Bill 89 (stealing kids from non-left wing families)

>Bill 89 (stealing kids from non-left wing families)
>Bill C-16 (not verbally facilitating trans mental illness now a criminal offence)
>"Motion" M104 - islamic anti-blasphemy law, state protection for islam
>entire electorate able to be bribed with dope

this country is unlivable

where should I go?

Let's swap places.

why are you still in SA?

Immigrating ain't easy when you're going from a shithole to a decent place. I still have a year of mandated government work before I can think to apply to another country, and then it'll take roughly two years and a lot of money to do it. Maybe it'll be canada, I hear your rural places are pretty nice


you should be accepted as a real refugee, there is a violent white genocide in your country

got to the USA, especially a state with low taxes & good gun laws (ex. New Hampshire)

don't come to Canada, trust me

>lives next to the greatest country on earth
>doesn't know here to go
Fucking leaf.

>lives next to the greatest country on earth
We are fucking imploding, civil war is inevitable.

America is enormous & states differ a lot

looking for more specific help, IE which state

I've heard New Hampshire is good

>moving to a black and mexican infested shithole
No thanks sergey

Don't go anywhere. Stay and fight for your country.

every country has its bad areas, America still has some very nice towns & cities and even some entire states that don't have the problems you mentioned

and their low taxes, protection for freedom of speech & gun rights are second to none in the West

But you live in a chink and muslim infested shit hole.

kek. nice slogan who taught you to say it.

If you're conservative, and want no gibs, go to Texas. They need conservatives or they lose the state in 2020.

Gas yourself, commie kike.

Yes its bad here fuck off

My ancestors

As a leaf I don't care. I'll gladly fight the good fight with you.

you're a leaf.

>I'll gladly fight the good fight with you.

no you wont. you wont do fuckall

Nope i live in a 90+% white city, and the vast majority of minorities or punjabros.

but how can we fight if we have no guns, Turdeau's probably gonna take those away when the "refugees" start starting shit

It's not my country. I'm an Anglosaxon. This country is like the world's public bus stop.

It would be much more productive and overall better for the West for me to reinforce a country which is going in the right direction than to squander everything in a futile struggle inside Canada.

Places like Canada, Sweden, etc. can be retaken by Western powers later, far more quickly & effectively than leaving them to a desperate, drawn out inner struggle.

Retreat, regroup, reinforce, reconquer.

> islamic anti-blasphemy law

It's not a law. It's literally the government saying "AREN'T WE SO PROGRESSIVE GUYS!" and nothing else. Is it retarded? Yea. but don't spread false information.

>her dick

give it time & don't be naive, these are the slimiest, most dishonest, subversive people on the planet

also pic related to Canada's descent off the deep end

Indiana, low taxes, lots of jobs, low migrant population (excluding Gary, and Indianapolis)


New leader of the free world my ass... He's just following in his biological father's footsteps!

>can be retaken by (((Western))) powers later

Every fucking Western country is controlled by the same (((people))). Running to a less cucked western country is no use when they all have us backed in the same goy corner. There is no winning this fight, only living/dying with honor.

Not here. We're full

I get it, I'm just not as pessimistic as you. There will be at least one Western power who will break free from this, & can then effectively rescue others who are drowning. Nothing compares to the constitutional freedoms still standing strong in the USA. No other country allows as much freedom of speech, or gun ownership / self defense, or better opportunity for homeschooling without state interference. And they elected Trump, who is better than most conservatives we've seen in a long time. The alt right is thriving in the USA too.

Would you rather we all be split up & scattered, fighting on the enemy's terms inside their leftist controlled states, or regrouped inside one powerful Western country that is ours?

Also very important: I can legally own far more firepower in the USA than I could ever have in Canada. The 2nd amendment to protect the US pop from tyranny is a beautiful, brilliant thing.

>There will be at least one Western power who will break free from this, & can then effectively rescue others who are drowning.

this is fuckin retarded ur post is fuckin dumb.

You don't want help? From young, able-bodied, debt-free, disease-free, non-criminal, well educated (grad STEM), high IQ red-pilled Anglosaxons who will only create jobs & help defend your country?

do you have 500k USD? you need that to get in you fag.

Wtf I love breadlines now

The rest of the West is following SA's footsteps, we can't run forever.

your entire worldview is "fuckin dumb"

go starve in a bread line you worthless communist piece of shit

Canada has fallen to the ruinous powers of Chaos.

You see, you know you're alive because of pain, because of conflict. Who ever achieved greatness without conflict? Whithout a war against invaders, without a conquest, without a revolution? You milenial canadians were given a gift, one your parents sorely missed: a formidable adversary. Don't run away, look into the eyes of the beast, and give it hell. The battle will be cruel, and will take a toll on you, but in the end you'll know that you earned your place among men, real men.
Remember who you are. Si vis pacem, para bellum

you need a shower

Don't listen to some faggot here, just move, it's what I'm doing

Or just do what the mexicans do and go there and blend in

u better you boojwazzy homo

Come to Finland. Good memes, great women, only shitholes are eastern Helsinki and Turku, 99% white, stable economy, and looks beautiful.

gay post

The trips of truth have spoken, this will be our strategy.

