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Are we supposed to let them play catch up or something.

Yes, let's believe an organization that has dubious credibility.


I guess they just completely forgot about San Bernadino and Orlando?

>since 9/11
>but not including 9/11 though
>conservitards btfo lol islam is religion of peace

for now

and this

crooked liberals

Pls don't

how are they coming to these conclusions?

New America's tally shows 21 instances of right-wing terrorist attacks causing 53 fatalities since September 11, 2001. These were:[39]

The 2017 Portland train attack (2 killed),
The 2017 stabbing of Timothy Caughman in New York City (1 killed),
The 2015 Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting (3 killed),
The 2015 Charleston church shooting (9 killed),
The 2014 ambush attack on Las Vegas police officers (5 killed),
The 2014 Overland Park Jewish Community Center shooting in Kansas (3 killed),
The 2014 Pennsylvania State Police barracks attack in Blooming Grove, Pennsylvania (1 killed),
A 2012 tri-state killing spree by white supremacists, David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby (4 killed),
A 2012 ambush of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana police (2 killed),
The 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting (6 killed),
The 2011 FEAR group attacks (3 killed),
A murder in 2010 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania (1 killed),
A 2010 suicide attack by airplane in Austin, Texas (1 killed),
The 2009 shooting of Pittsburgh police officers (3 killed),
The 2009 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting (1 killed),
The 2009 assassination of George Tiller (1 killed),
The 2009 murders of Raul and Brisenia Flores in Pima County, Arizona (2 killed),
The 2009 murders in Brockton, Massachusetts (2 killed),
The 2008 Knoxville Unitarian Universalist church shooting (2 killed),
And the 2004 bank robbery in Tulsa, Oklahoma (1 killed).
Other recent events include:

The 2017 Transylvania University stabbing[40] (0 killed),
The 2016 Comet Ping Pong shooting (0 killed).

Mateeen alone almost beats them all.

>liberals will never, until the end of time, understand proportionality

>1,500,000 muslims are responsible for 100,000 extremists

Jesus Christ.


>The only Islamist terror attack in Pennsylvania over the past 15 years was committed by Edward Archer, a mentally ill man who shot and injured a police officer in early 2016, later telling investigators that he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. Far-right episodes of violent extremism were far more common.

They don't count things like the florida shooting as being Islamist inspired.

Nothing to see here. Complete shill entity.

>since 9/11

Complete BS

>omar mateen was anti lgbt violence not terrorism
>san bernadinho was workplace violence

Mateen could have literally beaten those gays to death with a Koran and they wouldn't count it.
>No troo Muslim
Libs are so transparent these days.

Yes lets just forget that 9/11 ever happened and go back to feeling guilty for existing goys!

Muslims are .5% of the population. If you adjust the numbers proportionally I'm sure muslims will be overrepresented, even with these skewed numbers.

>bear attacks are extremely rare
>this means we should flood our cities with millions of bears


And it's just US citizens. There is a reason people are calling for a wall and travel bans.

that's 1 in 15

The people who spout that nonsense clearly don't consider gang members to be terrorists.

Maybe because unlike Europe the US doesn't import shitloads of Muslim refugees or other Muslim immigrants and let them run wild?

>Portland train attack
Wasn't that the berniefag?

Fort Hood is still work place violence. Chattanooga base and recruitment center shootings took six month to be considered terrorism, around the time San Bernardino occurred.

I know math is hard, but it helps when you actually use proof, instead of just making shit up.
Pic related.

>fags aren't people
or are they saying the 49 faggots mowed down was a hate crime instead of terrorism?

I bet you're from Auckland you fucking traitor


I know this is fucking bait but...

Right wingers make up half the country

Muslims make up about 1%

I put a special something in the options box for you

So if you count every time a white person kills some one a terrorist act would you call every time a Black person kills someone a terrorist act? No of course you wouldn't
I bet you don't consider the shooting at a congressional baseball practicea terrorist act.
You didn't list it.

