed to the time they collapsed. One only needs to imagine what the narrative would have been if the towers never collapsed.

if you want something like the first video i posted look into william rodriguez. He worked in the towers as a janitor and his account of events is interesting. In his account of things there was a explosion in the basement before the plane hit the tower. He went on to save many firefighters lives.

Yes. There was enough jet fuel to carry a fully-loaded passenger plane across the Atlantic. That takes an enormous amount of energy in the form of fuel. The WTC were some of the the first balloon-style towers constructed, composed of a strong inner core connected to supports forming the outer walls by loooooong steel girders. The OP's tower is conventional cement slab construction with supports throughout. The WTC was built to withstand a hit by a 707 going about 350 mph. A 787 going more than 500 mph carries roughly 20x as much kinetic force. BTW, I know you truthfags are zombies; this is for the intellectually-honest onlooker trying to make up his mind.


I heard it talked about once in a podcast and watched it in one investigative documentary(the strange noises part) but that was in like 2010 since I learned a long time ago that this much steel beams crap is bullshit
You look around enough you'll find it though, made the rounds in like '08 I think


Tell me about this jew? I assume he is in prison now?

>nu/pol/ unironically thinks it's possible for a steel framed skyscraper to collapse uniformly into its own footprint at free fall speed because of an office fire
I want reddit to go back

Shut it Jamal.

Ok thanks.

you have to go back!

None of that even happened, faggot. They fell all over the fucking road, and some portions of the buildings held out for more than 25 seconds before falling down.

You're not going to prove or disprove anything with eyewitness testimony. If people wont listen to the expert meta-analysis of 2,700 architects and engineers they're not going to have a mind-changing epiphany from a single janitor lol.

>Thinks jet fuel melts steel

Also, just for the sake of argument, it's important to note that the north face of WT7 collapsed due to fire more than an hour before the south face. They must have used REALLY controlled demolition there. And what about WTC2? It fell down as well, but nobody even talks about that at all!

It HEATS steel, you absolute fucking nob.

Its funny because we're only talking about one of the inconsistencies of 9/11. I also suggested the janitor because he seemed interested in barry jennings eyewitness account.

He seems to have newspeak effect his mind where anything "conspiracy" related automatically shuts down his brain.