>october is 2 years away
How do we survive the wait?

We watch Amaama to Inazuma this summer, avoid the trash, and hold out until Hibike 2 and Natsume 5 air in October.

We got this bro.

>october is 2 years away

>2013 was 20 years ago

Kumiko is so beautiful.

What's your favorite part of Kumiko's body?

All I care about is if we'll get yuri or not.

Give it to me straight, Sup Forums. Will there finally be yuri or not?

Everything, really.

I want to look at her, listen to her, hug her, sniff her and taste her.

Was Kumiko always that THICC?

how new?



So stoked for this! LOVE Hibike!

I'm not as excited for it now that I know she breaks things off with Reina.

Do you have evidence to support your statement?

Novel fags' anecdotes

Are there peer review publishers for this sort of thing?

They don't really break things off. Their relationship just becomes boring because they only talk to each other about Taki-sensei and Shuuichi all the time


That girl blows.

Well maybe Kyoani will save us from this development like they did with the yuri subtext in season 1

thank god for asuka

>more Hibike
>rumours about more Hyouka
There's still time for Kyoani to save anime.

Angelic Reina

God dammit, Carlos.

What the hell is this lesbo shit?

>Pretending for the sake of shitposting

I never seen this shit that why I'm asking

user why do you lie in the internet?

what lesbo shit?

Kumiko and Reina go from young hot couple to old married couple in the span of a book

It's a show about lesbians

>lilking lesbians

Looks like I'll be alive for this after all.

It's a show about adolescence. You need to rewatch if you seriously believe these lies you are posting.

Mizore's actually a lesbian though

What is the plot?

She's so T H I C C i kind of am hoping she finds a guy so I can self insert as the guy railing her

Finally, there will be more romance development between Kumiko and Shuuichi

No there won't. Just ask novelfags. Shuuichi may as well be a background character.

How many confirmed ones and not just summary readers?