The games industry hates women

What did she mean by this?

It's about time the video games market snubbed their core audience in favor of placating uppity feminist cunts who hate video games.

women will ruin the gaming industry
and turn into an industry of gathering quests

she'll never say the same about blacks though


Is she upset that Notch isn't a femenazi?




This video game shit is more racism against white men. Can you imagine men invading a female space and hectoring/harassing them? Of course not because we're not pieces of shit.

Who is she talking about and why do publishers and devs even care about niggers or women since they don't even play games

>Can you imagine men invading a female space and hectoring/harassing them?

Are you serious?

>See E3 and almost every press conference is filled with dykes and females with tinted hair.

Gaming industry right now is already a big fucking beta satellite, there is only few good studios left like cd projekt

>it's another gamergate autist meltdown

Pretty sure yeah. Notch has been going ham on twitter


>we love games

"I need to gaslight these publishers as well as the developers and put my degree in perpetual victimhood and grievances of woman's study to economic use."

Game (Western) developers are the third biggest cucks going today right behind Western Europeans and Leafs.

Why do grownups care so much about this shit?


is notch /ourguy/?


>industry hates incompetent retards

vidya is actually a pretty fun form of media

try one


Unfortunately they are on their way to fuck up the manliness in video games.

Reminder the Anita Sarkeisian and Femenist Frequency are literally a PsyOp and they should be totally ignored. That means ignoring all the stupid shit they post, it's specifically designed to get a reaction. In other words stop feeding the troll.

as for the middle one
> many of us remain here because we love games....
Bull fucking shit. Most 'girl' gamers, and so called 'developers' are attention whores, and they live off the praise of their virgin-autistic fans and followers. This dumb cunt is exhibit A

E3 this year is shaping up to be the equivalent of ET for the Atari 2600 in terms of financial implosion.

Gaming is the epicenter of where the modern culture war became visible in the mainstream. Gamers were the only ones who refused to surrender to the politically correct cultural war machine, and they were also the ones who got to see first hand what happens when you do.


she's part of the 'games industry'. she's a woman. she hates women. it's obvious.

To the left power is everything to them. So they want to destroy everything that makes them "uncomfortable".

So no knights in shining armor. No slaying the dragon. No fighting mythical beasts. No getting the princess in the end.

Instead we get pure shit with a political message jammed down our throats.

Notch has been browsing Sup Forums for more than 12 years.

You're the newfag.

Aren't you shitting on streets right now?

Gaming downfall started in 2007 because of a huge influx of normies,then got completely ruined by SJW by 2010 and GG in 2014 have put the final nail in the coffin.

Just let it crash.

she wishes she was part of the industry. She's a fucking parasite.

>let them lie with impunity and never respond

Nah. Ceaseless mockery is the best weapon we have against these retards. Ignoring the problem accomplishes nothing.

Notch has fuck you money so he can literally say whatever he wants nowadays

What females spaces have men invaded?

Why do they have to do ANYTHING? Why can't they just make games?! There was never any dumb shit like this going on when I was young and played games. Is it because they're perpetual children and should have given up gaming by now but can't so they inject their stupid politics in it to ruin it for everyone else?

I'll tell you what it means. It means that the game industry has turned on her. Turns out it's hard to sell Massacre Spree 64 or Anime Tit Ninja games when you propel the same bitch to shame your potential customers. It's why movies and sports don't put up with this shit. You give them an inch and they take the whole fucking field.

My Little Pony is literally the only thing I can think of.

Notch is a good guy. I'd like to have an awkward conversation with him over a few drinks.


pick one and only one.

Is she going to keep on doing this until they make her a game and let her pretend she made it or something?
This is classic (female-type?) psychopathy.

Women already can make and publish great games but they fail to do so apparently. The remake of Tomb Raider was great, written by Terry Pratchet's Daughter.

Important points to remember

- Games industry diversity and Hollywood diversity is about retaining market share in a globalising economy NOT about diversity per sey.
- ANYONE can make these products now and they are scared of losing their business.
- If they create some artificial "civil rights" movement that is made out to look like a massive struggle (hype) they will be able to push "watershed moment" marketing. ("OMG such a historical moment!")
- This is also linked in to crony capitalism (neolib/con) political agenda
- Big Media has ALWAYS had a relationship to government agenda and objectives. It IS crony capitalism.
- They are pushing the concept that you are not valid until you buy/feature in one of their products.

You're a fucking retard. People say stupid shit on social media because of people like you, the ones who should be fucking killed, spread their message across the web with a smile on your face. Go fucking die.

>needing men to make an argument for them

more of this pls

You now remember aprils fool with /mlp/

To be fair, women aren't that great. They're dumb and greedy and they make you feel weird.

Fuck yes

>ignore the problem until it goes away on its own
Yeah, good luck with that retard

>Using feminist frequency as a source
>Same group of cunts that are so physically insecure to blame virtual characters for people thinking they are ugly
>Same group of cunts that supported that one other bitch who was literally in bed with the gaming media to promote her shit
>Same group of cunts that support Anita Sarkisian, a chick who made half a million dollars and spouted out 3 videos with game play that wasn't even hers
>Same group of cunts who started the conservative counter culture of people calling them out with the advent of Gamer Gate and subsequently blame the counter culture's resurgence on cis-white-het-men
>Same group of cunts who imply in this tweet that gamers and the games industry are misogynist and sexist in nature, despite gamers and the games industry really not giving a shit about who plays and who buys, only that there are others playing and buying the games
>Same group of cunts that have their elitist sense of morality so far up their collective, ideological ass that criticism on any of the above points or more will result in them calling their detractors or groups remotely related to said detractors "sexist"
user, they are a bunch of delusional cunts with victim complexes. Any points that they make through their incoherent rambling are easily refutable, such as this tweet stating that the "games industry is sexist" thing despite providing any points or evidence to that claim. You really don't want to fuck with these cunts on the whole, they are more concerned with personally ruining their detractors with slander, lies, and rhetoric rather than having a legitimate conversation.

FPBP yet again.

He is, and will always be the bant-king, how can straya even recover from this?

>western vidiya
lol how gay

"Cunt" isn't even a gendered insult, stop appropriating British vocabulary.