Christianity General! Imperfect Anons Edition

Hello there and welcome to another /CG/ in which all are welcome, myself (your friendly local Orthodox user) and my brothers and sisters in Christ on this board will be glad to answer your questions about Christianity to the best of our collective abilities, as we enjoy eachothers fellowship and discussion.

What denominations do we have representing, tonight, my friends? Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!

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For those lurking, here's a link to a free online bible PDF for you to read if you're interested. I personally recommend starting in the book of Matthew (first book of the new testament)

Alternatively if you would like a hard copy, I've been quite pleased with this one thats cheap (~$9!) on Amazon. Its the NIV bible edition, so its written in modern english - unlike the KJV which is like reading shakespere. I feel that the KJV is best for in depth study, but the NIV is MUCH easier to comprehend if you're reading it for the first time:

Hello, orthobro. I barely knew you guys existed until I moved to a place where there are lots of orthodox churches and started wondering what in the heck they were.

Yay, a daily shitpost thread.

Often in these threads, anons post concerns about whether or not they're "Good Enough" to be a Christian, they see the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with God almighty, they see the comfy church life and fellowship, and they think to themselves:

"I'm not worthy of that, I'm just a/an ____________. They wouldnt like me, I do/did____________!"

Well dont worry my friends, none of us are perfect. We all have our demons yet god loves us anyway. Consider this passage:

"As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him. While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the (((Pharisees))) saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”

On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’[a] For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” -Matthew Chapter 9

We dont claim to be perfect, we're just normal people and I want to make this claim to everyone out there; if you're interested in learning about God, or the church at all, feel free to stop by. I've been through churches of many denominations yet they all have something in common. There are ALWAYS welcoming people there who will be happy to show you around, talk with you, and usually offer you some literature about the church/denomination. You're welcome anytime.

This is something which is great about the Christian faith, we dont claim to be perfect. One of the prayers offered every week at my church begins "I believe, O Lord, and I confess that Thou art truly the Christ the son of the living God who camest into the world to save sinners, of whom I am first. Therefore I pray thee, have mercy upon me and forgive my transgressions..."

Hello there! Yes, we're everywhere. Fun fact, there is but one Orthodox church worldwide, the "name" in front of it (eg. Russian Orthodox) spesifies only the local culture and possibly language of the church.

For instance there is a Greek Orthodox church near me (American South), where they say many of the same prayers as at my Orthodox church, however they say them in Greek. The food is a little different, and some of the traditions are a little different. But the beliefs are one in the same :)

I spent about a decade of my life as an Atheist, and a fairly militant one at that. I dont hold it against you personally, I've been down that path and remember it well. I'll pray that you find peace in the lord one day (I know, I know, not interested, right?!?). You'll see one day, and when you do, the offer in post is open to you as well, my neighbor in this fallen world.

Yeah, it was all the different names they had that got me curious, which I suppose is a bit ironic considering I couldn't tell you what all the different branches from the western half of the roman split are.

But it was pretty neat when one time I listened to an orthodox service on jewtube and it wasn't far off to setting an RC mass to music. Good people, too, that attend.


I like Christianity itself, but I don't think I could get involved in it, I was in a youth group for a year and just never got along with the other kids

There's quite a variety of interpretation, and certainly no shortage of people who decide that the personal aspect it the key bit rather than joining an organization.

Yes, there is some GOOD Orthodox content on there, but I wish there was more honestly.

The interesting thing about the church that I go to, is that the congregation is largely made up of converts. We have lots of Catholics, Protestants, and several handfuls of former Atheists (like yours truly) and even some folks who used to practice witchcraft. Its amazing how many folks, from what backgrounds end up in Church.

Have you ever stopped by for a service? You're welcome any time, of course...

Is that ACTUALLY Christ-chan though?

No, my family is all Roman Catholic and it's part of what keeps us together as a family. That's more important to me than if one sect is more technically correct than a different one. I've seen a lot of people wind up with a growing rift over two different religions or just revert to some variation on aimless atheism as the best middle ground they can find.

