Blumpf turns 71 today. What does he get for his birthday?

Blumpf turns 71 today. What does he get for his birthday?

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Fuck you i came hear to say that

A wounded congressman, oh and a blowjob

Hopefully bullet to the fucking head

The end of the Russian narrative

do old married men still get frequent blowjobs or just on their birthday?


Plus the happening led to nobody dying on trumps side, they will hang the shooter though. God is watching over Trump.



fuck YOU I was going to say that

A bullet hopefully. Wishing the same to all his supporters.

Melania naked

3 scoops

a shower of lead like all rethuglicans should

A beautiful cake.


A reminder how he behaved the last birthday. He hates his birthday. Let me in cried the snake. Reminds him why his family had "Christ" as their middle names


t. larper

You'd get your shit pushed in on the streets like all the other nazi-boos.

Two scoops of this

She doesnt even let him touch her hand



An excuse to get rid of the democrates

this thread has a good vibe to it

Check'd and kek'd


Happy birthday, Trump-sama!
Good luck, Trump-sama!

so is this OP here trump?



A nice tall glass of salty liberal tears :)

3 scoops.

71 pussy grabs?

Trump's truly the Prince of Chaos.

Mossad agent told me he likes to get fucked by a Jewish men wearing a strap-on.

he is POTUS, she's blowing him every night

He probably gets his yearly handjob from Melania

Two scoops of happening.

new tanning bed some chicken tendies and a toy train set

He probably gets a few shekels for the good goy

>Mfw trump and I both are Gemini

Woah!!!! Drumpf was born the year after WW2 ended LITERALLY HITLER!!!!

4 scoops