Can niggers even be real human beans?

Can niggers even be real human beans?

All I see is a future doctor, a scientist, a surgeon and a lawyer

>Higher muscle mass
>Higher aggression
>Poorer risk assessement

Niggers can be quite useful... In some scenarios.


That does not define a human. That defines a gorilla.

>higher muscle mass
Yes every time I see a black man I am istantly reminded of all those black strongmen and weightlifting record holders.
Oh wait, no, those are all white men.

>human beans
Explain yourself, Hans.

Newfag gtfo

>This is 10/10 in Glorious Africa

Ah, a future doctor. Let him in and give him money.

In medical text books they state africans have about 20% more muscle than caucasians. Get over it.

Its relevant to estimating kidney function. You have to take into account how much of a muscle by product you expect to find in urine.

gorillas are more human than niggers

I am not newfag. I will be newfag once you reverse brexit and I will be able to invade your country make it worse than the Balkan shithole I come from.

Niggers are pure human. It's neanderthal genes that make us superior

Get a pair of fucking glasses.

They're weaker. It's simple leverage.

They are more muscular. Get over it.

If you can't swim you're not human

They are weaker.

>This is typical brain mass for Glorious African.

Blacks can't use computers.



T h i c c

niggers could be human if they changed their culture