Report: The US attacked an air defense battalion of S-300 missiles deployed near the T-4 airfield in the Tomahawk...

>Report: The US attacked an air defense battalion of S-300 missiles deployed near the T-4 airfield in the Tomahawk missiles.

>* - An unconfirmed report that a meeting of the Hezbollah High Command in the Homs area was attacked by American Tomahawk missiles fired from vessels sailing in the Mediterranean Sea.

>The official Iranian-Iranian news agency - The explosions in Homs are attacks on Syria's S-300 anti-aircraft bases.

>Senior Hezbollah official: In case of war with Israel, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards will join.


>Warning of missiles from Russian vessels expected in the eastern Mediterranean.

>Apparently, the Kaliber cruise missiles fired Russian vessels from west to east towards the Da'as targets in the Homs and al-Raka area between June 28 and 30, 2017.

>Sources in Egypt say that the commander of the northern military command of the Egyptian army, Maj. Gen. Muhammad Lutfi Yusuf, was killed today in an accident when his car overturned in the northern region of Wadi Natatron.

>Syrian air strikes on the Syrian Golan near the border with Israel.

>According to reports from inside Syria, Syrian air force helicopters have been attacking rebel positions in the town of Mughara, which lies about 10 kilometers from the Israeli border, as well as the Naba al-Sahar area, which is even closer.

>Israel's military targeted a Syrian military post that fired a mortar into the Israeli-controlled side of the Golan Heights during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the area.

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Nothing will come of this other than more saber rattling.

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>>Report: The US attacked an air defense battalion of S-300 missiles deployed near the T-4 airfield in the Tomahawk missiles.
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It was confirmed not true, the explosion heard was confirmed to be RuAF air strike against a group of leaders of Nusra in the Rastan pocket.

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How did we go from Obama imposing weak "no fly zones" in response to Russian aggression, to the opposite?

All Putin will do for a "proportionate" response when Trump bombs Assad again is to shake his fist, and swear to get us back next time


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