What kind of marxist propaganda did you experience in school

didn't get to finish in the last tread

>watching a holocaust documentary in middle school
>teacher: kitler wanted to kill anyone whut bond hair or blue eyes
>me: why though? he didn't even have blond hair or blue eyes.
>teacher: because he was crazy, now lets move on.

later that year
>lets talk about the 60s and 70s but only glance over vietnam
>lets instead focus on how the hippies were freedom fighters and the evil cops slaughtered blacks in the street EVERY DAY

8th-9th grade
>let's talk about how whites genocide the indians and made blacks build the entire country.
>were going to spend half the year talking about how ALL southerners were racist whites that wanted to turn the US into a slave state but were stopped by the progressive abe lincoln.

10th grade
>let's do an experiment with the class
>all the blacks go to one side of the room
>all hispanics to to another
>all the whites go to another
>mixed race kids go to the black side
>only white kids were me and my one goth friend
>"no class does it seem right that whites have controled everything throughout history?"

>got bored with my one friend and started writing on the stalls in the bathroom
>"better dead than red" or "fuck obama" drawing swastikas and the anarchist symbol
>stupid shit like that
>school gets called into the auditorium and we get lectured on how it's not cool to be nazis and to report who wrote on the wall
>never got in trouble for it but the bathroom was closed for a week

11th grade
>lets talk about communism, what do you know about it
>goth friend: it doesn't work.
>teacher: wrong, corrupted communism doesn't work.
>got to read animal farm and keep going back to how trotsky dindu nuffin

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>ann frank

No mention of communism, of course, other than to celebrate May Day and say we had to help the poor Russians not be a 2nd world country.

Basically getting shoehorned into hatred and disgust for German people and empathy for ((((them))))

We did some immigration thing about how historical immigration laws were racist. Everyone got an ethnicity written on a piece of paper.
>I got English man.

Begin advocating the laws as if they were current because I hate Chinks and Streetshitters.

To Kill A Mockingbird.

It was like that 10-15 years ago when I was in school. I can't imagine how bad it is now. They're literally rewriting history.

>watching a holocaust documentary in middle school
>teacher: kitler wanted to kill anyone whut bond hair or blue eyes
>>me: why though? he didn't even have blond hair or blue eyes.
>teacher: because he was crazy, now lets move on.
This is so annoying to hear, especially with the context of Jews in pornography and transsexualism in Weimar Germany. The blue-eyes/blond-hair thing is a red herring. The way Jews constantly undermine societal values (sexual, racial, cultural) for short term profit is the real motivator.

Reposting best one from last thread

My history teachers we're completely neutral actually, no virtue signalling, nor censorship, nor even opinions.
As for other teachers they never got involved in politics.

Also considering how in GCSE and first year upper school we learnt about how bad communism was in all locations it was covered I'd say that implies that there wasn't any sympathies for Marxism there either.

My history teachers we're completely neutral actually, no virtue signalling, nor censorship, nor even opinions.
As for other teachers they never got involved in politics.

Also considering how in GCSE and first year upper school we learnt about how bad communism was in all locations it was covered I'd say that implies that there weren't any sympathies for Marxism there either.


He did have blue eyes though, that was a jewish psyop.

>the year was 1992
>taking an "earth science" class in middle school
>the entire class was nothing but how evil corporations are destroying the planet
>learned nothing science related

The following year we were forced to watch Capt Planet every Friday... what. the. fuck.

I liked that book quite a lot before I came to this place. I still really like the authors style.

Taught the ultimate lie, the six million narrative and that Hitler killed himself.
The reality is that, only ~73,000 people died in the holocaust and Hitler is still very much alive and well. He's nearing the end of his days, however. I look forward to his autobiography coming this September.

>Germany was evil during WWII and wanted to kill all the jews
>The jews were the good guys
>B-b-but soviet gulag camps and USA double nuking japan, wasnt that also very evil?
>user, that is not the subject! Now I can barely pass you!

I also got the chance to see a holohoax survivor speak in front of my entire school. Everyone in the school was crying and feeling bad for the poor jew. I was the only one that got weirded out over the (((survivor))) obviously fake crying.
That was also the moment I seriously started to question (((shoa)))

Holy shit
Jews never. Not even once.

How old would hitler even be right now?? 120 or what?

Schools nowadays are run by the leftists, and very few right wing teachers remain. They can harp on all the issues in the world yet their ignorance is massive. They know that if a student is shit, they'll give them some type of confidence booster, even if that student is unfit for school


I also thought it was just plain a neat read back in school, same as with Grapes of Wrath.

