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>Millennials are having less sex than any generation in 60 years.

A third of American millennials live with their parents, US Census report finds

Census: More Americans 18-to-34 Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse

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Self bump.

>“Somehow, I think Silicon Valley got even more spun up than Manhattan. There were hedge fund people I spoke to about a week after the election. They hadn’t supported Trump. But all of a sudden, they sort of changed their minds. The stock market went up, and they were like, ‘Yes, actually, I don’t understand why I was against him all year long.’”

>Talking about how the Billy Bush tape was not so shocking if you’ve worked on the Wall Street trading floor, Mr. Thiel says: “On the one hand, the tape was clearly offensive and inappropriate. At the same time, I worry there’s a part of Silicon Valley that is hyper-politically correct about sex. One of my friends has a theory that the rest of the country tolerates Silicon Valley because people there just don’t have that much sex. They’re not having that much fun.”

the signs have been around for awhile but it's started to show in the last two years I think

>Millennials are having less sex than any generation in 60 years.

this is what we want I thought wtf

I value virginity in a girl.

Thats good though. The earth has finite resources and exponentially increasing our numbers isn't helping

Big boomer cock is dicking down millennial girls

Good, let the wombs get dusty they deserve it for being cock carousel sluts.
There is literally no reason to be hooking up and having sex when females are looking for a free ride and will cheat at the drop if a hat, it's not worth the emotional scars, it's not worth her taking half your shit, it's not worth it to have kids because this world is shit. Do you really want to leave an offspring in this shit world? I don't

Confirmed millennial here living with boomer grandparents helping them pay bills while living cheap and saving fuck loads of cash. Have plenty of sex with gf in private when privacy is there. I will buy a house with my own cash. Fuck banks.

We're ("we";_;) having less sex, but with new people.Hooking up replaced regular sex in relationships, but because hooking up can't be done nightly, we end up with a situation where there's pretty much a "weekly" sexual encounter with a stranger.

So women and men are having less sex, but are slutting around.

>30% of Millennial Men Have No Job

but aint that just the way

Again, why bother. Women are vapid sluts, it is not worth it here in America where the justice system falls on the females side nonstop. People who live on their own tend to have two incomes so what the fuck are you expecting from this generation that really doesn't give a shit about mating, I am literally living my life for myself, I don't care

>going within 10 feet of a modern woman with current sex offender laws

>bothering with gross real women
>when 2d exists

Shakin my bacon 2bh famicom

tfw can't compete with immigrants who wont want to negotiate a living wage because they all cram each other into tiny apartments

You mean street shitters?

>millennial are not having sex hur Durr
Biggest meme and stupidest boomercucks made up
Yes we may not fuck every single week but we're watching creampie gangbangs in 1080p with buttplugs up our asses and the Fleshlight ™ in hand in the meantime, and going straight to third base on the occasion we get to have sex

You have nuthing on us boombercucks

>live with my parents
>still get pussy
Checkmate boomers.

I see shit on the street sometimes, but the homeless around here have always done that

Sure but can you build a 1,600 dollar computer while you're getting that pussy? Doubt it


Fucking this.
>"Yes means yes"
>"If she regrets it it's rape"
>"If you were black out drunk and she was slightly tipsy it's rape"

All the millennial men are effeminate and all the millennial women are masculine, they just are not attracted to each other.

Just remember, as a male when you're having sex you're paying for it in someway

> Millennials are fucked
>Millennials are having less sex than any generation in 60 years.

no, op. they're not, that's the problem.

When they say Millennials they mean men. Women are having as much sex as they want with as many men as they want until it's time to settle down.

This, and then when they get off the cock carousel they post on social media "Where are all the good men at" Ignoring your dumbass

Already did. And will do it again sometime soon.

Sort yourself out you faggot. Anything is possible.


>I was born in 1990. I can't be a Millennial.
>Millennials are people born after 1995
>I'm not a Millennial, I'm Gen Y.
>My family didn't have internet service when I was 12. Definitely not a Millennial.
>I ate cereal for breakfast as a kid. Not a Millennial.
>I thought Millennials were born between 2002 and 2007
>Millennials are people born before 1994
>I like tacos. There's no way I could be a Millennial.
>Generations are about 4 years in length and it's been that way since 1980
>I was born in 1992 and I have absolutely nothing in common with someone born in 1994

Oddly enough, every other generation of the last 60 years has been spineless degenerates that squandered the greatest prosperity in this countries history and sold their great grandchildren's futures to pursue soulless consumerism.

