Pajeety's on the moon~

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It'll be a shitty spaceship.

Can you imagine the disgusting smell of the capsule that the astronauts will be chilling in for 2 days straight. Where will they poo without a loo?


half their country shits outside -- I'll see it when I believe it

I only respect countries with their flag on the moon. It’s the most non nigger thing you can do. They’ll never get it done.

Its called a spiceship, and chkd

did they run out of space to shit on earth?

For what purpose? Is there any reason to go other than to say "WE WUZ MOON"

They probably have enough methane to fuel the rockets.

Any plans on the return trip?

One small step for Pajeet, one giant shit for mankind

One small poo for a man...

I imagine they won't make it leaving a handful of people to drift in their own shit for eternity. Imagine five hundred million years from now some alien interstellar cracking open that can. Imagine the smell.

Leaked image of their rocket design

They better not shit on it!


When I was in the Navy were on deployment in the Arabian Sea. The Captain thought it would be a good idea to have a "crew swap" where we would take a couple of people from each ship and swap them out of a few days.

The only thing is, we were on deployment with the Indian Navy. So a buddy of mine had to spend 3 days on an Indian Destroyer.

He came back traumatized. He said it was fucking filthy. The head, the mess decks, the people, and the smell was horrendous.

He was seriously traumatized.

A rover or actual Poo in loos?

I hate when turd world countries try to skip steps.
Get indoor plumbing for majority of your country first. No nukes, no moon until you get the basics done.

dick waving
I want to dick wave too


Do they speak Hindi?



All that money spent and all that distance traveled just so they can poo on the moon

shit propelled rockets when?

>not just traumatised, but seriously traumatised. Designated shitting gangways

What crater will be the first designated shitting crater?
Will we get a epic
>the curry has landed
Will the spiceship be equipped with a explosive diarrhea after burner?
What will they call their spaceman' I vote for Poonauts.
So many questions

At least give me some kind of sauce you fucking inbred cum guzzler.

You lost me at
>when i was in the navy
Stopped reading there.


Here you go you incapable piece of crap.


I hope they stay there

i hope they bring disinfectant for the flight controls. imagine if a turd fragment caused a challenger/columbia tier accident.

short but sweet. You're still a fucking leaf though

>not shitting in zero gravity

It fucking took you long enough.

Fuck you guys. India is one of the only countries in the world with launch capabilities. If your country can't put shit in orbit, don't talk about Indias planned field latrines on the moon. You won't be invited to see how shit reacts in low gravity.

They got only a year left. I assume they already have necessary equipment and rockets ready, right?

>a small shit for me but a big shit for humanity
god speed

"land on the moon" yeah with a fucking little ass robot. presupposing we landed on the moon in a tin bucket 50 years ago.. fuck off poo in the loo


Good on them, they can save on the diapers.

>methane fueled rockets

Designated shitting craters.

they just go up and steal our flag, hwndu style.

>India has announced plans to launch its first manned space mission in 2015 and set a deadline of 2020 for an Indian astronaut to walk on the moon


Guess how far they have come replicating that imported Russian rocket engine technology with Russian aid and riding on Russian rockets to space...

Poo moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own





I bet it had a really good poop deck though.

Why go to the moon when there are no commies to race?

curb that ambition taco, you'll have to fly above the wall first somehow.




Take off that meme flag pajeet.

I wonder who is going to be first to get someone killed in official space. Will it be Musk? The Indians? Who will it be? Russians don't count since it happened during re-entry instead of being above the karman line.

What? You don't like the most powerful navy to ever navigate the seas?

On an Indian ship, every deck is the poop deck.

user the communists may be gone but there is much left to poo.

No. Fuck you. If I use the Indian flag, any points I want to make get drowned out by shit references. That's actually offensive to the several hundred million rich Indians who have better anal hygiene than most westerners. We don't rip on you for having bits of toilet paper stuck to your assholes. Every home I've been to in India has a water jet. If you can build a space shuttle, why is a potty shower too complicated?

designated shitting celestial body

It's really time to stop this poo bully stuff. sad!

Thank you bjorn

poo on moo

>my uncle is rockets man, he get many death threats but no rape. Stay strong bro, rockets is hard job

Is was during re-entry while still above the Karman line, retard.

India already has its flag on the moon, however having a false sense of superiority due to it, that's not the Indian way that our ancestors laid down before us my friend

the dark side of the moon's untouched flats are the shit ridden beaches of tomorrow

>Pajeet poos on the moons
>Poo forms new lifeform and terraforms moon
>Pajeet is ultimate space colonizer. Colony prospers in abundance of poolife
>India super power by 2025

India is going to kill alien species with the vile bacteria and viruses they will take to space.


Yeah. Then we'll make a new Independence Day movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, and release it on 15th August. We'll even get Goldbloom to co-star.

>Moon by 2018
>super-power by 2020


>imblying that your methane powered rocket will make it off the lunchpad
Go fuck off India, also stop sending your street-shitter cousins here.

brb gotta circumcise my newborn wife's son

A spaceshit


Are you a jew? Or a mossie? Only jews and goatfuckers do that. Hindus don't.


>"India announced they will land on the moon in 2018 and on the sun in 2020, making them the first nation to achieve both. Asked how they will manage the intense heat of the sun landing, temperatures of which can reach 5800 degrees Kelvin, Chairman Aluru Seelin Kiran Kumar responded, "the temperatures are indeed high but we will land the craft in the evening."

They meant to say "pooper" power.

>Buy everything from Russia
>Pay Russia to train your astronauts
>Pay Russia to coach you through the launch
>Pay Russia for aircraft to fly at your celebration
A more accurate description would be "India paid Russia to take them to the moon". I assume somewhere an Indian politician is fondly remembering his childhood, shitting on the street corner one day looking up at the big, bright and pure moon. Thinking to himself, "One day Pajeet you'll not shit on the street, you'll poo on the moon as they die in a monsoon".

Meanwhile in USA...

Honestly i hope they do it and their rocket fails on the return imagine the buthurt if a couple of pajeets get stranded to die on the moon.


Yeah. No multi millions gonna be spent trying to bring brown Matt Damon back from the moon.

Ah, my mistake. Just read about Soyuz 11 again. Well, I'm betting India will get someone killed next.

You're just triggered it's a non-white country that is going to the moon

Listen here "American intellectual". The Indians are a mighty race of functioning layered cultures mixed as one people. If American's can get to the moon ( if it wasn't faked) then how hard could it actually be? India is number 1 in the world in Hinduism and churning out Doctor after Doctor and surgeon after surgeon and (You) are lucky even to read and manager the few fainting moments of actual emotion when your meds wear off. America can become a far better place if integrated with the Indian class system and jeepey transports. Maybe the American accent might improve.

Bollywood has finally done it.
Only the nations with the best movie skills make it to the moon.

>theyre going to die in their own shit

Don't you think Russia could do it ? Or any relevant country in Europe ?

China and India try too hard to prove something

Indian caste system is alive and well. It's awesome! We have millions of villagers streaming into the cities, who all usually know their place. They have a massive inferiority complex to the higher castes, which results in millions of middle class Indians having servants in the numbers that only your 1% can dream off. I have 3 servants on my payroll. They come everyday. I pay $200 dollars per month for all three.

did they finally scam enough money to build a rocket?


Didn't know they let you poo all over the Emerald isle.

>it's actually just china's plan to fire the entirety of india at the moon

Based Chinks

Years from now our grandchildren will learn about the Great Brown Spot on the Moon.

Lovely! Now Moonman doesn't have to go to India, the pooinloos will come to *him* instead!