There were definitely other books we read that pushed multiculti, holocaust, and other jewish bullshit a lot harder.

Went to 100% white Welsh language school where we all sung hymns and recited the Lord's prayer in the mornings and everyone learned to play an instrument. Our Physical Education teacher was homophobic and our Chemistry teacher was anti-Semitic. Glorious.


The halocaust is a topic that's so flawed that who the fuck knows the reality. My school gave us summer reading once, and all the books were on the halohoax. I never even read them

He'd be 128.

only a depraved jewish mind could think of something like that

I can't remember.

But I do remember the WW2 education I got in primary school was far more comprehensive than the high school one. The Blair years hadn't started then.

>Having to watch Captain Planet

Did anyone give a shit in that class you took?

The kike said the had survived several different camps. And in one of them he escaped the gas chamber by walking backwards in the massive queue. I could only picture that kike moonwalking past all the evil nazis and out of the shoa queue and out of the camp to later find himself in another camp.
He also said that in the jewish ghetto the nazis did raids and took all the babies and put them in potato sacks and then smashed the sacks to the wall. Then the kike started to instantly fake cry for about 5 seconds to later be back in hand grubbing mode. When he was done with the entire bullshit story (2h long). He wanted to talk about how good multiculturalism is and sell his fucking book. And I am not making this shit up, but that was the biggest jewry I have ever experienced.

My 10 grade English teacher read us the Lord's Prayer in Middle English as part of the historical context for appreciating Beowulf. I wonder if he'd be able to get away with that these days.

On balance, he did speak extensively on the evils of ever being mean to a Jew, but the funny part was I hadn't even considered the JQ at the time, so it was merely amusing to learn that they were rumored to have had horns and you could throw pennies on the grown in front of them to see if they'd pick them up. Fun times.

Lots of anti-bullying propaganda and many outspoken feminist english teachers.

I took film in college as an elective because apparently I needed to take one. It was literally Shitler's List, Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and The Pianist taught by an old dying polish jew.

There's a lot more to tell if anyone wants to hear it. Looking back it makes me realize if I ever have kids and care about them I shouldn't send them to public school.

>tfw grew up in Arizona and never had this bullshit forced onto me

McCarthy was right to do what he did and the way he's taught in public schools is the most over exaggerated hit job in history.

We had to read "an inspector calls"
Very socialist book but I only realised until later

Also general pushing for accepting refugees and Muslims and islamophobia
But I live in a very white working class area and even at 16 most of the class was chimping out hard it was like a full on EDL rally everyone was shouting at the teacher and a few middle class hippies
>but don't you think we should accept these poor refugees
90% starts shouting things like
>Britain for the British
>Muslims are the problem

This for me too.
I mean, my GCSE teacher was unashamedly libtarded, but looking back, I'm pretty impressed with how he managed to keep his lessons generally unbiased and open to alternative interpretations, even if he strongly disagreed.

Now university, on the other hand, was completely fucked. I studied animation (AKA: something that has nothing to do with politics) and had to partake in a mandatory "Contextual Studies" class in order to get a passing grade. It was distubingly similar to the class depicted in pic related, except the teacher was a weedy numale who forced ancient memes that only 9gagers still found funny into his lectures.

IMAGINE MY SHOCK when I eventually dropped out.

We had a jew come and do an assembly about his holocaust experience aswell

teachers developed a poo android that ahd all the same interests, hobbies, sense of humour etc.. to be my best friend until he died of a tumor to evoke feelings of sympathy towards minorities.

Miss you everyday Buddy

For one whole day in my middle school we had a Black History event where we did nothing but rotate around various rooms and listened to college niggers and mulatto SJWs talk about being black. One old nog dressed up as Nelson Mandela and talked about how he struggled against le ebil racist whiteys in South Africa, basically LARPing. I had did a research paper on Mandela a semester ago and learned he was a communist. I raised my hand and asked him about this shit.

He broke character and straight up denied Mandela ever being involved with communism or terrorism. I kept pressing him and said if he was so nonviolent why did Mandela and the ANC order bombings. Teacher that nearby took me aside and made me step out in the hall, and gave me a lecture about racism. I didn't even say anything racist.

>be a Christian
>love people who Jews who deny Christ

I can never understand this.