Go [email protected] a [email protected] OP

They also ignore thwarted attacks.

Only a five or six are white and this is outdated by almost two years, there have been dozens of Muslims arrested since.


>graph starts at 2000

you're missing about 3000 deaths on the jihadist line

And self defense.

This proves that Americans aren't pathetic cucks like yuros are

These digits. Literally the first one listed is a flat out lie.

i think the point of that infograph us that even with the retarded goalpost moving, there are still more deaths due to islamists. all these stupid fucking articles came out a few months before orlando.

So the US would be just like any Middle Eastern country.

Half of those are not right wing.

Most of them don't commit terrorism because they already live in a muslim majority country. The ones in western countries are vastly overrepresented in terrorist attacks proportionally.

The 2017 Portland train attack (2 killed),
This was a Burnie Sanders Supporter

Sorry, was off by a factor of 1,000. So 100,000 out of 1,500,000,000. Proportionality!

Don't bother, if leftists understood math they wouldn't be leftists.

>Since 9/11

>7 times more likely
>Doesn't mention how many times more there are "right-wing" individuals than muslim individuals in the US
Even a guess in the dark I'd say there's at least 20 times more "right-wingers" in the US than muslims. So their very title is extremely damning to muslims until they can show otherwise.

Kek, that pulse nightclub shooting alone is more than all these combined. There is definitely some jewry gonig on here.

Only ones I know are "Right wing extremism" which is also debatable are the Sikh shooting, Dylan Roof and probably the planned parenthood one
>Police officer shootings are now right wing

>7 times more likely
>there are 40 times more right-wingers in the us (approx) than there are Muslims
>how to maths
Probably not true either, we need to look at who they classify as "FAR-RIGHT EXTREMIST HURRRRR"

What was the name of the kike that came up with human rights?

Because we have no let them flood into our fucking country. And it is going to stay this way.

They're always so eager to say "after" or "since" 9/11. Never "excluding,' which is what they're doing. Why shouldn't 9/11 count?

If you read the reports theses groups put out, they always leave those two attacks out and Fort Hood and the TN Marine Recruiter attacks.

Do these fags not remember Orlando?

>Machinegun Mo
>Omar Mateen

>if we completely remove 9/11 and other events from the equation, dem white bois gunna kill you


And there are way more than just 100K extremists throughout the world. Al Qaeda alone is 70K to 90K and Taliban 60K. ISIS has numbers from 40K to 250K.

I think they classify that as an attack on hay people. I shit you not. Soon a study will include Omar Mateen as a right wing extremist despite him being a registered Democrat.

>since that time muslimes killed almost three thousand people in 1 day you're more likely to die at the hands of a right winger

The Australians let you have Vegemite?

Because there is hardly any mudslimes in America.


Interesting, society seems to become more and more radicalized. Looks like NS are right and we gonna have racial holy war in the future.

They remember when it's time to complain about fag rights, but they don't count it as islamic terror.
Just like they don't count:
Beltway snipers
Fort hood

However, when it comes to "right wing" violence they will count:
Some guy trying to avoid being arrested for domestic violence. (His wife said he didn't like the government once and that was enough to call it terrorism)
A commie who flew his plane into the IRS.

>Since 9/11
>Only including US citizens
>Our statistics aren't recent enough to include Pulse or San Bern

>since 9/11
good try shekelstein

If every 1 in 15 whites commit crimes I would not be near whites.
The white and asian crime rate is probably around 2%


they consider that a right wing attack because muh true islam.

Check out Reddit, they'll say Muslims are right wing.

>right wing terrorist attacks
Several of those were just white people with zero proof they had any "right wing" motives whatsoever.

fucking kek

good analogy

Further proof white people are better at everything.

fucking monkey anti-semite

>if you don't count that event where Muslims killed 3000 people, they didn't really kill that many people guys
Really makes you think

>tfw you'll never live in a western paradise like this

Muslims are xenophobic, misogynist and extremely ideologised.
And I am not even talking about jihadists who want to enforce sharia law on world population. From leftist POV they're extremely right.

