What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?
>Infowars selling anti-fa shirts that say infowars on them
Is he the ultimate troll?
Why would he want to associate with antifa?

Gotta make that money son

Yeah but who's buying these? Antifa thinks infowars is fascist, don't they? And no self-respecting none anti-fa person would wear an anti-fa shirt. I'm conflicted. Did Alex Jones go full retard on this one?


The point is that antifa isnt actually antifascist. The patriotic American is.

infowars is more libertarian, but the retarded kind that wont accept that nazi's are there allies

It's pretty clear what Alex means by this: he is anti-communist and anti-fascist.

Look, you can say he's a shill for Israel and that he's a phony all you want but all he wants is freedom and lower taxes - and for you to buy some caveman. On that note, Super Male Vitality is currently 50% off, folks.

Woah. This is deep.

Infowars boomer posting again

I mean, yeah I agree, obviously this isnt being advertised towards the 'Antifa movement' cuz it has an American flag on it and all that ..
I guess youre right. But Antifa ruined the branding of saying 'Anti-fascist' on anything. I presume everyone is against fascism but if I meet someone wearing an anti-fascism shirt I'm going to assume they are a SJW 'everyone is a nazi' pseudo anarchist.

It's meant to "reclaim the term", as Americans are actually against fascism (hence the pairing with Anti-com).

It's fucking Alex Jones, what do you expect? Nigga's crazy.

>don't mind me just your're le average humble water filter salesman

He thought he could do the 50% off for the rest of the year but he's gonna have to stop it in the next day or two, it's selling to fast.

Thank you for supporting the Infowar.

This is fucking hilarious

Mo' money for dem programs.

He's a BASED civic nationalist, he loves the constitution, and based blacks and patriotic jews too! Nazis are on the wrong side of history! It's the globalist leftists trying to kill us all and nazis are called socialist so that means they're on the left too!! We need to stand up with our based minority friends and fight for the rights of individualism, and the core western values such as being pro-lgbtqq+, pro-femenism, and pro-capitalism!


Can't tell if OP and commenters are full blown retarded? Or?....

stealing their iconography won't be so easy

The fact that it's a U.S. and Gadsden flag escapes you guys?

I can't tell either. I should lurk moar

The shirt is designed to trigger libs. When seen from afar they'll think it's another comrade. As they approach they see what is really screened on. Just seeing the word infowars does seem to stir primal rage in the little darlings; perhaps i'll buy one.