I do not have concrete evidence that this is occurring, only word of mouth. I will not reveal who I am or what I am involved in either, but be assured that I am not some high up government official either.

I heard through the grapevine that Trump and Sessions are both extremely pissed off at the CIA about trying to redact, alter, or prevent the release of the extra documents about JFK that have been on hold. Sessions is working overtime this weekend to force (them) to release the remaining information. This could get ugly folks. I expect retaliation in an extreme fashion.

If anyone has more information about this than I do, then please share.

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google.com/maps/place/Langley, McLean, VA 22101/@38.9464977,-77.1763781,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b7ca84bc8bbf7b:0x2a45b732f0eff0e2!8m2!3d38.9464996!4d-77.1588685

>It's a LARP thread
>And not even a good one.

>Trump attempts to disband the CIA
>Gets JFK'd

these fucking millenials assassinated him

heres a real thread

>I expect retaliation in an extreme fashion.
What's this mean?

You'll shoot your eye out

You think the American people wouldn't revolt?

>an actual LARP thread

if trump gets killed, we patriots WILL BURN DOWN DC. And that's just a small start.

The US population will be under 200 million by the time we are done.

THIS is not a LARP.

You think they'd know about it 50 years later?
JFK wanted to disband the CIA.

true if big

Yea I feel confident this is true.

Patriots, especially Sup Forumstriots will be knocking on CIA niggers doors with pitchforks and home made napalm shotgun rounds.

Anyone could guess that Trump is angry about it, don't need any inside info for that. But as I understand it, he didn't have to go along. He could have said, "Too bad, you had 50 years. If someone gets pinched because you didn't redact their name yet, tough." It's up to the president, why would Sessions have to do anything to get them released? Doesn't make sense.

really? and risk life imprisonment

CIA right now, "Fuckin' burn and destory the JFK evidence ASAP!!"

Is there a number where we can call CIA and troll them??


But sessions was just on MSM promising they will be coming out ASAP.
Didn't say what the fuck the problem was.
And he kinda looked annoyed they were not out.
Seems plausible.

>Is there a number where we can call CIA and troll them??

real thread dont get promoted by their faggot op

Please, please, please, revolt so we can finally be done with you morans.I can wait for the day to watch all of you being gunned down in the streets.

Like I said, I am not a high up government official so I do not know what is to come. All I heard was that there is extreme tension between Trump, Sessions, and the CIA. Again, if anyone is in the know more than myself, then please share.

cia will bend the knee

Watch out for false flag here in Murfreesboro, TN on saturday. Its going to be a bloodbath.

> Didn't say what the fuck the problem was.

Better be cataloging or bust.

Sup Forums existed before the internet, confirmed.

>see threads about "JFK"
>google what it is about
>it's about some old president a hundred years ago

wtf pol? why do you care about this

I'm sick of hearing about the deep state. Their existence is not guaranteed by the constitution. Abolish them and start over from scratch.

factual and verified

>CIA will go after Blumpf for doing exactly what they told him to do.
Extra shitty thread.

Found all of CIA contact info, go crazy Sup Forums

CIA nigger detected.

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Also don't forget to use temporary email

Or a CIAniggers-fishing-for-information thread


based af
severely underrated

Can't be imprisoned if there is no government

Then state your fucking source or accept your label as a fucking LARPer

The grapevine is often cluttered with misinformation and half truths.

I hope Trump n Sessions are pissed enough to do something about it though.

If some of you young whippersnappers do not try out for a CIA internship this December, I will be sorely disappointed. INFILTRATE


Will do..

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It is word of mouth, like I stated in the OP. I will not reveal the person I heard it from. That is why I am encouraging anyone to reveal anything with concrete proof that something is going to go down over the weekend.

Also the CIA doesn't have official field offices throughout the US because they're supposed to be a foreign intelligence agency operating primarily overseas. I'm sure there ARE field offices, for recruitment if nothing else, but they're gonna be hard to find. However, there's Langley, their HQ in Virginia.

google.com/maps/place/Langley, McLean, VA 22101/@38.9464977,-77.1763781,14z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b7ca84bc8bbf7b:0x2a45b732f0eff0e2!8m2!3d38.9464996!4d-77.1588685

I recommend mounting a large, noisy demonstration outside their HQ which goes on for days and annoys the shit out of everybody.

tell us more, space cowboy

Aren't they drawing a lot of extra attention to these files by doing this? It's like saying "READ THESE, THEY'RE INCRIMINATING".

A re-release 54 years later with the name "Trump" instead of "Kennedy", I'm guessing. What else do they have, are they going to release a CGI-rendered Trump getting pissed on by CGI-rendered prostitutes? What do you think they have left?

Digits say it ain't so though.

you can google it, dummy
pretty sure Sup Forums does not need cianiggers' help to use jewgle

That’s what I saw too, glad it wasn’t only me.

>I do not have concrete evidence that this is occurring, only word of mouth.

Nice ID Jeb

This isn't as far fetched as it was say 10 years ago.
I was watching a really neet documentary on youtube about a month back about the resurgence of American militias, patriot groups and the likes. The Ranch incident back in 2014 or whatever was the first verified time in modern American history where federal authorities backed down from an armed confrontation with American citizens. And apparently something that's gone to the top of their list is pissed off white dudes with military training, arming and training other pissed off white dudes about the government.