>SINCE 9/11

Pretty fucking convenient of them to start the process there, eh

Article full of so many holes you'd think it was a mole who wrote it

I like how it rises around 2008 (King nigger became president)

Could we start compiling data on left wing attacks?
So far I only remember the BLM shooter that killed cops, the UT stabber, the fresno shooter

Omar Mateen was a right-wing bigot.

(((Human Rights Watch)))

Human Rights Watch was founded by (((Robert L. Bernstein)))

>Executive Director: (((Kenneth Roth.)))
>Deputy Executive Director of Operations (((Chuck Lustig)))

>Kenneth Roth, a graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University, claims he was drawn to human rights causes through his family ties. He said that his father would keep his three young sons quiet as he cut their hair by telling tales of their grandfather's butcher shop in Frankfurt, Germany. Roth stated that as they grew older, his father told them about living under the Nazis as a young boy and fleeing Germany in July 1938.[1]


U.S. citizens are 40x more likely to be murdered by a white man with a machine gun than to be struck by lightning

Let the RAHOWA happen.

i love nz posts

This is so fraudulent, even the slightest bit of investigation debunks it. the only people paying attention to this shit are far left assholes that want their social media to be an echo chamber.

They don't count the Pulse Nightclub, Any of the peace vans, Boston Bombing, that dude in Tulsa that started cutting people's heads off, any of the Syrian Refugee grenade attacks, any attacks targeting Americans overseas, any attacks in Europe, any muslims attacks in the middle east.

There have been more than 31,000 Muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11 killing an average of 2000 every month, with another 2000 injured. Almost all of them have connections with major Islamic groups.

White nationalists have directly been involved in like 2 things, but they weren't even members of the alt right, KKK, or Nazi groups, they were just faggots that acted alone.

This is so unbalanced. In a time period where Muslims have killed 386000 civilians, white nationalism has killed like 12.

You are literally 32,166.7 times more likely to die to a Muslim than a white nationalist.

386000 /53

Based on that number you are still 7,283 times more likely to be killed by a Muslim than a white nationalist.

>US citizens

They always whine why only attacks the US and Europe are in the new while anything in the Middle East get no coverage, then completely ignore them when trying to compare attacks from whites.

I wonder how much more often US citizens are to be killed by a black man than right wing extremist? hmm

*in the news

They are (((pathological bullshitters))).

How the fuck do they figure that?

The in the closet gay Muslim killed over 50 people in one go. I can't recall 350 people being killed by right wing extremists since 9/11; but I can recall quite a few more Muslim terrorist attacks.

If they're white and they didn't work on the Bernie Sanders campaign, then they're far right extremists.

Why does the media always lump in Lolbertarians with the far right. They are anti-government, not right wingers. If anything it should be classed as anarchist terrorism.

>since 911

How convenient

Dylan roof didn't kill any humans. What are you talking about?

I remember the next day there were fags outside the nightclub holding signs that said REPUBLICAN HATE KILLS

b8 aside, we ran the numbers on this and the claim is completely false.

I mean completely false - Not just that Muslims in the U.S. per capita kill far more people than Right-Wing Extremists but Muslims killed more IN TOTAL than Right-Wing Extremists, since 9/11.

Even if you COMPLETELY REMOVE all attacks that took place in locations outside of the U.S. (so thousands), Muslims are STILL ahead in the U.S. alone.

You don't even need to include 9/11. You don't even need to include attacks on foreign soil (like London or Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria). Muslims are still ahead in totals.

When you look at it per capita it's ridiculous.

And the U.S. has A LOT of crazy Right-Wing motherfuckers with plenty of access to material to conduct attacks.

That shows you how fucking off the charts crazy and dangeorus Muslims are.

>Could we start compiling data on left wing attacks?
Communists are FAR more likely to commit acts of terrorism than Neo-Nazis/Right-wingers.