Me in first year get some soppy whore of an English teacher waffle on about the poor Japs getting g nuked in WW2

Told her it was deserved as my granddad was in the war killing slanty eye japs ass her called them

>fucking bitch sent me to the headmaster to get suspended lol

Happiest day of my fucking life at that point

Fuck, same. I've been trying to remember that book for a while. We never got through it. I went to a VERY bad school.

none. politics were a no go topic for teachers when I was in school, they actually could have gotten into trouble for spreading political ideas. no idea how things are nowadays though. I'm 28 btw

Can you elaborate on the hair and eyes thing in relation to the Jews? I'm not getting your point

>and Hitler is still very much alive and well. He's nearing the end of his days

Ok there's hope, there's faith, there's delusion and there's even flat out denial but I have no fucking idea what this is.

Was it ellie wiesel? he came to our school

do not bully
vote democrat
don't be creative, write creative stories with our strict standards
do not think outside the box
vote democrat

^ >Burger Education

No, this guy


>>teacher: wrong, corrupted communism doesn't work.
should have given her the old ice axe
>captcha: select all squares with helicopters

>vote democrat
Is that something your teachers literally said?

Yeah really. But if you never stop and think about it, or even if you do but everybody else is still dancing to the same tune, it's easy to politely ignore the inconsistencies.

Hell I still remember raiding stormfront before Sup Forums even existed and reluctantly agreeing to review some of the reading material just because they were so excited that somebody was willing to have an actual conversation instead of flatly denying everything.

It still bothers me how often I'll be in church and the priest or whoever will say "The Jewish People" when clearly the text that they're reading from says "Jews." Seriously? What the fuck.

Kikes hate blondes

its very much implied in american schools. only liberal teachers can gets jobs easily.

literally every single one of my history teachers was a liberal.

Had this convo once with one in 11th grade:

>Teacher: What is the second amendment for?
>Me: To protect the people against a tyrannical government if need be.
>Teacher: *Literally just laughs it off and calls me a conspiracy theorist*

Here is a link to one of the kikes talks and I link around the time he does a fake cry


no but some might as well say that.

me and that goth chick spent the whole class trying to debate the teacher on this but she always clammed up or just said we were wrong

>Is that something your teachers literally said?
not in so many words, but it was always implied
we used to do "current events" day every friday in history classes in middle and high school
it was basically just 50 minutes of teachers saying republicans are evil and god bless obama

>never taught the countless deaths as a result of communism
>Hitler wanted to kill everyone but the blonde and blue eyed Aryans
>Jews are always the victims and have never done anything wrong
>Had to self-learn about the Roman empire as I was taught nearly nothing on the Roman empire except that it fell
>A retarded amount of time spent on native Americans and them being painted as noble people and completely ignoring many tribes were literal murdering savages that killed everyone they met, even other native Americans
>All Republicans were against the civil rights act because they were racists and all Democrats voted for it (literally the opposite of the truth)
>the Dems and GOP switched sides and that means the GOP were the party of slavery

I have no idea. It's some sort of worship of Jews. Nevermind that Christ came to destroy the Jews, or that he outright rejects usury.

It's a very strange sort of worship. I do think that the evangelical churches in the US are partially responsible for this, however. They spread quickly on a basis of sola scriptura and the rejection of established denominations. But in that seeps some ignorance and misunderstanding.

it is taught in united states schools that hiter's ultimate goal was to take over the world, and that he would eradicate every other ethnicity in favor of having 'ubermench' - the 'super men', who were all comprised of literal chads; all 6'+ tall, blonde hair and blue eyes only, and eugenics was heavily expressed: anyone who was born with a defect; either blind, missing limbs, retardation, etc, would also be killed to keep the gene pool clean and the world would not have to waste resources of any kind on these people.

this is the world model that the nazi larpers actually want to happen, even though this is not what happened at all.

>"Today we are going to learn that many of the black slaves were brought over to the USA by Jewish slavers."

In another world, perhaps.

just to gain access to the thread

>literally told that the Europeans invaded Africa, destroyed their civilizations, and enslaved the blacks

Fucking California needs to be nuked.

Impressive indeed for someone openly leftist.

>Now university, on the other hand, was completely fucked
Hence why before choosing mine, I meticulously looked for one that was for/allows free speech while also is academically suitable.
As to allow me to debate a leftist tutor without being expelled.

Turns out there are only 7 universities left in the UK that fully support free speech, three of which are in Scotland...
Mine though luckily is only 30 mins away in England.

I'm glad I educated myself and discovered what the political climate is like before going to uni, most of my fellow students probably have been punished for their views.

>"Contextual Studies"
Reminds me of this "consent class" they put in at Oxford I heard about a while back.

Well, I grew up a part of Jew York with lots of Jews, and many of my teachers were Jews, so I can understand how the local population would be on pins and needles about bowing and scraping to the poor Jews.