Now the generations of drugs, free love, tolerance and apathy are telling us the correct way to live.

Thank god for power of attorney and Do not resuscitate orders.

You're an idiot.
She is likely to take you for everything you have and or cheat on you, or both at the same time

I was born in 88

Just turned 24

40k cash.
40k investments (crypto/silver)

63k yr salary.

0 Debt

Moved out at 19. Only thing I was gifted was 3k for a car during high school and I paid it back.
Don't go to College Sup Forums

Millennial women are fucking constantly. But it's the same dudes. The rest get none. On average it's "less" because there's a shitload of foreveralones.

Stop caring, focus on making money

>80% of millenial women are fucking 20% of millenial men.

Half the population is getting laid, just with the same half.

Women have no concept of responsibility and don't really need to under the current legal system.

The resultant brain drain from this absolutely retarded social engineering will ruin this country.



I hope you're not implying they are niggers because they see the legal system being abused by sluts. it's likely they are white and tired of whores

I've slept with a lot of women, have a good job and my own place, and a gf. You really have to try to fail in the western world. Not sure why so many millenials are such failures

>Boomers flood every country with cheap immigrant labor
>jobs previously occupied by teens and young adults are now outsorced to OOGA BOOGA
>you need 5 year experience for an entry level position
>(((unpaid internships)))
>economic mobility is effectively destroyed


Implying niggers care about laws.

How should they when they don't even know what to be attracted to anymore? They don't even know their own gender after two decades of leftist brainwashing, they are already mortally confused about which bathroom to use.
Add to that the feminist effect of alienating the two opposite genders from each other and you got a recipe for disaster.

Not only that.
>you need 7 years of experience to get a starting salary
>Come back and rehire boomers after they retire
>Chinese billionaires inflating the housing market to the point that it's impossible to buy or rent a decent place

>not lying your asshole off and claiming you have that 5 years experience, then getting your friend with a charismatic voice to bullshit reference calls on the phone

Pretty much.
We should just admit the 'spectrum' has just ruined any attraction I have

>constantly tell men girls are holy cows that can't be touched
>they stop having sex


>complaining about women using the legal system against them
>american flag
>" they are likely white "

Boomers ruined Western Civ and now have the gall to complain about the fallout. We're going to be living in a fuckin Mad Max landscape in 20 years and it'll be their fault.

>Won't show his country
Spot the pussy American

>t.slavic rape genes showing themselves

This is probably the best advice you could give an 18 year old right now. College is a waste of money when everyone has a degree and work experience becomes the desirable hiring trait. 30 years ago it was the other way around so that's why I don't blame the boomers for telling us to go to school



That millennials not having sex thing has to be a meme. The vast majority of people I know have sex on a very regular basis.

I suppose I don't though.

>The people along with this retard that do not read threads


>constantly tell men girls are holy cows that can't be touched
>betas and anyone who isn't alpha basically treats them like gods and shell out an obscene amount of money just to keep their attention
>some betas get pissed off and stop trying to have sex

>less sex since the hippies
>this is supposed to be a bad thing
kys degenerate


1488 1776

#America #Freedom #Liberty

Our World. Our Time. Our Future.

A Holy American Empire to rule the world for 1000 years.

America, the Heartland. Jesus Country. Western Nations as satellite states. Maintaining individuality and autonomy. Retaining history. Australians stay Australian, but with American Freedoms and Liberties. British stay British, the French, French, etc.

Full Freedom and Liberty.

The biggest baddest empire this humanity has ever seen. Waiting for Jesus Christ to save us. With Holy Spirits help. God protects us from Jewry and any form of oppression.

This is so the European(white) male and female can live well. That's all its about. So we can start families and continue the works of our Father.

Retain our history, thousands of years in the making. A global effort by the commoner. For our greater good. We craft our future.

Remove Kike. Remove Foreigner.

One last War. Our World Forever After

S H A D I L A Y ~ B R O T H E R S

The guy in the center is wearing a spoon.

Chinese land purchases is a massive bubble. The Japanese fell into the same trap in the 80s. Chinks invest in property in foreign countries because it's basically illegal to invest in China, except in real-estate. So they carry this practice on abroad. But all of these investments are predicated upon the notion that the price of housing will continuously increase. The 2008 collapse shows that's not just unlikely, but impossible.

