When is it okay for a man to cry?

When is it okay for a man to cry?

Never you little bitch.

when his dog dies

Whenever you want, just never in front of a woman.


When his dog dies or his favorite freighter on the Great Lakes is scrapped.

its okay to cry like a bitch when your dog dies.

Its okay to shed silent tears when witnessing a tragedy you heroically tried to prevent.

thats it.

Crying is a bevavior from infancy that compels adults to help you because you can't help yourself. Women continue this behavior regularly into adulthood because they too are helpless and incompetent, and need others to assist them. Men do not cry, ever.

>when his god dies
t. kant

>Favorite freighter is on the Great Lakes is scrapped
user STOP

Your animal or child dies

When you parents die

When you see the niggers hanging...
tears of joy

When Hillary is indicted.

Tears of joy, long live the republic!

Whenever you're alone is ideal.

You're probably going to do it in front of someone at least once.

When you lose in call of duty

Only when your parents die. Basically. Maybe dog. I cried in silent about my dog.

When mom buys the wrong brand of tendies or your internet goes down mid shitpost

Whenever u are losing in an argument

Oh nice


When he feels the need to cry. Surely you guys don't still believe the children's tales of 'men dont' cry' and all that other 1600's idiocy, right? Might as well start hollering about the London Bridge being filled with children or something while you're at it, or carrying posies in your pocket.

When your homemade project suddenly breaks or fucks up.

There is crying and crying. If you want to cry like a man, you let a few tears out and show that you're trying hard to hold them, with an angry or neutral face. You don't cry very long, you wipe the tears and you get angry, hitting a wall or something like that.

Also, do this when something really bad happened, in front of very few people that are really close to you but that you don't have to protect (mother, father, friends, not a gf or a wife).

give up the lachrymation jew

When Sup Forums shits the bed and isn't bumping JFK threads but instead anons keep on making pointless threads like these that mods do nothing about because they're compromised.

Any time he wants. A man does not need societal approval.

I cried when one of my ferrets died. Was that ok?

Death of his father, his children, or his dogs.

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>hitting things out of anger
Mongoloid behavior

RIP in Pieces, M/V Miss Mudhen II.

An emotionally mature person does not repress their feelings, they either let it go or, if they can't, they embrace it and feel into their emotions fully.

Those are cute

When your retarded cousin deletes your Pokemon save 17 years ago

No not this

Funerals and old yeller

She got Tyson brand. Bitch don't you know I'll post shit about this

What are you making, user?

>when your dog dies
>when your child died
>when your mother dies

This. Especially if it was your lover.

No. You have to show some emotions, otherwise you'll be an autist. Let's say your mother dies and you're with your gf when you're told she just died. The only good way to behave is to be angry. Hitting things is a good way to show you're angry because it is intense.

>kant puns

I've only ever seen men cry when they lose someone who they had a very intense bond with. Whether it's a brother, a mother / father, a pet, etc.

Also it's less of a "I'll never see you again" cry that women do, it's more of a cry reminiscing on all the fond and strong memories they have of the person, hoping they're in a better place now.

When they witness their homelands being raped before their very eyes.

Also this

>When your homemade project suddenly breaks or fucks up.
No, you swear when you fuck up. Crying after making a mistake is what a woman does.


Honestly I never cried beyond the age of 9 until my dog died from an operation.

i cry in my dreams and then wake up with tears in my eyes. is that normal?

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dogs are vermin filth creatures


t. Mohammed abu al-Londistani.


That's from having wet dreams and getting cum in your eye. More normal than you think.

As long as it's done in private it doesn't matter. Only faggots cry in front of others.

when this dies

>shitposting in Australian
Why are you being such a cunt m8? Abbos nab all your petrol?

When he gets punched in the nuts!