Spin this Trumptards

Spin this Trumptards

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what's wrong with hiring an opp research company? can you explain to me OP why this would even be something worth spinning? where is the wrongdoing?

also what does the washington free beacon have to do with trump implicitly?

OP this is some massively weak shit you are peddling here IMO.

and CNN is pretty bizarre for putting Trumps face in a story about WFB

Maybe because the only time foreign actors got involved was after Hillary took over the oppo program. The only collusion with Russian was with Hilary and the Dems.

And a red donor is paying for an impeachment advertisement campaign, what the fuck do you think there is to spin?

In the case of the DNC and Clinton Campaign, it's illegal to not report your expenditures on opp research to the FEC, especially after routing the money/workload through a law firm.

>In the case of the DNC and Clinton Campaign, it's illegal to not report your expenditures on opp research to the FEC, especially after routing the money/workload through a law firm.
yes i know but OP is trying to suggest that the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website, somehow did something wrong by hiring Fusion GPS.

it's like WTF? typical leftist retardation. nothing wrong with simply hiring an oppositional research company, the question is about the ethics and corruption specific to HRC's dealings with them, not the fact that she was implicitly dealing with them to begin with.

these people are just fucking retards, that's all im pointing out.

I feel it, this thread is slightly confusing because OP is acting like disloyal R's is a new thing.

The news will nonstop talk about it, get the entire public to hate him. I mean ffs they are sitting there reporting on news from a year ago a little while ago.

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well correct me if im wrong, but as far as i knew Fusion GPS wasn't left-wing or right-wing aligned. they are mercs. they do it for money. that was what i thought. i've never seen anything to the contrary. so they would do research on Trump or on Hillary. and there's nothing wrong with that. totally legal. not immoral.
the immorality came if knowingly forged these documents or pushed the story knowing that it was (obviously) totally bunk. if they CREATED this story and if HRC and her team had a hand in it, it's obviously an issue. THAT is what people are mad about. also the reporting irregularities with regards to the money that you cited before.

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dude trump is not getting impeached. deal with it. the media has no political power, really, they just screech autistically and the most autistic morons believe them. the vast majority of people don't even listen to them because we know they are corrupt and politically motivated.

>Fusion GPS wasn't left-wing or right-wing aligned
Correct, Fusion GPS actually has deep roots all across the media from CNN to Fox. I don't think anyone informed on this issue is really taking an issue with the fact that a company like Fusion GPS exists, but as we are discussing it's the fact that the DNC and CC took over the opposition research in 2016 and never penned down any expenses to the FEC, which is very illegal.

That's the fulcrum of the entire matter, not Fusion.

They founded the first phase.
The DNC and Hillary's campaign founded later phases.

like shouldn't this whole russia thing just prove how wrong you are? the media cried about "muh russia, muh russia". they called for impeachment, yelled treason. they yelled in one unified voice that this man needed to be impeached and basically only the lowly, highschool reject, antifa, autistic, 21st century version of goth kids listened to them. everyone else just shrugged and said "yeah that's stupid and not true", and now they've all been proven right. the media once again humiliated itself. why don't you just wake up and face it dude?

fully agree. OP seems to be a moron leftist who thinks "omfg look republicans worked with Fusion GPS too therefore they did something bad!"
it just makes you want to slam your head into a wall. fucking leftists are so stupid. they just read some stupid thing and then flip out about it without ever UNDERSTANDING the things they are talking about.

Phone. *Funded


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steele and russians were not involved until after the primary. Democrats used russian propaganda as evidence to spy on the campaign.

Establishment operatives initiated the fusion contract to look at trump and other gop candidates.
Then podesta and co bought the contract after nothing came up, transferred funds through fusions operative Christopher Steele (who was hired after the republicans stopped paying for the oppo research) to the kremlin and Russian officials for dirt and trump. Then the Clinton campaign gave obama's FBI the incomplete dossier, and the FBI then took over continued funding and used the findings to justify applying for thousands of fisa warrants so the democrats could listen in on the trump campaign and use anything damaging from tapped phone conversations to throw at trump during the election. When he won, they closed the dossier. And then coney showed trump and Obama in order to leak it to the press (the meeting when he showed them was in a manner that allowed the press to know about it, then someone leaked it to the press).
So yeah, some conservative millionaire and a conservative website initiated this whole mess but only brought it to a point before it actually did any damage.

>The Free Beacon is funded in large part by the
New York hedge fund billionaire and major GOP donor Paul Singer. The New York Times reports that Singer initially supported Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for the Republican nomination, but later spearheaded a campaign to deny Trump the nomination even after Rubio dropped out of the race.

Crap knew the quote would fuck up. Point still stands

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yeah well i can't deny what you're saying there. you might be hostile to me and my people but your statements are true.

maybe they didn't like us calling them cuckservatives?

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>one thing wrong
How will people know when you keep saying everything he does is wrong?

>dude trump is not getting impeached. deal with it

There is a slight chance of an obstruction of justice charge. Not sure if it'll happen tho.

fake news, come back with a real source shill

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everybody is reporting it

I spun this
before the news was spun
and I heard you say
the past was much more spun

there is literally not even a slight chance of this. period. you've been lied to so badly by MSM and left-wing media.

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... what? Trump obstructed what now?

News said they funded the initial research. However, Hillary and the DNC still paid for it.

I've been out of the loop researching woodworking. What the fuck is going on, and what is this Mueller thing? All I've heard was something on the radio about the DNC and Clinton involved with Russian junk during Obama's term so I'm guessing some new files came out about that, but I have no idea what else is going on right now.

>1 post by this id
You're in a slidethread newfriends

JFK document dump, ANTIFA threating everyone and their moms. Good times.


>JFK document dump
Anything surprising or new in there? I heard the FBI or whatever held it back past release date likely for redacting.

Getting oppo from Fusion GPS isn't the suspicious thing you dotard. The suspicious thing was when the DNC started working with Fusion GPS they hired Steele and he got information from the Russians

is it schizophrenic

Do you have any specific links about the FBI and the dossier?? That's the real big part in this. Was there collusion between the DNC and Obama FBI to get the FISA warrants??!?! That the question that needs to be answered.