But out in the middle of Jesusland, USA? I really don't get why the evangelicals would worship them except maybe because they aren't exposed to Jews much at all. Christianity in the US though very often involves drinking some kind of kool-aid or other, though, so once it's ingrained at an organizational level and set forth as equivalent the expectation that you're as much of a Jesus freak as everybody else, then that makes it easy to adopt as doctrine.

I'm sure it must be quite a bit different in other countries where there isn't such a disproportionate Jewish influence, or that have more firm historical qualms with them as a tribe.

>All of my family members almost died because they didn't accept communism
>Started hating communism since i was like 3
>Little 6th grader
>English teacher goes on a rant about how good it was to be a child back in them communist days
>Little me gets angry
"I bet it was good being beaten at school everyday, only watching communist propaganda, having almost no food, when i say food i mean bread and butter, meat was God's gift"
>English teacher talks to every other teacher
>Head Teacher asks me to take back everything i say
>I got mad and fuckyouandyourcommunism.exe
>Everyday the english teacher would ask me to leave the classroom, my head teacher would wait for me outside and beat the shit out of me


What the fuck that's total bullshit

same, i vividly remember the week we spent rewriting history as the loser. great for critical thinking, and actually very interesting when it came for people to read out their stuff for ww2. My history teacher was strangely anti-roman and pro Norman though. nothing major, just kinda skipped the whole tech side the romans brought and didnt mention the sack of the north.

I got the whole Islam is a religion of peace thing in RE, this was just after 9/11, but never got taught the specifics of what muslims actually believe. Teacher was more focused on coaching us for the exams.

Heh. My teacher made sure to drill in our minds germany,italy and japan were the axis of evil.

Couldn't your parents do anything about the beatings?

Burger education. I also learned that evil whitey enslaved the poor negroes on vast slave ships and Abraham Lincoln launched the Civil War to set them free.

Any country with commercialism has Jews. I suspect it's because they take the Old Testament to heart.

How Germans are all evil and we can never let whites have that kind of pride again. How they turned jews into soap and textiles. How the swastika was the cross and the Germans twisted it. Ridiculous shit.

Only thing I can think of was that the history of WW2 and the events leading to it were crammed into 3 days or so and the rest of the WW2 unit was about the 60 bajillion pay reperations. Which is a shame because the events leading to WW2 were facinating and absolutely worth going over in detail, whereas the holocaust is just another dime a dozen genocide. I sorta redpilled the teacher in class when he was pontificating on the idea of loving a leader so much you were willing to die for them, and thought the idea of dying for Harper was absurd, I briefly stressed how Weimar Germany was Africa tier until Hitler showed up and unfucked their shit. Didn't even get put in the bad goy corner.

Pic related is a cartoon showed to me by every history teacher so far. They're trying to implant the idea in my head.

bit of a rant here:

A majority of American teachers are women, which is the root of the problem. With so many women teaching in schools, schools tend to think that they have more authority over us than our parents.

Last year, the principle actually thought he could take me phone away for 2 weeks. My personal property, taken away because I interrupted in class. Are these people fucking stupid? I don't just have a phone for "fun", I actually need to fucking call my parents who work in the town over.

Schools in America LOVE to try to "raise" children. That is one of the main problems of feminism. When women are working at schools and cant be taking care of their own kids, they try to enforce their ideals on us. Most of their ideals happen to be liberal, because women tend to vote for themselves, and not the conservative family unit. Jokes might as well be forbidden in my school. Tell the wrong joke around the wrong teacher, you're suspended.

The American education system needs to be privatized again. If you can't afford school, go into the trades. I mean seriously, does every single person think they can be a computer engineer or some kind of game developer? I hear that shit all the time. Engineering classes are a cake walk. I passed my engineering class with 100% and barely even tried. My friend literally didn't even do the final test but the teacher (a feminist, probably future HR) just said fuck it and gave him an 100%.

>be me
>10th grade honors English class
>teacher proceeds to profess a shit ton of bullshit lefty crap
>wrote a long essay (like 15 paragraphs) that red pilled her on most things
>she retires that year, crying, hugging me, and telling me that I'm her favorite student


Reading some of these makes me angry, man.

What the fuck can we do Sup Forums? Is homeschooling viable? All the homeschooled kids I've known were really weird and autismo.

I have a cousin entering high school and I wanna interrogate him on Trump, and race and shit but I never really talk to him so it would seem really crazy.

