Brit/pol/ - Abortion is an excuse for demographic replacement edition

>Crime Soaring, But Arrests Fall by 48 Per Cent as Police Focus on ‘Hate Crime’

>EU warns 'more cracks' in bloc as Spain dissolves Catalonia's parliament after it declares independence

>Martin Clunes 'accuses actresses of flirting with producers' in wake of Weinstein scandal

>'Onwards, Christian Soldiers' banished from Remembrance Sunday event over concerns it will offend non-Christians

>Britain's real hate crime scandal

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Start going to church.

life is awful

Which is why we need more black male white female couples. Not only do they make lots of babies, but its so hot to see a black man on top a white woman.

You forgot to plot on there minority abortions. It's the only thing that's kept America from getting totally blacked so far.

Everything about this former nation is getting worse. There is not a single green shoot amongst the rubble.

This. Be the change you want to be to this world, however gay it sounds, it is true. Inspire others with your faith and lifestyle.

Our abortion epidemic is different to yours - whites are over-represented here in terms of % of abortions compared to the wider population.

I'm pretty blackpilled, especially since we spoke about the birth rates. There really is no solution to it at this point.

Fascism or Christianity is a solution.

I spoke of this. We need realistic solutions, not ones that we speak of regularly on here and only on here.

you goys remember the weird fog at birling gap in august? the town next door had pic related last night

this is actually the third time in about 5 years this has happened excluding the birling gap incident. funny how the articles for first two times seem to have disappeared off the internet

what chemicals am i being tested with /britpol/?

pic related is the august incident

nothing to see here

If there are no ‘realistic’ solutions than we need to support the unrealistic ones. Do you think that Hitler had realistic chances of winning back in the day? If people get desperate enough they will do anything to be saved. Trump is a more recent example: impossible odds, virtually no chance of winning, yet he won. Even if it doesn’t make much sense now, no one can look into the future. Populism is rising, we just need to make that one step.

Save the good old Britain! Start deporting poles, pajeets and pakis.

Good morning everyone.

Faux with the cheery banter as always. I do agree with you though.

Why poles?

Because Poles will always be Poles,wich mean - idiots

What makes you think poles are idiots?
Plus their not pakis or wogs and they'll be indistinguishable from Brits in a generation or two

Fuck this.

Bye Michael.



Fucking atheists


>Love of travel
Only ever richfags shilling for the EU

That's where you're wrong.

Yes the west is taking huge damage right now, but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The population is being whittled into shape and a major portion of the people who are still able to breed in these tougher circumstances will be the more intelligent, the higher earning, and the more conservative/traditional as they will have better outlook on stable marriage and competent child rearing. The western person compared to the rest of the globe is already tall, strong, much more intelligent than average and the governor of civilisation and technology, in another 40 or 50 years we're going to see quite a large scale ascension beyond even this, even against the backdrop of the increasing degeneracy. There's basically major eugenics happening.

KEK Based autist Gove

>Major portion of those who are still able to breed

Sure you massive turbovirgin

Thought about that point alot, my nan would tell me about seeing loads of men with injuries during her childhood. People forget the loss all those nations took during that awful war

I'm never having kids, doesn't mean what I said isn't true.

Fucking lmao

>Abortion is an excuse for demographic replacement edition


Of course, a joke about a woman being propositioned is the same as joking about an actual rape.

We need a final solution to the blue tick problem tbqhfam

When joking about something that happened generates more outrage by the British public than the event itself you know the country is fucked

To add - When you look at the 125 IQ mark and above, only about 1% of these people will ever be long term unemployed or living in poverty. The people you commonly see on Sup Forums and Sup Forums, NEETs and other unstable people with high IQs who haven't managed to gain a stable foothold in life, these are an unusual bunch of people. Out in the real world you are much more likely to find a high IQ person running a small business or having a skilled job than you are in some state of partial mental breakdown or spending all of there precious time on Sup Forums. The more elite members of society are gaining ground rapidly in the computer/internet driven stage of civilisation, earning good money, living where they want to live, and doing what they want to do with there lives. This is something that will continue to happen against the grain of any major political changes, as it is governed by other equally powerful trends. The world is not comprised entirely of single mothers and muslims just yet.

Social media is a cancer on society. The best thing that could happen is its total erasure, or at least make all internet speeds 56k again to keep these people off.

>a major portion of the people who are still able to breed in these tougher circumstances will be the more intelligent, the higher earning, and the more conservative/traditional as they will have better outlook on stable marriage and competent child
>t. someone who doesn't seem to understand that the universities had been taken over by communist and still brainwash a large amount of intelligent people into having marxist tendencies and that highly educated women are less likely to have children
The fucking state of optimists.

I remember a few years ago when I was a little girl and hearing god save the queen for the first time. I had chills running down my back. I still get them from time to time too.

