12 killed in London fire

12 killed in London fire

Was it kebab?

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no, just a really really really old building that was a fire hazard to begin with

it started when a bong forgot to put out his ciggarette and being the building is so old the trashcan just lit the building on fire so fast

the city knew for years it was a tinderbox, but, it's low-income housing, so, nothing of value was lost

also i want to know when it became "normal" that whenever people see a fire or accident they immidiately pull out their smartphone and start recording or snapping pics

What's the fucking point of taking picture of that? People are fucking retards and smartphone is the biggest enabler.

i literally just made this point

Its either directly caused by a kebab or punishment for taking in kebabs.

Either way, its kebabs fault

>really really really old

>Was it kebab?

if they weren't before, they are now

Well it is now

I know right. I wonder how long till people start calling retards on b/s like that

thats funny because BBC said it was because a fridge exploded.

so who is telling the truth


Kebab garbage pile catches flame? Possible. Probable.
A Mohammedien hello? Unlikely.

In 2009, they added Jetfuel plastic outer covering. Fucking idiots.

I think it was an inside job this time.

Social media

What is jetfuel plastic? Plastic made of kerosene?

So that they can look back on their photos and say "Ah yes, I remember when that happened," 20 years from now. It's the same logic as people saving newspaper clippings.

So, when will it collapse?

>fridge exploded

was it the muslim margot robbie?

Most likely cause is kebab making bombs in his apartment.

Yes Ramadan means kebab's cook at night.


This interview won't be shown again

It became normal when everyone had a camera in their pocket. It only didn't happen before because people didn't have a camera. Why wouldn't you take a picture of this once in a lifetime spectacle?

hahaha this is the best piece of evidence I've heard yet