IT'S HAPPENING - Terror cell raided

German police found a car bomb near Hamburg.

Most likeley related to a communist terror group. Thy planned to attack the G20 event next week

The german police also raided several apartment buildings and storages today. All linked to left-wing terrorists

Sources are only in german sorry:

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are any of these sources "good". and not fake news?

All sources are big german newspapers


Are they naming the left-wing groups yet?

There was also a bomb in a mcdonalds in kreuzberg, berlin - only local media reporting about it.

nothing specific yet

what does this mean?
are muslims the real victims of this?

it means that left-wing terrorism is back. We had massive problems with that in the 60s and 70s

They killed a bunch of people and terrorized the land

so confirmed fake news

>planned to attack the G20 event
How funny. The police in Europe always seem to have terrorists on their watchlists but are powerless to stop them... unless they're going to be attacking politicians and bankers, in which case they're all over them like flies on shit.

Really makes you think...


McAllahu McAkbar, can't wait for one of these shitskin burger bombs to actually make the grade


>Thy planned to attack the G20 event next week
Shoulda let em

really activetes my almonds

and given its done by lefties, Tagesshau will talk about it tonight at MOST for 10 seconds, and then back to the guy who hid a gun in a bathroom some two months ago ...

God we have the abject worst media on the planet.

Would be funny if a new RAF group is behind it.

>"A Nationalistic, fascist neo-nazi left-wing terror organization plot was busted Thursday evening by German police."

Yo amigo send me some coke over to Deutschland. Aldi Süd has some grade A banana boxes iykwim. Tank you.

Are the kommunists doing stupid shit again?

so it seems. Time to teach them a lesson

>All linked to left-wing terrorists
So white males? Antifa? Muslims/non Muslims?


yeah no totally Germany will totally rise up this time
this is absolutely the final straw

Antifa communists


I hope the police uncovers their entire network but chances are slim

We could have Merkel and Macaron blown up and see antifa and commies finally revealed as the terrorists they are, but instead it's gonna be just one crappy case that will get lost out of sights, cause krauts nowadays call dudes who write mean comments online terrorists and it doesn't mean anything.

Why can't they be efficient only when it's pertinent and not all the time.

Not true FAZ reporting on it as well, on of the biggest overregional newspapers.
On the front page

It's weird i hate communists but i'm pro bombing G20.

>Merkel and Macaron
These people are out of reach. Most likely only a few police officer would have died.

r-reported to the AUC fucking commie!


I'm sorry Abdul, our happenings might not be so spectacular like the ones in the UK but this is still big news.

A communist attack on the G20 got denied! It's a happening!

looks like that fucking zapper pack from Ghostbusters

>german engineering

Lol, if leftists want to bomb the G20, it's fine by me. Most of our leaders are fucking traitors and need to be guillotined in any case.

I can't wait to see all the leftist being beaten up by the police, they brought policemen from all over Germany.


>durr only real news if muh corporate media reports on it
Unironically this

the left is so incompetent that they are unable to keep their terrorist units secretive.

Even with the current state of your shit country, the only non-muslim terrorists that do something are lefties and literal commies. Jesus Christ, Germany.

we are fucked

How does an actual German see the term "left?" I don't think the perception I have of the left in the U.S. is quite the same as someone in the EU.

50% of us hate the left, 50% likes them

Antifa is still not outlawed here

Any updates?

boring, who cares

>Ob ein Zusammenhang zum G20-Gipfel besteht, ist bislang unklar. Ein Polizeisprecher wollte dies weder bestätigen, noch dementieren. Die Ermittlungen dauern an.

"If there's a connection to G20 isn't verified. A spokesman of the police didn't want to confirm or deny any involvement."

Damn it Hans, stop stopping terrorist bombings. I need more happenings.