But what the fuck are you guys going to do to your national anthem after she dies? Retire it and write a whole new one? Where do you think they'd write it at? Who would compose it (I'm thinking Lilly Allen)?

If I read CS Lewis' Mere Christianity, will my agnosticism go away and will I be happy again?

Reading Abolition of Britain helped push away some of my agnosticism.

They're either straight-up feigning or just exaggerating their reaction because Gove was a face of Brexit. They were not this animated with the Jared O'Mara stuff, which again was just someone saying some things, but far more wide-reaching and objectively more offensive.

Besides I think Gove did this to distract from the story about Tories being sexist on WhatsApp that was doing its rounds.

We're going to have this our anthem after Liz dies

Sassy and to the point. I like it.

>'Onwards, Christian Soldiers' banished from Remembrance Sunday event over concerns it will offend non-Christians
This is straight out of Viz in the late 80s.

The left (which make up a larger proportion than the right obviously), try to monopolize comedy because they know that it's an effective way to spread ideas because it circumnavigates having to reason with people, and because they often don't have reason behind them this is more appealing to them. Also when explaining conservatism to people, inevitably you will be trying to persuade them in some form to go for short term punishment longterm reward, instead of a short term reward and ignoring the longterm punishment. And we know which is more appealing to a large amount of people.

Fuck off, grime fanboys are manchild embarrassments.

This is a very British "fff-fcuk you mum and dad". Federalist indeed.


Abortion is a Jewish conspiracy to keep the darkie population down and eliminate “White” degenerates

State of Twatter this morning. Don't even like Gove but I thought that joke was funny. All those cunts moaning ought to hear what people like Joe Rogan have been saying.

>phony outrage

Still a paedo?


It's as likely to be ancientt volcanic in nature, or deep movement of the techtonic plates releasing gas and it seeping up via weird routes. Testing gas weapons on your own civilian population is strictly an American thing these days.

Although they could have dropped a bottle of mass death by accident somewhere secret to the locale, I suppose?

>It's another forigener who thinks Irreligious American wogs are the same of Muslim pakis

Personal fav and classic

On phone so I don't have my file names at hand.

If we go back into history, there were several incidents of peasants here dropping dead in the fields when volcanic activity started as far away as the Canary Isles. The planet burped and the gases took strange routes through the different types of rocks to emmerge in the fields over here.

Maybe the Canary volcanos are about to blow their tops? That could be serious: it could send a tidal wave potentially high enough to cleanse London.

>Safe Word violations
Degenerate tbqhwyf

You should wait until marriage for sex and you can't rape your wife.

Here's hoping.


That's a valid point, there's something in that.


Stop posting this nigger.


it's peter's birthday today lads

Yep. I wonder if there's a way to provoke a volcano into errupting? That, say, a bunch of lads on holiday could effect "by accident"?

The last Canary Tidal Wave was fucking massive, it sploshed down silt across the Fens, even. It would wreck Essex, Norfolk and even London with its fancypants Thames barrier.

testing the spread and range of neutered bioweapons or their analouges on your own populace is common






In America m8. Or more often during a war overseas. They testt out all sorts of whacky stuff during an actual engagement. We have little islands off the coast of Scotland for general testing, they wouldn'tt risk a fuck up on the mainland, they'd never live it down at the next elitist meeting. "Lol here comes Liz".

Half the population is still conservative. HALF. Whether it was Thatcher or Cameron, Marxists have been routinely mocked in parliament and are considered fools by the more intelligent. Smarter people have always been less likely to have children, this isn't anything new. The people above 125 IQ as I mentioned here >146957154 are only 10% of the population. They will remain a minority, but they are becoming more and more powerful as time goes by.

Left wing insanity first and foremost causes self destruction to its followers. The stupid people who destroy their lives by following liberal ideals are placing themselves at the very bottom of the totem pole and minimise their influence in the long run.
Take Falmouth university as an example, at one point it had the lowest average graduate income of any uni in the country at about 12k a year. It's a hive of left wing stupidity, full of feminists and degenerates, specialising in 'the arts'. They can post Corbyn memes on social media all they like, they still lose totally in the long run.



I prefer this.

Look what you've done m8.


Make sex changes the new punishment for crimes



Picasso was kinda shit



>Da pengest ook

His 'muh style' period is quite tiresome, but he was a skilled artist and he painted staggering classical style pieces even as a teenager.


Looks like Ed Miliband eating a sandwich desu

Stay Peng

What? He was an advert on youtube? There was nothing organic about it? He was yet another failed attempt to appropriate the modes of the medium, which are self-defeating because the only thing reviewers have is their integrity i.e. they don't take money to shill specific products.

When and why did Britons stop taking care of their appearance?
I don't mean spending half your wages on clothes, more when did they get so scruffy and stop prioritising basic personal hygiene?


b a s e d


Guy on the left is of different stock to the lower class chav on the right.