It's my birthday Sup Forums

It's my birthday Sup Forums

Happy birthday user :)

Happy birthday Mr. President.

happy birthday burger


Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Thank you for making our country great again.

Nobody cares

Happy birthday, user.

Happy birthday you attention whoring faggot

It's trumps bday...
US flag...
H-Hi Trump.

Happy Birthday

Jk happy birthday bby boy

Happy birthday user!

Are you retarded its TRUMP!

What are you and your friends doing to celebrate user?

Oh wow, you guys act fast, thanks all Trump?

Happy birthday, you fucking American Scum!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday prez snack Melina on the ass for me.

Have a blessed, non-degenerate day user :)

Happy birthday lad

Yeah sure dude I am incarnation of Jefferson.

I'm going to stay home, nothing really special, well, perhaps have a special dinner

Happy birthday.

Buy beer and watch some non-degenerate movies


Happy birthday user,
I have some tasty candy in my van extra for you ;)

And no, I'm not Trump, but damn, I love how we share a birthday, a bit stupid though

u missed my second post

Happy Birthday OP

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, user!!! :)

well well, a fellow kebab. salam aleikum

Happy Birdday annon

Haby birtdai

Happy birthday user-kun.
Spend it with the ones you love.

Wow, rude.

Enjoy your day, user!

Internet is slow I live in Nunavut
Nice flag user.

fhappy birthday

I knew the God Emperor browsed

Happy birthday Donald.

Son is that you?

hbd kid

Well, happy birthday user. Enjoy your day.

You guys are the greatest, truly, thank you all!

u too

Happy birthday friend


Happy birthday, user!

Feliz navidad! That's Mexican for happy birthday!!

Some cake for you.
Happy birthday.
I'll be 50 next month and could still have you in a fight.

happy birthday you SON OF A BOG

where the white women?

Happy birthday faggot.

Happy brithdae fren


Holy fuck any tips for red pilling oldies?

Happy birthday.

>American "education"

Congrats. You're one year closer to the cold, soothing embrace of death.

Χρόνια πολλά OP!( It's a wish that you will live for many years)

Get outta here El Cid.

Come at me you crusty old Brit.

by any chance, are you trump?

taxes and death. have a good one user

>finally 18

happy birthday user, have a white day