Nordic supremecists hijacking the white nationalism movement

How do we stop retards like Varg from ruining the white nationalist movement? His wacky races theories on race are utter lunacy, he claims only people with Blonde hair and Blue eyes are white despite the fact that in Oceania there are natives with blonde curly hair, similar to black people in America with blue eyes.

Stop doubting Varg

Varg is a LARPer
no one takes him seriously anyway

t. mixbreed shitskin.

He's not and it shows what an extradorinaiy retard you are if you think he is.

>despite the fact that in Oceania there are natives with blonde curly hair, similar to black people in America with blue eyes.

How fucking dumb are you, oh god, what level of brain damage are you on, stop doing drugs for fuck sake.

Those people mixed with someone who was blonde, what the fuck is wrong with your head?

I'm Scottish with brown hair and blue eyes, I guess I'm not white lol

Who cares about Varg ? He represents the bottom pit of WN movement, stop talking about him and talk about people who matter.





pagan viking here. christcucks on suicide watch

There are blacks like James Earl Jones with blue eyes but they had a white ancestor somewhere.

Melanesians also evolved the blonde hair naturally numbnuts, they're not mixed

>he claims only people with Blonde hair and >he claims only people with Blonde hair and Blue eyes are white despite the fact that in Oceania there are natives with blonde curly hair, similar to black people in America with blue eyes.

Light skin goes without saying you nigger.

White person must have naturally pale skin, light eye color (grey, blue) and be blonde (any shade). All others are mixed. If you accept shitskins into your movement and ideal nation they'll ruin everything. Shitskin features betray shitskin admixture. A guy may think himself Italian while genetically he's 75 percent sandnigger.

Why do you use a German Nazi flag, the Nazi flag is for German people

If blondes are the only pure whites, than whites are a pathetic race

so you're telling me this light-skinned negress with blue eyes is whiter than Scotsmen, are you fucking retarded?

but he's right
meds are literal niggers and should be genocided

>I'm Scottish with brown hair and blue eyes, I guess I'm not white lol
Too much melanin, sorry. Reveal flag. An extra (you) says you're a niggerfat.

Oh boy. I guess I better stop appropriating German flags.

Not our fault you weren't relevant until the 5th century

It's as retarded as waving the current German flag in Scottland

Because National Socialism is the best ideology to purge degeneracy which has plagued civilization for eons.

Are you a Somali?

Here you go faggot

cant ruin something thats already trash

They weren't relevant until the 7th century. But that's only because a French King decided to convert them all.

This isn't even light skin. And I was talking natural pale skin. Untanned, unwhitened.

Then, nigger. Pathetic or not is not rerevant.

I don't care about his views on race as I do about his divide and conquer tactics between Christianity and Paganism.

I bet it's as retarded to wave the current German flag in Germany too.

most of you on Sup Forums don't act much better

>shieeeeeeet we wuz vikingz! i'm 0,1% Norwegian !!!

Then get your own flag in your own country, though it'll never get anywhere because it only attracts trash

Then according to you this talcum-in-loo poo is more white than most of Europe

Everyone know's that Whites are just Albino Poos. The science is settled.

No we're not burger, our noses are less broad than Indians, our cheekbones are also lower which is an evolutionary trait in all Europeans.

I've never seen anyone on Sup Forums hint at anything like that. In fact, most Sup Forumsacks do the opposite.

Well there is also the fact that you can't be white as a result of disease. That's also a given. Just accept that you aren't pure white. Some are born into riches. some are born absolutely pure white. This isn't something you can control. At least you're kinda white unlike negroes and poos. They may have some white features, while you're a white with nigger hair.

Nordicists make jews look like amateurs when it comes to divide&conquer.

Except, I'm not a burger, I'm a LEAF. Tough luck Sunshine. Try again.

no you're not

Why is it of worry? If people buy vargs retarded bullshit they're of no value to the right wing or society anyhow.. Consider what he does a blessing in disguise, he's taking people that could easily identify as leftists morally. Purely just names sake value, these people that follow him would never stand for a moral society much less one where European nationalism prevails.

Its about as effective as the white sharia shit, or Richard Spencer, ya there's a few people that follow it but they'd just be a taint on any image you want to prevail so its likely best they're separate.

t. spic from the usa

but according to (((VARG))) that poo with blonde hair and blue eyes makes me look like the pathetic brown haired blue eyed subhuman scotsman that I am

>implying there's a difference

t. blonde haired KANG

Easy don't follow them

There is a difference! We don't have burgers! We have Poutine kind sir!

>A guy may think himself Italian while genetically he's 75 percent sandnigger.
t. 56%

A redpill on Varg.

>pic related

No, these are mutations mainly. Same goes with blonde blue eyed kurds
Or even simpler: Albinos from anywhere

And the main point remains too, you can have white people with dark hair and dark eyes. The most important thing is heritage, and if we talk about visual stuff: the most important thing is the skull shape, the hair and eyes are just reductionist and simplistic.

>mother is blonde hair, green eyed
>sister is blonde hair, blue eyed
>i'm brown hair, brown eyed
how are mongrels like me supposed to be classified? am i a nigger?

