Science or religion?

Science or religion?

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Well I see some religious people.


religion coz science make muh thinker box hurt

What do you mean "or," exactly? "Science" is a subset of the same rational thought employed by Church scholars for eons. The fact that fucking brainlets do not understand that empiricism is essentially an expansion pack for the same reasoning employed by Thomas Aquinas isn't my problem. Actually, it's mostly theirs. The fact that whites for some reason have chosen to believe the horde of Christkillers telling them to give up their religion and culture in favor of retarded (and, incidentally, baseless) hedonistic consumerism is pathetic and embarrassing. If we are really so susceptible to such stupid ideas we deserve extinction.

You want to make a difference? Reject the false dichotomy and embrace both rational spiritualism and the empirical view of nature. Both are legitimate and both can be argued logically to the hilt. The Jew wants you to exist in a totally material world because that world is his. He cannot touch your soul.

Science is a religion now

Quantum physics is all speculation and belief, doesnt even have proven a central theory, just a load of 'priests' guessing at the truth

>gender guy that used to do kids shows represents science
how about someone how didn't lose his credibility when he got paid to promote certain unscientific agendas?

>Bill Nye

"""Science""" is a religion these days.


Why should anyone have to choose between the two? Fucking fags

i will have both of them

You literally cant.

My nig.

already do

Since science decided to marry itself to a destructive ideology and ostracize men who asked the wrong questions, they are both as shit as eachother.

plenty of religious scientists you can because they dont conflict religion gives meaning science grants understanding of the innerworkings of nature and the observable world

Why not both?

A man of science and reasoning builds his beliefs only on what there is evidence to support. There are equal levels of evidence for the existence of gods as there are for Bigfoot and Mermaids. You can't believe one but not another while claiming to be a man of science.

science explains religion you dumb nigger

You mean pop-science or religion

*refutes religion

Those thing dosen't exclude.

>Bill Nye
>Literally erases scientific fact from his old 1990s show because it's too problematic to his SJW fanbase here in 2017

most do as i said plenty of christian men of science because it can not give meaning to any of your discovery and what evidence would be sufficient by the way? what kind of evidence to be more exact?

>STILL having a meltdown about this
Tampons are in aisle 13 lads

Combination of both promoting Trans-Humanism.

It's part of the "Globalist Endgame"(which I did a thread on).

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Religion only stops progressp

we need religion to keep population in czech'em

>Religion only stops progressp

>He says while sitting in his modern house full of more stuff invented/discovered by Christians than atheists

You're giving me the option between pseudo-science of diversity or savagery of islam.

Most of those Christians were progressive Christians, not you backwatered christians you find in the Bible belt

no you dont

yes you do

Human beings are fundamentally organized around the need for meaning Having meaning for why you live your life and having a sense that your life has a destination or a purpose, is an important organizer of individuals lives and also communities lives

No it explains religion as a psychological security blanket for the feeble minded

>Science or religion?
Why not both?

yeah cos that works with the catoliks dunnit



Change human beings for weak minded fools

really is it weak minded to say hey my life is heading towards a greater purpouse then my self or better to say i work a shitty job and im going to end up as worm food but its okay in the grand scheme i dont matter any way

You are a smart man, user.

It self aggrandising bullshit

unless its true that might be so and even if not still a necessary evil to ease our fears and confort us to give us structure

comfort* my romanian is showing

I still can't believe a religion that forces people to put their heads on the ground next to some guys butthole is going to destroy Christianity where you pray on your feet next to some nice smelling incense.

Dont see how living in fear of going to hell does that. Your life only has the purpose you give it, otherwise your living in a fairytale. Accept oblivion and live the life your given to the full.

>Shill Nye the Weimar goy

Even reddit the pozcuckold libshit central can see thru his kikery.

Based. Too bad op is likely a teenager who doesn't know a lot of those words

fear of hell keeps people in line who would otherwise run amok

>using a reddit screen cap

Sup Forums really is a reddit colony

Pretty piss-poor examples in your image...

A Jew-Stooge Charletan, Mongrel-Theist, Evolutionist retard.

And a pack of Butt-Hole worshiping, Demon-Invoking Jew-Dupes?

Stop wiping your Ass on the shower curtain....

Sadly not - the IRA are devout, as are ISIS, as were the crusaders - try again

what is wrong with the IRA and Crusaders?