Did you also see that they were getting chewed up on Twitter by literally everyone? I didn't see a tweet that was in support of them.

Were you born in Finland or moved there?
I'm open to any Western country better than Canada (not saying much) where I can safely raise a large nationalist family, I'm already trilingual & have no problems learning a new language, I would most likely create more engineering jobs in whatever country I move to, and I would always oppose globalism & leftism on principle

$20k and I'll marry you. I'm a dude but fuck it

Jesus. This sums up millennials so well

true but many of those comments could have been from other countries, and the fact is no matter how unpopular their insane leftist nonsense is, the police dept is still broadcasting it to a timid, poorly armed population

totalitarian control does not in any way have to be popular or well-liked

totalitarian control has also been most effectively removed by interference from a much larger more powerful liberating country (this is much quicker & cleaner than a long drawn out inner struggle)

Yes, they have the guns. But they failed to brainwash you. You didn't fall for their tought control, you know that their faggotry, their islamophilia and degeneracy are not natural.
Outwit them. Beat them in their own game. Not all battles are won with bullets.

Fair enough. If there comes a day where someone is arrested over this shit I'll be out there protesting.

never going to ask for handouts ever, for any reason, and I have no need for them either, I have a grad STEM degree + trades related experience to fall back on in a worst case scenario

how will Texas lose the state in 2020?

kek. sure you will.

fuck off, your kind is not welcome here

you're a real tough dude. a real bad mofo.

That's honorable but what good will it do? These people do not respond to protests or criticism, they are die-hard religious fanatics (leftism is a religion) & anti-democratic, totalitarian dictators

If we picket their houses they will just build thicker sound-proof walls, they are shameless

go starve

>If we picket their houses they will just build thicker sound-proof walls
Or buy off the police force to cause us troubles

probably won't need to buy it off, they've already infiltrated important positions & the police are in their hands

Sergi plz, you're embarrassing me. Come visit jefferson, we'll lob some HEAT rounds at the socal cucks when the civil war pops off.

Too many Mexicans, who are single issue voters, and refugees from commiefornia who, no matter how conservative they say they are, still vote to make things more like they state they left.

waiting for your unemployed noises, where are they?

USA fast.
>stay in small town up north for a month or so till you figure out where you want to move. But at least there you won't get arrests by thought police or murdered by a nigger.
Only temporary user. Like a long vacation where you just find out what to do with yourself.

That's awful & sad to hear. I always thought of Texas like a glorious fortress, a right-wing stronghold. It's hard to imagine it voting Democrat.

If I lived there I would vote Republican in every election, even if there was a further right party that I preferred (I'm not dumb, I won't split the vote on the right to hand the left a victory).

I would likely create a couple more engineering & software jobs if I moved there.

why do Nazis always have the best advice


Just find someone willing to marry you

>canada doesn't have guns

how to spot a GTAfag 101

my kids now, nonfag

Start checking out dating websites that are popular in the US.

Nowhere enjoy your Shit hole
Guess you shouldn't have been a cuck and fought to save your country sooner...

But he's so cool and progressive and brave!

Don't send him here you Fucking Cucknadian...and we'll were at it get your Shitty Tom Horton out of the North of our Country too

Trudeau is a fucking coward. The guy can;t even stand up to the Canadian parliament for his actions and he loves to flee off to private islands on Canadian tax payer dollars just to hide from the rest of the country. He truly is one of the worst Prime Ministers Canada has ever had. Fuck Justin Castrudeau.

dont be such a pussy man, come on

Well when you put it that way...Still no...

Lol , few time ago i was willing to move to canada (also started to learn some fronch).
Now i see this is not so good idea..but how much is avarage pay there..? Or should i goo?.. I want to see what became your country now..

He are so childish.. That what mean to grow up without father ( i still can't belive it was Fidel )

Come to Idaho, leaf.
It'll feel like home, but won't act like a Caliphate.
We gotta start building the Northern Wall.

turning down reinforcements why

This, Tim Horton's is even worse than Dunkin.

Not concerned at all if it will feel like home. Anything is better than the insane asylum of Canada. With Bill 89, combined with the nationalist upbringing my future children will receive, trouble with the state is a certainty if I stay in Canada.

I was trying to say that it's unbelievably comfy.
We have forests here the size of great lakes and the some of the highest gun ownership rates in the world..

South Africa is way better for a white person than canada

It's gotten a lot worse it used to be delicious when I was a kid. Now nothing is made on site it's just reheated frozen trash

CAnada is really the only country with culture

America is 100% white and its a shithole

I desperately want to meet one of you guys IRL, call me.

Dude, what?

Thanks, that sounds like Heaven. And it sounds like the kind of place that would be extremely hard for the left to conquer. If you want more engineers & craftsmen who will make the state even more solidly right wing, I would love to join you.

Can't tell if you're sincere or a shill. If sincere, I'm sorry. If you're antifa trying to doxx people, don't bother, it won't work. Your days are numbered.

Fuck off Antifa you faggots will be the first to get the bullet.

Good luck.

(613) 993-7267

Go out west.

You're talking out of yer arse.

You have to be over 18 to post here nipper.