But I don't blame the converts. I hear about more and more people defecting because they just can't in good conscience associate themselves with the Vatican.

Its up to you, my friend. You do have an "out" which you can use as your justification to abstain from God almighty. But why?

The Lord loves you user, he has promised to be with us always, until the end of the age. Why let whatever some kids did to you years ago keep you from a relationship with him?

I'll let you in on something. I've said in these threads before that I spent roughy a decade living the Atheist life, but I've never said why. My Dad was an ordained Protestant minister, and lets just say... Things werent perfect between us. It was this, which lead me to turn away from the church at a young age.

I came back.

I hope that you will too. If theres anything that I can talk with you about, I'd be happy to. I pray that you'll be able to move past your childhood, I know what thats like, it took me years to do so myself.

Yes, I feel bad for many converts, they did everything right, ya know?!? They were brought up in the church, they attended for years, they gave to it, they lived happy, wholesome lives with loving marriages, and then all of a sudden heres a man kissing Muslim feet and preaching degeneracy.

This isnt the fault of the average Catholic believer, they didnt ask for any of this!

I've heard stories from some of the converts in my church, they're told they're going to hell if they join another denomination, etc, etc.

What a rough ride for undeserving folks...

desu vult, brothers


Can't let 88 go unchecked.
>they're told they're going to hell if they join another denomination
A guy like that almost married in to my family and really probably should have because he was a legitimately decent guy even if he didn't want anything to do with religion.

But some people just can't even put up with spending a few hours a year being bored in church for major holidays to keep their potential wifes happy. So maybe it was for the best he noped out.

Not gonna lie I've been more and more interested in going to church lately, but I don't know if you can just walk in, or how that works

>One of the prayers offered every week at my church begins "I believe, O Lord, and I confess that Thou art truly the Christ the son of the living God who camest into the world to save sinners, of whom I am first."
Huh. It was actually the pervasive overtone of self-loathing that turned my sister off of Christianity in the first place and ended in her leaving the church.

I see what you are saying. I was never bullied or anything, I just saw them as hypocrites who came to church hungover and smoked on retreats.

High Anglican reporting in

Catholicism here! Deus Vult!


Yes of course you can just walk in. Every Church has an open door. Communion is the only thing you have to worry about.

Protestants: Generally anyone can take communion, sometimes non-baptized Christians are allowed to come up as well.

Orthodox/Catholics: No communion without confirmation into the Church

Non-Denom, Congregationalists and non-Christians like Unitarians: Probably only do communion once a month or never. They let anyone come up.

The orthodox have told me I can pretty much just go in but I shouldn't do something or other beforehand, but I've never tried it and couldn't tell you. It's kind of an awkward proposition even though I guess it shouldn't be.

What I can tell you is that you're more than welcome to stop in to a roman catholic church any time the doors are open, whether it's for a mass or just because you want some quiet time or to see what it's like inside. A lot of them are so robotic half the time nobody would guess you're not a regular, and the instructions are printed in books in the pews. The only official rule is you're not supposed to take communion.

>white people following a jewish religion
Is it possible to be a bigger cuck than this?

still trying to find out where i stand with christianity

i grew up with christianity but i always have viewed it in as an authoritarian religion

but through reading the bible and scholars i realized it isn't but all the churches i have been to still go with the authoritarian view of it

Eh, I sincerely hope and pray that everyone finds the love of the Lord at some point in their life, but when I was an Atheist, someone said to me "Dont write it off, man... Maybe you're just not ready for it, yet".

Maybe I wasnt...

Maybe he isnt either... Lord only, knows...

One of the nicest things about Church, speaking of my personal experience joining it after a long stay, was how nice, and genuine and welcoming that people are, and I have no doubt that you could find that also!

I decided (on pol, of course) that I would be joining an Orthodox church. So, I bought an Orthodox study bible, and started to read it. After a week or three, I decided I was ready to visit, and all I needed was a google search of "Orthodox Church Near Anonsville" which brought up several. I chose one, showed up, and the greeters there met with me, welcomed me, gave me some free literature and showed me around. I was lucky, I even got to meet the preist before the service (normally hes running around like a madman getting things ready, haha). They were great. I stayed for 2-3 hours afterward talking with folks. I've been back almost every week since!

