CDN Morning News: Canada Day Hang Over Edition

Note: OP does not drink or have a hang over. Most leafs are going to be though.

Some loser bitch, born in Mexico, moved to Canada when 2 months old, had no citizenship for a few days and is now a Canadian citizen again. What a fucking loser.

Canada is so fucking lame, they make news stories about literal nobodies, who have done nothing except be in Canada and like it.

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Cringe Level 2 Million. You Canadian asshats really need to tone it the fuck down.

Canadian lawyers celebrate Canada Day, by helping muslims effected by BAD DRUMPF travel/muslim ban

>Canadian lawyers celebrate Canada Day by helping those affected by travel ban

>A coalition of legal volunteers are on standby to assist those impacted by the travel ban against residents of six majority Muslim countries.

Fucking losers.

>DARRRR I'm a Canadian lawyer in Canada. My countires legal system is totally different, than America. Doesn't matter
>DARRR I'm Canadian, I can't legally practice law or work in USA without American papers. Doesn't matter, BAD DRUMPF

These Fucking retards are lawyers??

Who are they going to help? How?
You're Canadian, dickhead. You can't waltz into America and start lawyering it up for muslims cause of your brainwashing.

Never get in trouble in Canada. Some retard like this will "defend" you in court.
Probably start rhyming off American laws in a Canadian court room, these fucks are so dense.

Canada IS NOT part of America. GET IT??

Fucking idiots HATE America, but think they're part of it, but separate and better.
Like same laws, but different ones, but the same, but different.

Most are completely unaware of the threat. There is an obvious move by powerful people to push muslim men onto Europe. With full support of the msm media I'll add. Canadians don't want to hear about it. That's the whole problem though. Our pride in being kind and tolerant is being used against us. To malevolent people this is seen as a weakness. The marxist types are forming ranks to fight against their own countrymen in a sick display of ethno-masochism.

And this is exactly what the powerful people want, the peasants at each others throats.

It's almost like they completely reversed tactics. For a while we we're supposed to hate Islam with all the


90% White Huh??

>World needs more Canada? More like the other way around

>If there’s one characteristic that distinguishes Canada at 150, it’s the craving for distinct and eternal ethnic identities.

This dumb bitch writer is fucking retarded. Look at this sentence:
>Though it cracks me up when chauvinists says the world needs more Canada.
What the fuck?? This cunt is literally retarded and using words wrong.
Oh wait, all Millennails use words wrong and are eroding language, intelligence and social behavior with their fucking autism


Canadian Faggot Selected to Cook in USA.
He's going to show Americans, how to properly cook eh?
Our national cuisine is stolen American Kraft Dinner.

>Canadian chef Brandon Thordarson is off the U.S. to show those Americans how a good meal is done.
>Thordarson, executive chef at Moxie’s, is the only Canadian chef in a group of 10 selected to showcase their dinners at the James Beard House in New York.

OMG!! A Canadian is doing something in horrible, bad, America, let's make a news story!!!

Canada has Small Dick Syndrome.

Every chance they get, they try to bad mouth America and make themselves look important.

National Identity of Canadians is being a jealous faggot loser who acts like they have a 2 inch dick and tries to fight with everyone to make up for it and gets their ass kicked constantly, no contest.



>The team that dominated the first IARPA tournament was co-created by Philip Tetlock, a researcher, author, and University of Pennsylvania professor who was born in Toronto, and raised in Winnipeg and Vancouver.

ANOTHER Canadian, in America, living there, for most of their life with a career and money they'd never see if Canadian, in Canada.

What gives eh?? Don't they know Canada is bestest eh?

I mean, it's AWESOME Canadians are showing those god damned 'Mericans, how it's done eh??

Canadians hate America, unless a Canadian is is America, with success they'd never find or be able to achieve in this fucking dump.
Then it's AMAZING!!!

Nation of sad as fuck losers.

>I was white until I came to Canada: Shree Paradkar

They were innovators, scientists and mathematicians.
They held a monopoly over knowledge, land ownership, intellectual professions, social institutions and political authority.
They dominated society by setting the rules for the default standards of language, of behaviour, of customs and traditions.
Sound familiar?
They are my ancestors, from where I come as a middle-class, upper-caste Indian, the creators of a system so resilient it survived centuries after centuries of invasions and colonization by the Greeks, the Mughals, the Europeans, the British.
Born in post-colonial India, I grew up with strong female role models — Hindu goddesses, warrior queens, feisty politicians, professional aunts and a mother determined not to allow my sister and me to be treated differently from our brother.
So glad I work in an industry where men still rule.
Some bitches try to get all feminist and get sorted out right quick where I work.
Then they love your ass cause you put them in their place.

who the fuck get drunk for canada day?
you must be confusing it with any long summer weekend

Oh ya, Canada Day is special, people are nursing cocaine/molly/booze near death experiences today

>muh 90% White Cuntry!!!!!!!!!!!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on Canada 150

Ours is a land of Indigenous Peoples, settlers and newcomers, and our diversity has always been at the core of our success.

Canada Day literally turned 35 yesterday. It was called "Dominion Day" until 1982, when Pierre Elliot TRUDEAU, got Canada ANNEXED from the British .

Canada is LITERALLY 35 years old.

>Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada. A federal statutory holiday, it celebrates the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the Constitution Act, 1867 (then called the British North America Act, 1867), which united the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.[1][2][3] Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the holiday was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed.

