Female Roach

So tonight I met with a female roach.

We went for a drink at a local bar. She was very well spoken, nice accent, good looking, and she hates ERGUN.

We made out a lot after the drink, and was about to take her home to smash, but couldn't for reasons. But tomorrow we plan to smash.

Sup Forums this is politics because I need to know if i'm being a traitor to my race, or if I have permission to smash.

haha woha i like turks now haha

nice thread original poster

It is not only your opportunity, but your responsibility to COLONIZE that slut

Take insect spray to kill the baby roaches coming from her cunt.

Feel free to smash, but never forget that having a babby with her will make your son look like a shitskin.

Thank you sir. I shall do as my ancestors did before me and colonize her foreign land.
I hate t*rks, this is why I have the dilemma.

Female (some) roaches are nice and cute but the men (all) are stinky and ugly af.

No plans for any baby roaches. Definitely do not want.

Never turn down the opportunity to smash.

user stop larping about getting laid

Fuck off blogposter

Why couldn't you smash that night?

It's your duty to sexually conquer women from different tribes

even to smash a - may Allah forgive me for uttering this word - a roach?

is it true roach women like to take it up the ass?

You're free to smash whatever you want, you degenerate. Just don't reproduce.

I plan to find out

Smash her user, absolutely fuck the brains outta her.

We must breed anti-erdogan half turks to take over and sponser state atheism


for reasons?
you live with your mother and you don't really hate kebab if you're willing to fuck her.
>nice accent
because the kiwi accent is fucking abhorrent and anything sounds better in comparison

But user, Turks who hate Erdogan are alright.

The problem with roaches is cultural. The are mostly just greeks and armenians who got raped by turks and then larped as turks.

Damn you for even looking at a roach. Kindly shove a cactus up your rectum and jump off the closest cliff, kiwi scum.

nice blog post faggot
reminder to report blogposts

Bleach her but marry a white woman and have at least three white babies.

Logistics reasons. The bane of all unplanned smashes.
I'm 30 years old and own my own house.

>owning your own house in NZ
are you a millionaire?