Reference this post which sort of elaborates on visiting.

Do you have any particular concerns? I'd be happy to help you in any way that I can. I pray for you.

And remember... No matter how much you read about what its like to go swimming, eventually you need to step into the water.

I'm sorry to hear that, user. Having been a former member of a church where everyone pretends to be perfect, and more prefect than you, I'd take what you consider "Self-Loathing". Although I dont think of it as such, another verse is "And may the whole day be perfect, peaceful and sinless...."

We acknoledge that everyone sins, we dont dwell on it. We try our best.



What's your attitudes towards sex?
Do you consciously have a desire for sex that you have to ignore and suppress to avoid sinning, or do you just not have a desire for sex in the first place?

I have a strong desire for sex. Before I became a Christian I had it once or twice. My girlfriend and I are waiting for marriage though. It takes work for me to fight against the urge though. It's our nature so I'm not worried about the temptation itself, more-so that I do my best to follow the laws of the bible.

Sex is a good, and even holy, thing. In fact, it's an integral part of the Sacrament of Marriage, just as water is to baptism and Bread and Wine are to the Eucharist.

Staying chaste is not easy. None of us will ever say that. I'd be lying if I said I never fapped or looked at porn before.

But with God, all things are possible. If you fall, you repent and pick yourself back up again.

I have an intense desire for sex, I lust after girls all the time, and I jerk off like a madman. I also fucked up and should have gotten a wife when I was young instead of thinking it was somehow immoral to go against nature and God's creation.

Marriage is objectively preferable and in my opinion required if you're going to make a baby. But I'm not going to be the one to throw stones if you messed around first like most people do. That's not adultury.

Ah yes... Free will is a gift from above, but unfortunately we all make poor choices with it from time to time.

Regardless, a relationship with God and all the good things that come with it (The Lord's love, guidence, direction in life, and fellowship within the church, just to name a few) are a wonderful thing. I sincerely hope that you wont let some teenagers years ago keep you from this amazing gift that we are all offered.

Greetings, Brothers! I only ask that we not rail on other denominations too much... I believe all pious Christians need to stand together in the face of (((their))) degenerate onslaught and the blessings from the religion of peace...

How are you all doing, today?!?

I'm not aware of anything that a visitor shouldnt do before visiting my (Orthodox) church, but heres another idea. Many/most churches have a functional website with email addresses... We've had a number of folks email the church before they show up, normally a day to a week beforehand. This way, the greeters will be looking for you, and expecting you. Normally they'll offer a tour and answer any questions that you might have. With or without doing this, you're welcome in, of course, but some folks perfer to. I wish you the best!

>Cuckhold Religion

Pic is very related

How did you get on Sup Forums? Just curious

>I only ask that we not rail on other denominations too much

Don't worry I actually don't give a shit what denomination anyone is in here. All Christians are welcome at an Anglican service and can take communion with us. If you believe that Jesus is the Christ than you are all right with me.

>But I'm not going to be the one to throw stones if you messed around first like most people do. That's not adultury.
doesn't it come under lust?

What separates sinful lust from lawful sexual interactions? Just the context of marriage?

So is only one form of Christianity right or when all us Jesus-believing folk die we each get our own part of Heaven?

One view is correct and what occurs to others depends on the view that is correct.

Christianity is 100% a cuck religion, it should be referred to as cuckstranity. It is a slave morality based fiction that only spreads guilt for being human.

It essentially promotes the mediocre and weak while trying to suppress the strong and superior. Religion's place in society evaporated after the industrial revolution, and it isn't coming back.

Haha, its a funny story. I once liked a page on Normiebook called "Operator Operating Opperationally" Or something, which was run by some guy on /k/. I thought the memes were amazing and I already loved firearms, and eventually I discovered where they were coming from.

It was my first experience with Sup Forums, I'd never been on before, but I landed on /k/ and was hooked. After about a year as a /k/ommando, I started hearing about Sup Forums on there, and stopped in.

