We need him back in office

We need him back in office.

I miss you President Obama.

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put women back in the kitchen.


remember when we had a president who created ISIS who enslaved and murdered women and children across half a continent

Remember when dipshits who would run to their nearest recruiting office to become a soldier would also keep their low iq mouths shut?

Don't disrespect those who serve, fucktard. You who've never sacrificed anything for your community in your entire life.

You fucking demoshits trying take my guns fuck yoy fuck you fuck you fuck you shareblue shills fuck you blitzkrieg im a nazi

He sacrificed his dignity
I never felt less proud of this country. I am finally proud again.

No, I don't.

Pepperidge Farms Remembers

How could you feel proud to be an American when he kept telling us how terrible we were?

remember when a green flag over a post meant a Brazilian instead of a Canadian?

>nigger and tranny nigger

good riddance.

You mean the guy who said in comments in Indonesia this weekend, that we shouldnt be TOO patriotic? That guy?

LOL. Fuck that guy. He's gone, and thank fucking god he is.


It's no coincidence he made these comments this close to the 4th. He's a piece of American hating shit, always has been.

Run them through an archive

Get the fuck out

"We speak to a trump supporter now..."

Respects Trannies

No I dont. Which japanese president was that?



You are literally the worst fucking person to ever post on this board. I mean it. Up until now, there have been awful people who have posted here, but you officially surpassed them, and are unequivocally, the. Worst. Person. The phrase "OP is a faggot" cannot encapsulate your persona accurately. There is no word or imagery that is vile and derogatory enough to describe how fucking abysmal you are. What you do, and who you are deserve nothing more than the absolute, and unending, contempt of any human being that has the displeasure of meeting you. It's not only do you do the terrible things that you do, but the fact that you have fucking audacity to admit to them and feel no remorse for it, is what makes you a fucking disgrace of a human being. I cannot, for the life of me, think of anyone, ANYONE, as. contemptible as you. No one has come close to the bottomless shithole that is your existence. You are truly appalling

I remember Obama made americans ashamed to be american.

Why do Republicans like presidents that commit treason so much?

Based Nippon

"It's morning in America". One of the best political slogans ever. Even though he turned out to be pretty flawed, I remember how well that slogan worked. People remembered it's okay to be proud of who we are again.

Maybe you should body-slam him to drive home your point.

When did Richard Nixon become a nigger? What timeline is this?

its called the "white" house sweetie
go back to the congo

That nigger was such an embarrassment. He wasn't the worse in terms of policy, but his distaste for the US and its citizens almost broke us. His racism and hatred emboldened the black supremacists in BLM to get as powerful as they got.

Why do liberals always make shit up?

>Michelle Obama

which one was that?

be nothing
have nothing
but you still "make a sacrifice"

He unironically set back race relations by 35 years.

This forum is not called POLITICALLY CORRECT, you dumb nigger faggot

Fuck the people who served, they're faggots.

t. E4

When exactly did Obama create ISIS? And enslave children?

Was it after giving his super secret terrorist fist jab while wearing a tan suit, in front of the islamic prayer curtain? :^)

I can't keep up to be honest.



lets set them back another 50 years when a white wasn't afraid to beat the living hell out of a nigger



Holy fucking shit, please be fake. I can not stand to know that a human being is this stupid.

have you seen chicago or any of the niggers blocking traffic since zim-zam?

gross is michael fucking barry in the ass?

It probably is. I remember there was a thread on here to create fake occupydemocrats posters. Kike tactics.

Fuck off nigger


>his distaste for the US and its citizens almost broke us.
It never looked like he cared about the US, it just seemed like he wanted to turn the US into his own idea of a utopia.

He always came across as very cold, every single word out of his mouth was calculated.

Even his manner of speaking distances people.

His BLM pet project.

I have. I've also seen south Africa where white people are being slaughtered by blacks and my own country where blacks are generally educated and well behaved.

America is in between those two states right now.

But are you forgetting the mid nineties?
Are you saying the cities are worse now thand during the Rodney King riots? Did George H.W. Bush cause the riots to happen?

My question is how is this obamas fault. Race relations were better during the period after 9/11 because the middle was a common enemy but people are forgetting what they were like before.

Obama needs prosecution for his treasonous actions. There is actual documented proof of such. Same goes for the rest of the Democrats - party of usurpers.


Yes and their names were George Bush Jr. and Donald Trump



Yeah that's a large mistake on the ATFs part and a bluster for the obama administration, but how exactly does this relate to what we were talking about?

Or did you just want to engage in some whataboutism rather than discussing the link I sent you.

Wasnt Obama a douche who used women in his 20s?

But you're Japan, though

He said marriage was between a man and a woman.

He respected anyone who wasn't white, Christian, straight, American.

He said in the beginning his goal was to "fundamentally change America". He came real close to achieving that. Hillary would have sealed the deal - thank god she lost. I don't think enough people understand what a bullet we dodged there. (But the more the left throws a tantrum, more and more see it.)

I mean, that fucker had the fucking nerve to rewrite the American Dream, from "You can do anything you want, if you work hard enough" (which is how his half black ass got elected), to "Make just enough to pay the bills and save a little every month". This was our fucking President saying that.

Fuck Obama, and fuck his legacy. Everything Trump undoes is fucking awesome. That halfbreed almost tanked this country and tried to turn it over to the globalists. We'd be Sweden right now if he'd succeeded.

Wow, you move the goalposts so fast, you must have strapped wheels onto them. Typical fucking liberal faggot. Keep championing failure, loser.

>respect women

Is that what you are calling it now

though I usually shit on america I would like to voice my support of this opinion. the "fuck my country, fuck the military" point of view is dangerous. is undermines the foundation of the state. if it progresses to a sufficient degree, then once you take away the state and introduce some hardships all hell breaks loose. take most of the middle east, the countries are arbitrary, they are only vague concepts for the inhabitants. thats why its so hard to establish order once its gone. we recovered so well after the world wars because even if you take away the state, the country is still there in the hearts and minds of the people. erode that and after collapse you have civil war.



I never said anything that even closely resembles "fuck my country, fuck the military". But it is becoming increasingly clear that low IQ Americans have started worshiping our military.



>kekistan flag losing his shit to an image that is posted 999999999 times a day
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.


>being proud of your nationality
Wow i can't even..


Obama and his handler Rahm Emmanuel, the Israeli Army Vet.

They own you Goys.

Why are Democrats hats white and Republican black?

Fuk that coon and his tranny.......