I went to a Catholic high school and my history teacher was surprisingly redpilled. We all laughed him off as some crazy conspiracy theorist, but now I'm beginning to realize that everything he was saying was right. I didn't realize it at the time, but people like him are pretty important.

We once had to make paper chains, after that we were all tied together and forced to sit cross legged on top of the table. The teacher then made us write an essay about how bad slavery was. We had to sit there writing for about two hours. At the end of it she made us destroy said essay. If anyone so much as coughed they were sent to the head teacher (this happened to about two or three pupils). The point of the exercise was explained to us afterwards. We were about 12 at this time. Obviously black children were not made to take part.

1st-12th grade "Remember yall, if you get the chance YOU HAVE TO vote for a black or woman to be President, you own them that much at least"
-Every jewish or fat lesbian teacher I had.

Jews put me on adderall @11 for talking in class.



They had no proof, so no, there was nothing they could've done. Gotta give props to that teacher tho, he was going fucking ham on me but no bruises.

>How the swastika was the cross and the Germans twisted it.

A lot of those problems can be solved by requiring people with actual expertise to teach the classes. Here many teachers are fresh out of university. They have no real world experience. I imagine it's the same there. Require that teachers be recruited from professional areas first, then experienced in age, and then any (if there are none).

Ethics = 3 topics


Utilitarianism (pushes degeneracy)

Situation ethics (communists trying to subvert Christianity with moral relativism)


Reminder that homeschooling your children is the best way to avoid marxist indoctrination.

Reminder to quietly introduce Sup Forums into your kids life

Lets hope the cunt was raped to oblivion by the BBC

Just like one of my japanese animes!

Welcome to California, marxism is in full force here.

Shop around if you can. My brother wound up sending his kids to a Catholic school that as far as I can tell was reasonably balanced. His wife wasn't on the board, but she was involved in school politics in some way or other and eventually decided to pull the kids out when it went to shit.

They've been thinking of moving depending on whether or not any of the other local schools turn out to be decent.

Hitler bad
Stalin good
6,000,000 etched in stone
Lincoln MLK heroes
No George Washington Carver, no lunch today

I also remember being told that Hitler killed Jews as retribution for them having killed Jesus.
English Literature at A-level was hellish. Marxism was actually part of the course. The point was to understand Marxism, and then talk about a point from a Marxist perspective, the student has to criticise a piece of literature as though they were themselves a Marxist. Literally 'this is what your opinion is, now write' for an entire year. Avoiding this indoctrination is difficult. Especially when you are failed if you don't conform. English higher education is beyond saving.

I sadly can't remember if we did any projects like that but we did do source collection and analysis.
To explain we we're taught on identifying different types of sources and i.e. second hand, first hand, third and direct.
As well as what each type entails.
It was/has been really useful in identifying partisanship and dogma in history and real life from any political side.

In regards to RS, we were lucky and got Christianity and Buddhism.
(religious studies for me, was RE in only the first year of upper school)

I thought it was pretty redpilled, saying that women can and will make false rape accusations for social purposes.

also, serbia is pretty much free of that shit, feels good being such a shithole not even jews care about you.
i had a commie geography teacher who got on rants about (((brits))) but was generally ok and pretty patriotic and i assume my history teacher in elementary was pretty redpilled under what he showed. the most indocrination i got was from my serbian teacher who told us once that "she doesn't condone it and doesn't promote it, but 9/11 attacks were god's punishment for bombing serbia"(maybe not exact words but she was very strong about the god's punishment stuff, kek).

My university made everyone take mandatory culture and diversity classes following a hate crime on campus.

Oddly enough my school system wasn't cucked. Although now that I think about it it was nearly 100% white.

On 11th grade or so our class was taken to the movies to watch Schindler's List or The Pianist (don't remember which one) and there was a part when the nazis storm into a house and throw a guy on a wheelchair off the window and one edgy kid started laughing his ass off really loudly and then some teacher got up and screamed FUCKING NAZIST YOUTH and stormed out of the movies, then we had to apologize for the following days for being anti-semetic even though it was just one guy who laughed.

are you from the NLs?

>Truman Capote's most obscure book

my history teacher has told me multiple times that the wage gap is a massive problem in every country. My school hasn't taught me anything about the cold war, vietnam, Korea, Marxism. But they always managed to push a big liberal agenda.

Holy shit you younglings are waking up and fast.

Doesn't someone try raping a ham in that book?

In the 90s pro commie sentiment was dying here, much of the state owned stuff was privatized. It was the height of successful burger tv brainwashing and the teachers promoted capitalist ideals. Hitler was demonized but when pressed most people including teachers have always seemed sympathetic.