Can you anons help me learn more about our (((enemy)))

So to me it seems that Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK. This was done to avoid the nuclear arsenal inspection of Dimona because (((they))) couldn't let it happen.

David Ben-Gurion, born David Grün (16 October 1886 – 1 December 1973) was the primary founder of the State of Israel and the first Prime Minister of Israel.

Muanmar Gaddafi talks about it here

Compilation of the JFK Secret Society speech + Gaddafi + Bassam Abu Sharif

Bassam Abu Sharif (born 1946) is a former senior adviser to Yasser Arafat and leading cadre of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). He was previously a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Why is it always (((them)))? Any good Sup Forums recommended videos/documentaries/books to learn more about this. I keep learning more and more about (((their))) plans. Shit is fucked up. Currently watching some of this

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Most likely. When you look at American history, it appears to have been usurped by Jewish interests following JFK's death. Realistically, who else could JFK have been alluding to in his speech?

It would also explain why Bush 2 got into power when Al Gore really won. Perhaps Gore wasn't part of the interior circle and they needed someone who would go along with 9/11 to start the new ME adventures.

This is part of the released JFK documents.


This makes a lot more sense. I initially thought he meant the illuminati which is vague, but this one makes a lot of god damn sense.

Can you tell me a bit more about Gore. I only entered political investigation during the HRC e-mails.

Yup, this is exactly where I heard the name Ben Gurion. What an important figure in this whole thing. God damn.

I am about 30 minutes into this documentary and I am absolutely loving it.

The majority of it is hearing Hitler speak with a translation. The guy legitimately wanted a better world and to avoid war.

fuck dude, no doubt JFK was talking about the fucking jews!!!

Uh huh, blame the Jews for everything.

This is blowing my mind.

here is your problem


Jews on suicide watch.

I never would have thought that Hitler would be saying such beautiful things. We do need to each unite within our nations and take back our sovereignty. This is absolute bull shit.

is it.. dare i say.. time to become SHRIKE?

Pretty much

you know the triple parenthesis is for social media right? You can just say filthy kike around here

How do you think Bibi's Israel plays into this?

KennedyAnon here, it's all fucking true. It was Israel. They're trying their damnedest to keep the proof from coming out, but I believe Trump will make sure they do. When they do, all hell is going to break loose..

I believe Bibi knows they're fucked and will kiss Trump's ass to save his, Israel is gonna see massive changes, many people will lose their asses

It seems possible that Bibi already represented a change, if the reports of Obongo trying to get rid of him were true. Also

>Why Israel's elites are cheering the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States

I enjoy it. I recently discovered its usage.

I would also like to know that. Is Israel kissing our ass now? I feel like Israel did LV.

If we take down Israel is the Jewish threat gone? Or does it continue forever?

>If we take down Israel is the Jewish threat gone? Or does it continue forever?
if you take away a gang's safehouse you force them into chaos with nowhere safe to run. much easier to get the western jews after we take away their nuclear armed bodyguard.

>take away their nuclear armed bodyguard
Someone doesn't understand how nukes work. We're all kinda fucked

Sampson option is a bluff.
Everything Jews do, from Israel to white genocide, is based in Torah. Jews can't destroy the world or their Messiah can't come to save it. Typical Jewish tricks. Besides... watch our how handle NoKo.. that'll give you a good idea of how we will handle Israel.

this makes sense

What do you guys think of this. Is it legit?

>Israeli company, Magal Security Systems-owned in part by the government of Israel has security control of US nuke arsenal

>If true it means the US does not control its nuclear arsenal, that Israel has veto power over our use of nuclear weapons and that the nuclear inventory is secure only to the extent that Israel determines. The Pentagon and Homeland security are in Zionist hands. Effectively the United States is held captive by Israeli operatives.

No offense friend, but I'm not willing to bet the continuation of the modern world on them NOT having nukes. If the norks were able to cobble a few together in their backwater with little external support, you don't think the kikes have been able to stock a few over the course of 50ish years with gibbs and intel cover?

JFK was not talking about jews, he was referring to the global threat of communism. Honestly. I'm an oldfag of the highest order. Now, have there been and extremely much higher number of jews in communist social and political movements. Well I'll leave that to you, but I think that's fairly clear. I think it's fine if you want to focus on what people do and what they say their belief systems are. It's easy to run into verbal traps which are setup when you start naming people for their ethnicity and their religion.
I'm not saying it's never called for. Chose your words carefully, use nuance and follow academics, intellectuals and people who parse their words to be MOST effective.
The most important thing I don't see people addressing is as follows.
this process of 'redpilling' takes a terrible emotional toll on people. You almost need therapy to deal with the stress when you come to the understanding, that society has become unmoored and how that has happened. Don't act out. Don't be rash. If you have something to say to influence others you can be far more useful, maybe more so then you ever imagined by being chill and helping your brothers and sisters find solutions and find their way to the truth. Don't go screaming FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER in the streets, it's basically masturbating in public. We ARE winning the culture war, it's still going to take some time. Don't get lazy, keep pushing. Keep ridiculing the narcissism of the left and their leadership. Keep exposing their soft underbelly. We need to grow our center, we have the extreme factions and they are helpful in what they do. The bigger our center, our base msg( what we have in common with even maga fags, normies and some of the alt light(not all)) the safer we all are and that paradigm shift will come from a critical mass via numbers. We can and WILL do it. We are doing it. Good luck to you all, stay true, stay hopeful and keep looking for better solutions and putting them out there.

Devils advocate but he could be speaking of any number of groups. Communists (what many suspect) CIA opportunists, Jews, skull-bone mason types. idk.
Again not saying he isn't, but to say 'who else!?' Is a bit dismissive.

checked. i think that sounds pretty bad. it's a damn good thing nukes are outdated and america has le wonderweapon.

>not talking about jews, he was referring to the global threat of communism
>not jews

The Jews are the originators of communism, they use communism as a means to divide and destroy countries. They did it un Russia by killing the Tsar and removing anyone with wealth, power or education, they created the slavsquats we laugh at today, they tried to do the same with Germans in 1918 after world war 1, and it seems like they are trying and succeeding now in the United States. Communism is a jewish tool, never forget this fact.

I understand, and we are on the same page friend. I'm trying to advocate when speaking out, you do so in an unimpeachable a way as possible. I hope this makes sense and we don't need to get into a black or white situation. I understand their crimes.