At first, as a bluepilled normie with an interest in firearms and dank memes I was completely and totally, 100% repulsed by this place.

At the time I was completely against anti-semitism, was libertarian, etc, etc.

Over the next year or so, I became brutally redpilled (thanks again bros) and split my time between here and /k/. I'd often sit down at the computer after a day of work, check here for happenings, then browse through a /k/ horrors of war thread while eating dinner and relaxing.

Anyway, last fall I stumbled into Christianity threads here and in November or so, I visited an Orthodox church for the first time ever.

Its been quite a journey. How bout you guys?

Yeah it's lust. I would refer you to Jesus's sermon on the mount.

And if you think God thought up the 10 most important commandments for Moses, one of them is that thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife (which I would say is quite a good deal worse than simply drooling over an unmarried girl.)

You're really not supposed to have sex outside of marriage. But if you don't even bother caring about violating them then that I think is where you start running in to trouble.


but what is "sex"? just penetrative intercourse or any genital stimulation with another person?

>Nietzsche's poor understanding of Christianity

I have a bit of text I usually share to express my rejection of this idea:

>Nietzsche saw Christian morality as a kind of slave morality, while Greek and Roman culture was characterized as a master morality. Scheler disagrees. He begins with a comparison of Greek love and Christian love. Greek love is described as a movement from lower value to higher value. The weaker love the stronger, the less perfect love the more perfect. The perfect do not love the imperfect because that would diminish their value or corrupt their existence. Greek love is rooted in need and want. This is clearly indicated by the Aristotelian concept of God as the "Unmoved Mover". The unmoved mover is self-sufficient being completely immersed in its own existence. The highest object of contemplation, and who moves others through the force of attraction because efficient causality would degrade its nature.

Part 1/2

Part 2/2
>In Christian love, there is a reversal in the movement of love. The strong bend to the weak, the healthy help the sick, the noble help the vulgar. This movement is a consequence of the Christian understanding of the nature of God as fullness of being. God's love is an expression of His superabundance. The motive for love is not charity nor the neediness of the lover, but it is rooted in a deeply felt confidence that through loving I become more personalized and most real to myself. The motive for the world is not need or lack (à la Schopenhauer), but a creative urge to express the infinite fullness of being. Poverty and sickness are not values to be celebrated in order to spite those who are rich and healthy, but they simply provide the opportunity for a person to express his love. Rich people are harder to love because they are less in need of your generosity. Fear of death is a sign of a declining, sick, and broken life (Ressent 60). St. Francis' love and care for the lepers would have mortified the Greek mind, but for St. Francis, the threats to well-being are inconsequential because at the core of his being there is the awareness that his existence is firmly rooted in and sustained by the ground of ultimate being. In genuine, Christian love, the lower values that are relative to life are renounced not because they are bad, but simply because they are obstacles to those absolute values which allow a person to enter into a relationship with God. It is through loving like God that we are deified. This is why Scheler sees the Christian saint as a manifestation of strength and nobility and not manifesting ressentiment.

I have lost all of my saved pictures on my computer. Could anyone help me out and post some Christian art/memes/general images please?

I was never given to wonder about that. I think if you're trying to redefine it so that it's OK to suck a cock or fuck a butthole because that that technically wouldn't result in procreation then you're probably just looking for an excuse to play by the rules rather than having an interest in Christianity.

When I was maybe 4 another boy from down the street and I were changing into swim trunks and showed each other our penises. Does that make us gay? I don't think so.

>nietzsche's understanding of christianity
>not anything but accurate

What you posted if anything completely agrees with what Nietzsche states. The Christian/Plato view projects and establishes an altruism and emotional form of society. Love and Pity? Is this truly what great civilizations are based on? Absolutely not, these are just obstacles to seizing the will to power. To truly rise above the level of the ordinary plebeian and seize the godhood within grasp of (some) men. Christians promote the view of a glorious afterlife which causes people to forsake the actual world they are in, which is a form of proto nihilism.