Exactly, why the fuck doesn't he follow some Scottish guy if he's Scottish, like what the fuck is his problem.


That's right. Burger Negroes love to RP as white Natsocs on this site.

I don't care if you call Italians non-white, but don't try to imply that it's because we're moorish rape babies. That's not true at all and it's been disproven over and over again.
That's all I care about in regards to this topic.


The real redpill is that Southern Europeans are superior to Northern Europeans
Almost all piece of human advance can be traced back to the Romans and Greeks. When the Romans ran the world Germans were barbaric subhumans and Scandinavians were vikings (nothing to be proud of) and pirates.
In fact when you look at scientists or the leaders of Nazi Germany you'll find nobody with blue eyes and blonde hair

but I don't follow them, I follow people like Millennial Woes and Jared Taylor, but if people get the idea that only blonde haired people are white then more people will just laugh at us

I don't care if you call a Swede non-white, just mind your own fucking business lmao

It shows that Varg is an uneducated imbecile who jumps to conclusions and his every view is mostly primitive speculation

Italians are white though, shills love to divide and conquer us

Are you from Scotland or one of those muh heritage burgers

Italian diaspora ethnostate when?

south of denmark = shitskin
whats so hard to understand about it?

I'm 100% Scottish, some (((Nordicist))) asked me to reveal my flag.

I was born in Largs.

Varg already said you aren't white, nice trying to fit in though lol

Yes you are. Now get the fuck out of here, Sambo.

don't listen to

Europeans have always been a diverse people, Nordicists are just assmad that blonde hair isn't the only European feature.

nordic supremacism makes just as little sense as white supremacism

Stop playing video games.

Nordic isolationism

Define either of those things. You can't. That's why you say it doesn't make sense to you.

segregating people into different castes based on arbitrary features

How can different countries be segregated you dumb smelly ape

Varg is a well-spoken
i agree with him on many things

That's what nature does, and the differences are never arbitrary. No, you don't deserve to have a woman like Taylor Swift, because she is just that much better than you. There's looks, sure, but that's only the beginning. Mentally she is also better than you.
You aren't "owed" anything because you have crappy genes. That's a 3 billion year old story and you're not going to change the ending.

is that a serious question

It's not white supremacism, it's white nationalism which means we want the European peoples to have a right to survive.

Yeah it's fucking retarded. I come from mainly British stock and have green eyes and brown hair and I look more aryan than half the nazi commanders.
Nords are literally the most passive and least dedicated WNs yet they always want to hijack the movement because of their "pure" genes, those types of nords can suck my anglo dick.

>You aren't "owed" anything because you have crappy genes
this is literally what white supremacists want though
> we want the European peoples to have a right to survive
take the advice of the other user and let nature take its course, if "white" people are meant to survive they will without making laws to enforce purity

What movement? You're an American, how can Norse people hijack your movement from across the globe? Stop smoking crack

Nordics are the only pure europeans left. Everyone south of Scandinavia race mixed with either africans or asians.

Guy's a heathen loser

The King of Sweden is also LARPing as a Viking lmao, this was only 2 months ago

That doesn't make sense. The best is not always the strongest. For example, gorillas are not better than Taylor Swift even though it's very strong. A Pajeet from India could eat and swim in things that could make Swift succumb to parasitic infection. That doesn't mean Pajeet has more value than Swift.

never claimed anything like that

Nice try, Shlomo.

>gorillas are not better than Taylor Swift

>nordic supremacists
So that is where the atheism+ autists went to. I always knew the whole viking metal crap is going to end up badly.

By influencing the WN community at large with the nordicist shit, we're one race you contrarian shit. Maybe not to you, but then you're not really for the white race.

If one race figures out to annihilate another, i.e. the Jews figured out how to destroy white people, that doesn't mean Jews are "better" or deserve to continue on. Cockroaches have millions of babies, but that doesn't make them better than horses or white people.
A virus can kill a man but doesn't make the virus "better" than the man, nor should the virus be allowed to win.

Haha yeah only you should be proud of your heritage, fuck those Norse people for being proud!

That varg is a fag, im fucking white bro

Fuck off normie

no ones talking about murdering anyone except for you

The term White comes from the American Wikipedia page, it does not exist anywhere else on this planet, that page also has Jews included as White, while even in Sweden Jews are shown as Asians.

I'm not blonde, but I do know think blondes are generally better than non-blondes. They are less violent and give more to society. In this way I support Nordic "supremacism". That doesn't mean non-blondes aren't white or should be their slaves or something.

Where am I talking about murdering people. This "murdering people" is jewish fantasy and fear mongering. They were always bullshit artists.

Any nord-supremacist or med-supremacist is a divide & conquer shill. Whites need to be united.

Nah, m8, it's just that the purity spiral is the second-greatest threat to whites after (((them))). The vast majority of us know what "white" is, and in any case, we can all agree that removing niggers, spics, and muzzies takes top priority.

you literally just brought it up in your last post

Fuck, it was supposed to set to my flag.


Varg is an absolute autist and a welfare queen,if anyone takes his larp seriously nothing of value was lost.Just let retards be retards they dont breed and die out pretty fast.