The case against the rancher was a total shit show but the primary reason charges were dropped twice was because the jury literally didn't trust the feds. No matter what the feds said, it came out that the Jury convened and basically said "These guys are full of shit".

Yeah I know. But they do need help for a raid which is what you are (((implying))). I take it back, you aren’t even smart enough to be CIA nigger.

Liberty or death.
Pay attention CIA. We are superstitious men. If he should slip in the shower or even so much as stub his for, we will not forgive.


Yes I also know important people. This is the photo (they) do not want us to see. I cannot confirm or deny who I am or who I know, but this picture speaks for itself.

i have seen crisis actores needed adds posted on friends facebook in murfreesboro/ shelbyville tn

lol soften the edges around Sam a bit, his outline is sharper than everyone else's.

Sessions confirmed this on Fox news about an hour ago. He said they want them ALL out ans they will be working all weekend to go through every document and question any and all redactions. CIA Mafia is already spreading propaganda-Obama's former CIA shyster was on saying the files confirm Oswald was working for RUSSIA KGB!!!! BWAH-their favourite boogyman strikes again.

N-nuuu.... WHAT edges? This is totally real!!!

mods have been deleting this pic lol



Pics please. I'm nearby and have been collecting emails and the like in preparation.

Oh shiiii.... Sam Hyde time travelling confirmed! Mods compromised confirmed! This is not a drill get in here faggots reeeeeeeeee

absolutely. 50% or more of them.

>please share.

Very well. In the spirit of sharing critical info like yours, I heard that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

are you seriously asking this? i guess Aussies are just soft cunts not?


Oh look...another bullshit larp thread that newfags will bump to the top of the catalog.

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you're missing the point entirely IMO...

how many JFK level events can he disclose? i bet he's trying to cover something else up in the news. there's no chance america WONT talk about this for days/months.


Just write it in an email to a friend and they'll see it, I assure you.

T_d has ruined this board.

>the CIA doesn't have official field offices throughout the US

> they're supposed to be a foreign intelligence agency operating primarily overseas.

do you even know what the fucking problem is?????? jesus christ

I imply nothing. I just say it outright if I have anything to say.

I did go to high school and college, respectively, with two guys who ended up joining the CIA. Here's the thing: they were both subtly weird, uncomfortable, very old school, painfully Eagle Scout, clean-cut type guys who wore polos and slacks to school every day and never diverted from the straight and narrow even once. And both were kind of quiet and awkward with women. The high school guy tried to go out with my sister's best friend and failed even though she was a super nice "normie" type shy girl who might have even said yes. Had he asked properly instead of acting like an autist, anyway.

I wonder if CIAniggers tend to totally adhere to a specific character "type". I bet they they do. I bet FBI guys who read here laugh and secretly empathize with a lot of what we say, and CIA guys tend to be disgusted and annoyed by us.

I do desu, everyone is too comfortable and pathetic these days

>Also the CIA doesn't have official field offices throughout the US because they're supposed to be a foreign intelligence agency operating primarily overseas.
right because they totally didn't admit to doing mind control experiments with drugs and such during the '50s and '60s (and obviously beyond)

in the US on US citizens, I should add

large if correct

thank god

>the CIA will release the documents implicating them in the assassination of JFK

Come on, y'all! Sessions had to get involved because those "withholding", were overreaching the realms of their authority! Yesterday was a delay tactic and the disinfo spun via the MSM, didn't give you all the facts.

Admin. wanted those docs released by 8:00a.m. yesterday morning. CIA kept holding out. Trump engaged Sessions yesterday afternoon, he came in and threatened officials with contempt, then held a mandatory call at 5:30.

They have a timeframe. They know it. Trump isn't fucking around and as if it couldn't get any better, he stuck their delay right up all their asses today by demanding the rest of Hillary's emails be processed by Tillerson/State Dept. the CIA isn't gonna like it, when everyone's reminded that Benghazi didn't happen over a fucking YouTube video.

We've got another great week coming up!

That most people here are so underage that they think they can just call up the CIA because they have offices everywhere?

Otherwise, my real answer would take all day and ain't nobody got time for that shit.


Seriously?? Because of Sam or because of Jackie's ass? I mean, she has nudes.

So fucking real

Americans may huff and puff and wrangle their shitty guns around but no guerilla has the power to win against the gov lackeys.

Form up into SHRIKE Force Squadrons

did you read where I added that of course they do but finding them is gonna be difficult? reading comprehension....


The Don just tweeted that he’s releasing the rest immediately. They are censoring names and info of living people.

>living people

The Don loves us.

>believed in rescuing America from control by the Federal Government
>suffered a severe setback with the assassination of JFK

really makes you think

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Don't kid yourselves, you won't do shit.

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Fuck you CIA nigger. I will kill all CIA agents and reduce the Federal government and any one who stands in our way to get justice if Trump is killed. Mass deaths will happen to CIA and FBI fucks when we match to Washington


Ugh, that was not a very good adaptation, pic related is waaaay better and true to the book.