So Trump is set to give a major speech in Poland in which he will tell Europe to follow the lead of Poland. Thoughts?

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so all of Europe will become poor & white trash?

my parents are both Polish. it's not that great.

t. faggot

what are their jobs?

>Far right Poland
Fucking westerners I swear

You people Know our fucked up govement is about to flip? Some PIS politicians already said we should take rapefuges in. We are fucked, PIS is fucking up the country so fucking much, and now they also wona take rapefuges in after merkel told them to.

I hate our politicians so fucking much

Kaczynski gives the orders in PiS and he is very open about Poland not taking in any refugees. Take your shitposting elsewhere.

>calling our commie govt far-right

Poland's safer than most places here and has less beggars

Oh God, want a cringe.Poor Polacks should be followed - Trump must be stupid beyond belief

>Daily caller

You sound like someone who has absolutely no idea about polish politics and citing speech from 2002 doesn't help at all.

>not retarded
Pick one

> (OP)
>Oh God, want a cringe.
Nice proxy, achmed.
Most poles are right wing, eurosceptic nationalists. You're not fooling anyone by acting like a city lib who wants poland to 'join the rest of the civilized world'.

>far right poland

kek. when will liberals learn?

Keep baiting m8. Polish people are hardworking and outside of Warsaw there's no leftists. It's funny how you call Poland poor when it grows faster than most European economies and will eventually catch up. Cold war wasn't too long ago.

Never. It's one of the key tactical advantages we have because they literally will never change their tune once they've invested in to it far enough.

He is delusional, metaly sick fuck that killed his own brother. He want whole country under his thumb and army to be able to shoot civilians. There is no trusting those people.

What's the percentage of Communists still left in Poland? Is it > 10%?

But will we listen?

>that killed his own brother.
You're crazy.

Actually, Warsaw is not very left-leaning city, mostly because of the Uprising. Next local government elections are in 2018 and things will change

last elections communists got 10-11%, but they are not in the parliament (Razem and Zjednoczona Lewica, pic rel)

How do you guys feel about an average american visiting Poland/living there?

I asked a Pole earlier if he'd go and take pictures / video and he said he was planning on it. (((MSM))) might decide to ignore or spin it, but that doesn't matter much compared to if the internet covers it instead.

What really would be key is if the more established and more independent media (whether that's Alex Jones, youtubers, Right Side Broadcasting, even RUPTLY maybe) makes a big deal out of whatever good might come out of the event.


Communists as in people who geniuinely hold marxist views? Not more than 0,5% I'd wager.

Even people who were part of the commie regime abandoned the marxism and they were never ideologically pure to begin with.
Marxism is now western only thing. Communism killed marxism in the east.

I don't care a long as you're white.


Awesome. I'm looking forward to his speech.

I'm half dutch and half spanish

> copy Poland
Gibs for Western EU when?

Poland makes all sorts of shit, they are not poor compared to the resto of europoor socialist economies.

I am looking at buying a reproduction 1796 british heavy cavalry sabre to cut some french with. This is made in poland and on ebay.

>Korwin got the 2nd-most votes of the millenial voters

Absolutely based.

> they're not poor
Because of pic related. Once Mutti cuts off Poland's allowance it will be


Are you fucking retarded or something?

Poland is my beloved homeland of basic Catholic red-pilled too bad about the antisemites.

That would be cool if true.
Poland is the only fucking sane country left in Europe when it comes to foreign policy.

Literally no-one cares what that dude says, he's a joke.

But I would suggest to you that all of the former soviet satellites are still ready to go through more economic suffering if that's the cost of maintaining self-identity and self-direction.

as long as you don't look like this cuck it will be fine

under 18 he is no. 1

i dont need to listen to it, i know trump kike will praise creation of Judeo-Poland

>still taking germany seriously

Poland is too antisemitic to ever be an "emergency base" for Jews, it's a dumb theory, kolego.

Trump is going to make Earth great again.

I don't know about that. Can't speak for modern-day Poland but historically the Jewery was pretty intense and mixed in.

I'd take stupid asshole Cheeto Benito with large number of nukes over old hag that is importing niggers by the millions for no good reason other than biological destuction of nations in Europe.

Sorry but I'm with yanks this time.

EU gives money to spend, so we spend it - on shit. While part of funds actually go and are used wisely, there's still huge waste because of nepotism, corruption and scams. Poland's economy can grow big, but not until we get some good old-fashioned capitalism.
Why is Korwin appearing twice in 50-59 bracket?

I can speak for modern-day Poland having been born and lived there. Poland for Jews is like Sup Forums - something like 50% of adult Polish people are antisemitic.

Fuck off JEW

And yet there are many Jews coming to Sup Forums.
We must remain vigilant.

... how historically? You mean like the twenties? You mean the Communist period? You mean the historical period when Polish nobility brought in Jews to serve as tax-collectors, efficiency experts and overseers on their estates, and Jews had in the Constitution more rights than a non-noble Pole?

You should always remain vigilant but most of the Jews of Polish descent I know absolutely fear and loathe Poland and they would never go there they think they would be beaten and spit on because that's what happened in their parents' generation back in the day.

I'm probably one of a tiny handful of people who would identify as a "Polish Jew" this identity is practically non-existent nowadays.

I literally hate Polish Jewish family friends who refuse to admit they're Polish and travel to Israel every year but haven't been to Poland since they "ran away" in the 60s or 40s or whatever.

I'm one of the only Polish Jews who visits regularly. Certainly the only one that I know personally is me and my immediate family.

>so all of Europe will become poor & white trash?
>my parents are both Polish. it's not that great.

Have you ever even been there? I have no Polish ancestors, but I must say, it's a fantastic place. And as an American I was treated extremely well.

All of the above, basically. I mean, the Jewry in Europe was kind of a big deal everywhere, but the whole swath of it within which modern Poland resides was a real hotbed.

>>that killed his own brother.
>You're crazy.


>ow do you guys feel about an average american visiting Poland/living there?

First people will assume you are British. Once you tell them you're an American, you will be treated as an honored guest. Speaking from experience.

>gaslit #6 000 000

Bullshit. If you think that football hooligan riots are safe and gypsy beggars are not an issue you're a moron.

me on the left

Just go to fit, get a plan, and you are going to make it.

>strawman galore

wow it really tickles the pickle in my head. To judge a country's safety on sporting riot events and vagabond gyps that are steadily decreasing in number in Polska.

>what are crime statistics
>what is a homogenous, cohesive society?

U jelly

t. the single muslim refugee in warsaw