You just pick the worst of both sides

Never said they were right or wrong, but they run amuck, even with their religions of peace

well in the case of ISIS they run amok acording to their religion but still religion is usefull to keep people in line and give them meaning something to make it worth it

>science and religion are mutually exclusive
when will this meme end?

Yes, yes, but your talking about the feeble minded - do you need religion to keep youself in check? I take responsibility for my own actions, I dont follow a book of rules others have imposed on me complete with nonsense I'm supposed to have faith in. lmfao at people on here with their 'muh jesus' 'muh allah' 'Dues vult' crap. All fucking delusional. What you gonna do when europe is overrun by African migrants - pray?

>rational spiritualism

Oxymoron. Where do you get that garbage? Conservapedia? Science is based on evidence. Religion is based on faith. They are mutually exclusive. Period.


Thomas Aquinas is just Aristotle-lite.
Aristotlean thought is not Christian

but most people are that way the vast majority of people are that is my point

science has become a religeon people especialy libretards only believe of it what the want for example the left will gladly berate christians with evolution but the will deny the existance of race and biological sex (x and y chromosomes) in the same breath the same breath.

Never met the vast majority, can only speak for myself. If religion gives you hope, fine. I'd rather act and take control of my life than trust in romantic fiction.


Fun fact: Who really gave the idea of "typewriting machine"? A priest from northeastern Brazil! Such idea - somehow ( = freemansonry) - came into the hands of Christopher Latham Sholes...

Newton was gay, and he put people to death for coin clipping - lovely man

>and he put people to death for coin clipping
>Newton was gay,

do you have any citations to back up that claim?

Both documented, you want a history lesson, go to school

Quantum physics isn't speculation, you dolt. The experimental phenomenon that occurs at the quantum level evades classical explanation. The only speculation we see comes from the snake oil salesmen like Deepak Chopra who use ideas like the uncertainty principle and superposition to prop up their new age hibbity-bibbity.


>both documented
>doesn't show any proof
really activates my almonds you nigger

>Quantum physics is all speculation and belief

That's a retarded thing to post using a computer. You should have failed high school.

>you want a history lesson, go to school

if you make claims you should back them up.
instead you arent showing any proof.

>posts fake scientist
>posts garbage-tier religion

If these two were my only choices, I'd take neither.

Bill Nye and Islam are our only choices? Fuck man...


"or"? No, just no. Fuck off.

Science or (((science)))?


>Post picture of Bill Nye the Shill

>Round Earth

Wew, lads.

The Earth is FLAT.

The only one that is based is Tesla.

Einstein was a shill, and he stole his work from others.

"or", bitch? Someone give the dick for OP.

Explain it to us then smartarse - What is the underlying nature of the universe, is it holographic?, are Gluons the smallest particle? Is supersymmetry the ultimate the answer? is everything just interaction of virtual particles emerging from the quantum foam at a sub plank level? I'm afraid being a dolt I didnt realise that YOU have evidence of the true nature

fuck off abdul

>Einstein was a shill,

well he did deny the existance of quantum physics famously "saying god doent roll dice"

but do you have any proof for the claim that he stole his work from others?

When science starts creating dogmas based on ideals and politics, when people start taking the word of scientists as gospel, when science starts focusing on public figures rather than objective truths... what's the difference exactly?

Good go get em toasted prick

You really don't get it, do you?
Faith is rational, science is empirical.
Rationalism is basically theory that fits to common sense the best, empirism requires evidence supporting some theory, even if it goes against common sense.

That's low tier shitposting

Keep your ideological nonsense out of science please.
Science doesn't care who is "redpilled" and who is not.

>the earth is flat
the earth is a sphere you nigger

nice flag change.

The underlying principles of quantum mechanics are correct.

Debunk 70 years of research you tool.

proof of its nature? computers use quantum principles but nobody KNOWS what those are

>still doesn't show any evidence


>When science starts creating dogmas based on ideals and politics, when people start taking the word of scientists as gospel, when science starts focusing on public figures rather than objective truths... what's the difference exactly?

science still has objective undeniable truth to it and leads to great advances like computers no wonder people start treating it like a new god. even if the ((figures)) governing it want to cover it up.

He worked as chief of the royal mint, never married, lots of boyfriends blah blah

Don't see either in the picture.

I thought the only african countries that have internet are south africa and zimbabwe

Science basically IS religion at this point