Same here. I've heard good things about your Church :)

Its tough to say. My laymans view is that no one really knows who will get into heaven and who will not. I remember my Priest quoting someone who said "And if you make it there... Expect to see some people you werent expecting, and expect not to see some people that you were".

Its like the question of, what happens to an infant that dies days after being born? Of course they werent confirmed into the church and they hadnt made the decision to accept Christ as their savior, but on the other hand, they're not really capable of sin.

I believe they'll make it to heaven in this case, along with the animals of the world.

But this is just my layman's perspective, this would be a great question for your local Priest. Personally, I believe that to an extent, we dont know who will make it and who will not.

I follow the Orthodox faith because we can trace our lineage directly back to the Apostles of Jesus, all the way, in a Church that is truer to its roots over 2,000 years than any other, especially since most havent even existed that long in the first place.

I hope to study this more...

Whatever you say, my neighbor in this fallen world. I dont want to argue with you, I know that you wont be changing my mind (Like I said, I lived the Atheist life for a decade, I know all the lines, all the buzzwords, and all the "arguments"), and I dont expect to change yours. You came here not to learn, not to ask questions, but to tell us all why we're "wrong". I pray that one day you'll seek salvation, and just know, that the door will be open for you, when you did. Jesus wont turn away from you, even when you do on him.

Full disclosure, im a newfag who is still in high school, I go to a private school that drinks (((their))) propaganda like they were dying of thirst in the sahara. I put up with a lot of shit like plays on transgenderism and black lives matter speakers whose events we are forced to attend. I recently found that Sup Forums is a great place to bitch.


Do you think its possible to connect paganism with catholic saints? If so, what if black and white people create a indentitarianism movement based in their respective cultures. Whites with saints of Nordic's deities and Blacks with saints of Afros's deities, and then proceed to a separatism movement.


I simply pointed out my view on things to invite spirited debate. My view is that religion is a personal matter, I think everyone is entitled to his own religious beliefs. If you have the capacity to have faith in something beyond yourself and of natural reality then I applaud you. I could and would never have or understand such a feeling. I think that as members of the political right we should all stand together against the forces destroying our glorious civilization and riddling us with decadence and degeneration.

Any tips on quiting porn and masturbation? Seems likely that it will keep me from entering heaven unless I'm given a lot of mercy. I only do it 4ish times a week, so it's nothing chronic.

What does the phrase "turn the other cheek" encompass?
Minor insults, assault, war?

How is this phrase reconciled with other passages justifying self defense and just war.


I found it useful to only do it when I'm in bed and too lazy to go get up and go find porn so I'm forced to use my imagination.
Jesse Morrell & The Italian Street Preacher Tag Team Kansas State University with Open Air Preaching

give yourself FULLY to Jesus.

>if you're trying to specifically define the rules it means you're looking for loopholes
I hear this a lot as a go-to response about many different areas, and I think it's a dangerous state of mind. Why should it be encouraged to make yourself feel guilty about more things than are necessary - meaning in some cases you're therefore making yourself feel guilty about doing things that aren't actually sins?
Treating grey areas as if they're "sin by default, don't think about it" isn't particularly helpful imo

>What you posted if anything completely agrees with what Nietzsche states.

It completely rejects the Christian worldview and figures as representative of resentment which is central to the classification of it as "Slave Morality". Further it attests to the saints - the figures that are representative of the lifestyle - as figures of strength and nobility. This is explicitly against Nietzsche's entire view of Christianity.

Did you actually read what was stated?

>Christians promote the view of a glorious afterlife which causes people to forsake the actual world they are in, which is a form of proto nihilism.

That's not sound at all as Christianity classically considers the world good. The saints, such as the ascetics, do not reject their nature but work to restore it to its integrity in this life and the next. There is no rejection of it, there is affirmation of the world. The core disagreement is not one of disposition but of the facts. Whether order/disorder exists.

The issue that Nietzsche had is that he grew up in a Lutheran/Calvinist atmosphere and gives a view of Christianity which is solely restricted to Lutheranism and Calvinism.

