I'm going to miss the old flags. we were like high school cliques of jocks and geeks...

i'm going to miss the old flags. we were like high school cliques of jocks and geeks. we actually had a reputation to hold on a national level.

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Nat Soc and Fasc will take over now.


whatever toothpaste

New flags suck and enable trolls


>I was bullied in school so I want to be a jock on the net instead


It's jews who are trying to hide their location.

These ARE the old flags, forced flags were the new thing once. That said, I did like them better, but yeah this isn't new.


>my lady dresses like that
always diamonds

These are the old flags you fucking /r/_The Donald faggot.

Our reputation was bad since gamergate, and absolutely shit since the elections


and it will continue to go down

The political flags ARE the old flags you dumb thedonaldposter

Whats up with the new flag thing?
Also is there a list of which flag is who?

I'd like to hold her reputation.

yea but a little bit of good come from this

no longer will my posts be (you)'d with such things as A or day of the rake when

it is a freeing feeling personally i like it

i can truely be myself

i might could actually of voted for this change a long time ago if they let me

They'll be back are all of you fags so new you haven't seen the mods fuck worth hw flags before?

Fucking hell, really?

Around 3 years ago they turned off custom flags.

This :(

Look at the traffic, we're surrounded by newfags. This shouldn't surprise us but damn is it depressing.

Not for long.

What reputation have you to hold?
Being the homosexuality, zoophilia, sick fuck, whore trafficking, drug addict, racemixing, african-muslim-gypsy filled, EU puppet, multikulti, atheist, anti-christian, cuckold central state of Europe?

My brother and my cousin both receive state benefits while they're working abroad in Ireland in IT shit.
Enjoy having no pension and dying in the streets, I've just bought a brand new Volvo S60, thanks to my brother.


>"new" falgs

>tfw a leaf could be lurking behind any post

Its gonna be easier to spot newfags and t_ds now. Kekistani purge when?

>falling for tradcon slut
I'm going to put all memes aside and warn you guys: there are lots of girls who sleep around in their 20's (hundreds of partners) and then have an """awakening""" once their bodies start to age. Usually late 20's, early 30's. They'll dress in clothes like the pic, maybe start going to church, and go full waifu just to attract a stable man


If she takes these kinds of photos at all, drop her immediately. Find yourself a younger girl who doesn't have any social media accounts. If she does have them, if over 10% of her photos are selfies, DROP.




stop making those threads
you're a disgrace
there is no political point in your threads

Posting with my national flag was embarrassing. I have so much more dignity now.


Or a poojeet


no more bully now :^(

Source on that beautiful lady?

Too bad now won't be able to complete my flag collection for Sup Forums

I like it

This and Canadian flags

jeez man i was just makin a joke

Quality of posts, nigger. How hard is it to not take a giant shit here when you make a post? Just don't post like a retard, whether you're being ironic or not you're still just a jackass.

sad times my friend

>phoneposting discrimination

Chill dude is ok im really repilled. Look im one of yous now, im a kekistani

where the white women?


Where is the /inbed/ flag?

All phoneposters should go, all of them. Desktop posters only.

Quality of posts

kys piece of shit reddit mongrel

You can still claim that they are Indians, they will have to use their actual flag to disprove you and in best case scenario, they will be a fuckign leaf, so they're fucked either way


I like to think that people clinging to old flags are real nationalists and that makes us the core of Sup Forums

>not having separate folders for posts and flags


Anybody who's not a fag or a Canadian still uses the old locale flags.

So, rule of thumb - anyone with a weird flag is probably Canadian.

it just won't be the same

Haha 100% this.

I have separate folders for boards. Switching folders just for posts is hassle when you don't have that many posts per flag.

You could still have separate folders for boards and within those folders have separate folders for posts and flags, will look clean as shit.

No matter the board, the biggest newfag behavior is always trying too hard to fit in.

Dumbass redditors are using the excuse of "well these flags existed before haha newfags" to fit in, but they don't understand how Sup Forums works now, and how new flags will only increase roleplaying shitposting and shills

the ones using the lame flags suck anyway

I wish there was a way too see what country someone was in, even if they use a custom flag.

I like the new flags

It's easy to spot A FUCKING LEAFS by their posts alone; shit, I've been calling pirates and LGBTs leafs all day because you can just tell

I think it's only to help stop flag discrimination, but it also helps us spot underage newfags when they use the Kekistani flag.

Don't worry, Sup Forums used to be this way since its inception (we also had JIDF flag) and taught us how to spot JIDF and leftards from miles.
What it can do now, is weed out posts that would waste our time. For example all cucks feel the need sport their insignia and as such they are using hammer and sickle or nigger supremacy flags, so you automatically disregard them.

It's actually for the better this flag system

Only good thing from these flags are that indians wont derail threads anymore but just posting.

I prefer the location flags too. it helps give you some insight into the poster's comment and better understand where theyre coming from.

now people will hide their location to avoid getting memed

>calling pirates leafs

women dressed in modest fashions such as this is one of my fetishes

I find pic related super hot.

I dunno why, maybe because its refreshing to look at.

I don't care how it looks. I care how it works. And it works for me. Go take more refugees to look good.

leafposting is a mentality tho family

anyone can be a leaf in these blessed flag times, just look for cuckposters

You know... i reckon you are a leaf

But dont you see? Filling refugees with swedes doesnt look good. You mixing flags with posts is the same thing. Sort yourself out.


wut? notice the little combo-box or whatever it is above 'choose file'. You can't fake a your country, but you can substitute something else.

I'm gonna need source on that familia

Don't see any Swedish flags no mo', why are you fags hiding?

These are the old flags. The country flags were a new (2 years or so) thing. Newfag.


>new flags
No friendo. This was the original template

you damn yankees are alright.

Is the day of the rake indefinitely postponed?

>what are proxy
>what are VPN

i know we had this format before, i only called it old because that's what we had for 2 years before the current flags.

if they're gonna use new flags they should stick to just political ideologies. none of this gay/kekistani/hippie shit.

im an Alabama nigger and i want to be free

new flags are cringe AF and reddit AF

i think we should add something like 'flairs' next :)

besides the 12 understand that
99 09 747

>9+9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

>= 9

>7+4+7 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

I did grow to like them for much the same reason.

I use my own flag for serious matters and the black nationalist flag for shitposting

Your reputation has been bad since you had the fucking retarded idea 100 years ago that if you interbred with your niggers they'd turn white

Avast, ye filthy landlubber now I can be true to me ancestors. Ye best be leavin before I make ye scrub me poop deck for yer mutiny.

about fucking time

Real men can smell a traditional woman from 30 yards, don't need a wardrobe change to signify a mental shift. If you fall for any chick who isn't traditional then you're the one to blame, nice dress or not.

My ass