Short version: The housing bubble will inevitably collapse again and all the land Mr. ChingChong bought for $1 million will be worth pennies on the dollar, causing a stampede sell-off.

Don't tell me you believe that 80/20 shit. There is no proof that it's the case. The vast majority (>90%) of males have sex.

Or were you referring to something else?

No I think it's one of those bracelets that tells paramedics his allergies.

We're going to have a housing bubble real soon, too. We have banks giving out insane credit for Jewish developers to vuild vast, empty suburs around megacities, not unlike Chinese ghosttowns. Then the give out mortgages at %20. It's a vicious fucking circle. Average Russian family unit has 2 or three outgoing mortgages, all the way up to the upper-middle class. Then the developers are inflated by the banks, and the banks are inflated by the mortgages for their modernized commie blocks.

All those whiners going on about how the 90's were tough? Just you watch, when it finally goes it's going to be some real Mad Max shit.


Wouldn't it be like the dotcom bubble and the those investors got out early will enjoy their fruits while the ones that waited too late get fucked?

>constantly tell men girls are holy cows that can't be touched
>basically a foundation of western civilization that sets it apart from others

Why don't you fuck off chad, you clearly do not belong here

>live with my mom

t. darksydephil

ITT - millennials pretending they're not millennials.

if you're not a millennial and you still browse Sup Forums you're a fucking waste of air and should kill yourself.

>Live with my parents

Thank god i have a white gf

Yeah, but what are you ? A monk ?
Moral is not immuable principle.

Nah m8 I'm a sad little incel too. We're a lot smaller of a group than you'd imagine though.

Ready for the weekend wagie?

I'm going to church Sunday to worship the Lord and flirt with the lesser sex.

I Am the 18 percent.

I am the 18 percent

I am the 18 percent.

>The vast majority (>90%) of males have sex.

The 80/20 rule is a distribution. 90% of males have sex (and I really think that is a generous estimate), but they may be fucking once a month, compared to the top 20% who fuck daily, with mutiple women. They have a monopoly on sexual activity in the same way your wife's bull does on yours. I don't think you understand the situation or the math at play here.

why are russians taking out multiple mortgages

>Live with Mommy Britbong
>Dead inside

Women are still pretty normal outside of cities, I really think blacks playing the victim for gibs in such a high concentration in cities permeates through the air and drives the females of all races insane. Just move to a red district man.

I'm the 51%
I work part time, if I worked more hours I could afford easily to live on my own, I get paid 15 an hour

Certainly not in my country. Catholic youth, atheists, communists, whatever, everyone's fucking, it's just that they want to hide it.

This af

The new dotcom bubble is unfolding now as we speak: Cryptocurrencies. Already the most blupilled normies are talking about it. It's almost impossible to buy a videocard in Moscow now without an advance notice.

I'm hoping it will go own at least until New Years, so i can cash out with a tangible profit, but it may go even sooner, i'm afraid, because of Ethereum.

Should we have a waifu thread?

Learn a trade that can't be outsourced or automated anytime soon and you won't be stuck working at Starbux or Barnes and noble with $100k of debt.

no, because we already know everyone here has a shit waifu

Please don't lie. Any employer would take a native that has residency, all papers in order and knowledge of language over Mambet from stans. They may tank your pay of course, but it in no way prevents you from going this route.

So this is the trump fanbase

Crypto is likely the future, after my comp is finished it's my next investment

Whats u do user

Well my waifu is pizzabutt so, your guys may be shit but mine is an eternal witch

>just moved out

Isn't living with your family directly in line with the vast majority of human history you degenerate cucks?

What's it like being a cuck? I'm curious

Beta nerd virgin who masturbates to anime here. I'm more concerned with making enough money in the future to maintain my current, parent-supported, standard of living on my own. Satisfying society's expectations for whoring your dick out comes secondarily.

My SJW sister lives in San Francisco with her beta husband who works at Facebook. They're 35 now and have dated since high school -- have only had sex with each other. Meanwhile I'm a male who had 20+ sexual partners (and a number of lovely steady girlfriends) before settling down with my wife. They've always been so cringey and Victorian about my girlfriends and love life. They're totally uncomfortable about sex, even if their official position is Sex Positivity.

Millennials have less sex? We had girls getting gangbanged before high school was over and trains ran on them at 13. This was in a middle class suburb in Texas. If that's less sex then what was it like before?