I don't know how accurate pic related is but it's an interesting interpretation


Any other takers?


I was raised as a catholic and when I was 14 I assumed myself as an atheist. I've been browsing Sup Forums since 2007.

Now I'm 26 and I rediscovered my faith 3 months ago after one year reading st. Thomas. I had never had a boyfriend before until last month, when one of the friends who guided me through the process asked me. My boyfriend is fully redpilled.

I'm still a virgin and so does he. We French kiss, but I don't touch his private parts and I stop kissing when I feel we're going to trespass the limits. I want to have sex with him, but at the same time I know it's an offence to God, so why not wait until marriage. I didn't expect someone would love me anyway.

I think it's the opposite. If it's a grey area then the point is to do what you can to avoid doing what you know or think to be wrong.

I don't think it's about feeling guilty. I think that it's just a good sign if you're trying to figure your way around some technicality or other that either you don't understand the point of it or you're lying to yourself.

You be merciful unless it allows the other person to sin. It doesn't mean "be a doormat". It means that you don't hold on to grudges. If someone is threatening you, you have not only a right but an obligation to protect yourself. This is all right from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. A battered spouse has the right to flee, and someone under attack has the right to fight back. In the latter case, it's okay to make an unjust aggressor BTFO, but not okay to go and overkill.

Hope that helps user!

Saint Augustine's theology defended military service and war as long as it was in self-defense. Many other theologians believe that only pacifism can work with Christianity.

Basically you're looking at Augustinian self-defense doctrine or pacifism.


Marry that guy already. Why hasn't he proposed to you?

I understand what you're saying - but from my point of view I'm not approaching these questions as "finding a way around a rule", I'm approaching it as "understanding what the rule actually covers in the first place so I don't put unnecessary guilt onto myself"

I enjoyed reading this, thank you!

I would, if I had much of anything. I hope someone here will commence a photo dump for us all to save...

Oh Jeeze... I've know folks like that, and honestly I think that what based Yuri said about Marxists also applies to Jews. People become so brainwashed that even when exposed to genuine information, they'll dismiss it under whatever pretense.

If you take someone who believes (((they))) can do no wrong, and show them evidence of the holocaust being a hoax, or how (((they))) run the media, they just dismiss it as Alex Jones level nonsense.

What to do about this?

I pray for them. I know that I believed their lies, realized I had been lied to, and now hate them 10x more than someone who hadnt been lied to and discovered it in the first place, if that makes sense.

I truly hope that more will break the cycle and see the light.

Honestly I dont know enough of Pagans or Catholics to produce an intelligent comment, but I have my doubts, personally...

Beautiful churches, are beautiful...

I agree, we do need to stand together. If you're interested, perhaps you'll consider a book called "Beginning to Pray" which outlines an Orthodox perspective of what exactly god is, and isnt. I recommend the book, highly, it might well be able to help you...

Yes, ultimately... Get married! People are Sexual beings, theres no two ways around it, and honestly I dont look at this as a bad thing, we need to be, in order to survive as a species!

With that being said, with oppertunity comes responsibility, and a healthy, Christian marriage is mutually beneficial, serves the family, and the community. This is my ultimate goal, personally.

Also, stop watching porn! I did, after a couple months or so, from watching hardcore stuff, I found myself aroused by a fully clothed, respectable looking ~20 year old girl on the front of a local magazine. It was a good start for me.

Your pic is accurate.

>proposing after one month
it takes longer than that to know if you're compatible and get along properly in all areas of life. Getting married early just to have non-sinful sex is not a wise decision for something so permanent and long term

This is good stuff, wonder what language that is?

Greek, Latin or yiddish?
What If Someone Slaps My Wife?

Like I said, check out Jesus' sermon on the mount. I'm no priest or biblical scholar but I think it's pretty clear that sex is for after marriage and for the purposes of creating children, that it's obviously a source of intimate bonding with your soul mate, a form of rightful recreation and necessary release, and that if you think of it as nothing more than hedonism then you're disrespecting the order of the universe.

If you don't like that answer ask somebody else.