What is the "Canada Act"

The Canada Act 1982 (1982 c. 11) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom that was passed at the request of the Canadian federal government to "patriate" Canada's constitution, ending the necessity for the British parliament to be involved in making changes to the Constitution of Canada. The Act also formally ended the "request and consent" provisions of the Statute of Westminster 1931 in relation to Canada, whereby the British parliament had a general power to pass laws extending to Canada at its own request.

Annexed as Schedule B to the Act is the text of the Constitution Act, 1982, in both of Canada's official languages (i.e. English and French). Because of the requirements of official bilingualism, the body of the Canada Act itself is also set out in French in Schedule A to the Act, which is declared by s. 3 to have "the same authority in Canada as the English version thereo


Literally started 35 years ago.

DAILY REMINDER; More than Half of ALL Canadians will die in 40-50 years.

>Canadian seniors now outnumber children for 1st time, 2016 census shows

>More Canadians are 65 and over than under age 15, StatsCan says

Every time I look at Quebec on a map I can't help but think of some sort of cartoon dog gangster with a gun

DAILY REMINDER: Get mad at the people who lied to (you), not the people, pointing shit out.

Do you think I had an easy life in this country of bullshitters?? I have something wrong with my brain where I just call out bullshitters and liars. Also have a big mouth.
I've taken more than a few beatings. Also had an older brother who constantly fought with me.

Whatever, if you haven't gotten your ass kicked a few times, you're not a real man.

Think fighting men, back in the day, where just born good?
Think MMA fights, are just "good"?
NO, they get the fucking shit beat out of them daily for years, until one day, they don't.


Great imagination. I totally see it.

Oh ya, feel free to post your own links and commentary.

I'm not a spotlight hog.

leafs are mentally ill.
Every canadian I have met my age is fucked up on some bullshit. They don't even know that the rest of the world hates them. They are toxic. Every conversation I ever had with a young canadian was toxic AF. I wouldn't let one near my kids with the shit they believe and think is normal to expose kids to.


ANOTHER, fucking NOBODY get's a newspaper article

>On Saturday, as Canada marks its 150th birthday, one Calgary newcomer’s citizenship ceremony will be marked with a tradition thousands of years older.
>Aymen Heni immigrated to Canada four years ago from Tunisia and is married to an Indigenous Calgary woman who has taught him about the traditions of her people and their cultural significance.
Tunisia is in Africa.

Oh ya, Native women are fucking hot, or where, before Canadians made them fat and stupid like themselves.
If you go to America, they got a whole different type of Native American. And their women look fucking good.

Their women did nothing but work all day. They was no fat women in their tribes. They were migratory too. Walking a lot means you don't get fat.
Plus really nice facial features, long dark hair, tanned skin.

Im America, they got all sorts of Native American mixes. Cause the women are hot
Hell even Black and Native American, called "Redbones"
But black dudes fuck anything......but ya, they're hot.

Giving this thread a review, the main theme of Canada Day 150 is
>Immigrants make Canada


>Immigrants make Canada

The government is actively yearning to ramp up immigration despite the fact that we have too many people as-is.

You think they wouldn't lie?
The already lie about the amount actually taken in.

Read the word garbage of idiots.
Main theme is
>Immigrants are good. Canada is made by immigrants and Natives.

I'm 50/50
My moms side is has been dirt farming and bootlegging in Canada for over 100 years and my dad literally stepped off a boat from Europe.

Wish he stepped off at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, not "Halifax, Nova Scotia"
My peasant grandma, from worn torn Europe, cried when she got to Canada, cause it was so shitty and dirty looking.
Sad story desu
Basically was like
>You brought me and my kids, HERE?? Are you fucking crazy??

He did good though, cause Canada was literally uncivilized wasteland of dirty hillbillies.
Ran construction sites, owned houses in all the newest neighborhoods, drove big long luxury cars, spoiled my dad to the point he's 65 and acts 12.

I'd leave if I could. They all leave, unless wanted in their home country. Or it's like the worst 3rd world ever. Like Haiti. Run by blacks

Kidding, I'm not racist. Stop taking all the trashy white sluts though. Seriously, that pisses me off.

Seems like Canada Day was tame as usual. Since everything was closed, not much to report on. Was hoping to hear about all the drunken arrests and Canadian stupidity, but they don't report that anymore.

Here till I die.................If that's the case I want to spend my remaining days in a Hedonist haze of weed smoke and prime time pussy.

Be back tomorrow to say shit about Canada.

Fuck man, it just dawned on me, he was a fucking man.
He didn't speak English and I was too young and stupid to appreciate learning Italian.
Guy was a boss. He could hunt. He had shotguns and hunted rabbit. He could skin and dress them. He knew wild mushrooms to pick and how to cure them in oil. Make sausages.

I could've learned so much REAL MAN shit from that guy, but don't. I dsn't know why I don't either.
Family is just a word in this country.........

RIP Nono. Sorry for all the trash I talked about you on here. Love you

Canada is just one big collection of suburban retards. The land mass itself is basically just a giant suburban retard.

Oh ya, he could make wine and moonshine too.
I remember stealing some sips of his moonshine at like 14-15
Get fucking LIT
Run around like a retard for 20 minutes then pass out

Fuck man, so much lost knowledge.

Did you guys already hold the Calgary Stampede? Normally I'm up in Kingston this time of year and see it on tv, but it doesn't look like I'm going to make it up this time

Welp there it is, I come from dirt farming bootleggers and mafia (which deal a lot in bootlegging. )
No wonder my mom and dad met.
>At University
Ya sure, dad was probably picking up booze from mom and Leaf granddad for the Mob.

Hell ,my mom was smoking and drinking at 14, according to herself.

Criminal Scum Bag threw and threw. Time to own it I guess...........