But the saints are often rather just figures of weakness and depravity. Morons who dedicate their lives to altruism, or people martyred for ideals.

I should have said, a component of what he said admits to what Nietzsche said about Christianity, specifically in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Nietzsche is rejecting the entire premise of the Christian belief system, arguing that revering such figures who espouse such weakness is a form of slave morality, in which it is. Instead of worshipping great conquerors or leaders, men who wash the feet of the poor and die mauled by lions are made the ideal.

>That's not sound at all as Christianity classically considers the world good.

That's not what St Ambrose had to say in The City of God, widely considered one of the foundations of Christian theology.

Nietzsche grew up when Christianity was generally finished as the premier social force. His philosophy reflects that, which is also why churches today are either progressive hellholes (Including the mainstream Catholic Church or most Lutherans) or half empty houses of worship filled with Octogenarians.

Do you know any good Orthodox reading/listening online that I can use to learn? Been protestant my whole life and after listening to a little bit of the podcast Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy from I have become more convinced that Orthodoxy is the way, but I really do not know much about it.

Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament.

Koine "Common" Hellenistic Greek --- not be confused with Attic or Ionic Greek of Homer

>implying your denomination is "orthodox" for more than slavs and greeks

No, user. Around here we call them _Eastern_ Orthodoxy at best, and Orientalist heresy as normal.

Ivan, please go.

Neato, that kind of context is crucial.

Why isnt this well known?

nice numbers checked and good advice

I hope user doesn't wait too long if things look good enough though. Most people I know who are happily married didn't wait too long. Most people I know who aren't waited too long.

On getting into heaven:
Do you believe that God sent His Son to Earth to live among humans and to ultimately die to absolve humans of the penalty of being apart from God?
If the answer is yes, congrats, I'll meet you one day in Heaven. That's all it takes. Doesn't matter how much you're jerking off - your faith, not your works, gets you into heaven.

Regarding quitting porn/masturbation: First off, it'll be a LOT of willpower. It's almost like you're quitting drugs. It isn't easy. It'll be painful. It will 100% be worth it.
Second, don't go it alone. Have someone you trust keep you accountable. Ideally, have that person be someone who's trying to quit/has quit themselves.
Third, replace the routine. Find something else to do/think about during your normal crank time. If it's just before sleeping, think about something else. Get into another habit.
It'll be pretty tough for the first week or so. It gets slowly more manageable after that.
I'll say a prayer for you, user. Stay strong.

We're both ending college, he must find a job first. Since our country is through financial crisis, it'll take a while.

Yes! I recommend a book called "Beginning To Pray", you can buy it cheap on Amazon. Additionally, I enjoy "Orthodox Sermons" on YouTube, I dont remember their exact channel name, but if you search what I put in quotes, you can find it. Additionally, "Aincent Faith Radio" is a wonderful podcast, you can find it through a quick google search. I will pray for you, and I hope that maybe some other anons here will chime in with helpful suggestions, also.

It is if you go to seminary or study theology at a divinity school. However the ancient languages are no longer required teaching in the modern church among both catholic and protestant denominations. It's a shame because Koine, Hebrew and Latin give Christian's a strong connection to their texts.

If the Jews do one thing right, it's that they force their children to the language of their people to become fully incoproated into the faith. Christians should learn at least basic Koine Greek for confirmation.

t. seminary student with a BA in Classics who has studied koine greek and hebrew

Don't let the Jew money crisis scare you. It's probably going to get worse anyway.

If he comes from a good family and he's ready to commit to see you through good times and bad times, sickness and health, 'till death do you part, don't let a good thing slip out of your fingers. I assume you've already met his family and been able to determine whether or not they're happy to have you as a part of it.

*learn the language


Christianity doesn't consider the world good. Christianity is a light in a dark world. Given all the references to "the world" and "the flesh" as opposition to His word, I'm not sure where you came to that conclusion - Biblically, at least.

Looking at porn isn't a sin if you aren't married

>practising heresy

looking lustfully at someone other than your wife is definitely a sin, user

Good one, lad.